Thinning out the stable

I sat in the courtroom today with a irksome crown and in front of a coughing cop, watching the battle of the forensic psychologists to determine which one was most qualified to determine whether the defendant, an ex-cop molested his daughter or not.  I’m not sure which witness will “win” over the jury. Jurors tend to bring in strong feelings about expert witnesses one way or another.  I don’t know what will happen. Child abuse trials tend to have the lowest conviction rates than most other crimes but the trial’s are the hardest because in part of how they divide up families with different “sides” being taken and the child caught in the middle of it. And they’re so ugly and tragic no matter what happens.

I had friends on the defendant’s side and me, I was the one who first found out about this arrest and wrote about it but that’s work. Public exposure guarantees an officer’s termination from his job.

It was shocking to read the allegations though I’m not surprised the cop got in trouble because he’s got some serious issues in his past but child molestation is still something that always shocks.  The third officer in my city’s department to be arrested on molestation charges in eight years.   So during lunch when I was trying to use court wi fi to put horses on the sales page, I was a bit distracted.  But fortunately, the rest of the day was a better counter to its beginning.

Work’s gotten really busy so thinning out the stable after realizing that I need to shift my emphasis away from purchasing the horses (which is hard on my schedule because most auction bids are in the final minute outside of the multi-million dollar ones)and towards breeding them which you can do up into the break of the season which allows more allowances for a busy schedule and time away from the net.  Oh and a personal life, yeah that.  But in a way, this is frigging great to be doing some of this work. I’m really getting into it as time consuming as it is. But I really had to reevaluate my SIM time quite a bit.

It’s actually been easy with the thinning out because the horses are moving quicker than they usually do in the somewhat tepid sales page. And it’s great the variety of buyers including many newer names as it’s great to see new people.

As for the rest of the drama, I’m not really that interested in it as I go on the internet to get away from drama. And I don’t think most people are interested in it anyway because it’s silly in the scheme of things. Not criticizing what someone said, but when people who never even said anything to you, decide to say something negative and then expect you to react to it in kind let alone at all.  I just don’t have the energy to respond to people in the ways that they want when they’ve never been interested in interacting with me in any other context.  I guess I should be happy someone didn’t say I needed a lube job like happened to someone else not too long ago.  Now I have to admit when I hear or read something like that, then yes my sense of humor’s probably not up to snuff.

I guess I learned two things, that I’m wordy and that I need help with my sense of humor. The former I’ve heard before from editors and it’s most definitely true, the latter every woman’s heard a dozen times by the time we hit 30, up there with why don’t you smile more (translation: We do smile, just not at you on command like a trained seal).  It’s just as old as Helen Reddy’s feminism song although the song’s aged better.

All you can really say is thanks for their concern and who are you again?  Nice to finally meet you.

So I’ve decided to work from a smaller stable, focus on some racing, some breeding and just not really interact anymore socially.  Because I don’t have a lot of time, I’m not socially adept at Chat (as it still feels strange to me just because of the medium) and some of the things I read in there just aren’t my thing. Like trashing other people outside their presence especially right after they leave.Unfortunately or not, some people have walked into discussions about themselves and especially if they didn’t see it coming, that’s got to hurt a little bit.   But you engage in that behavior with others, fully expect your group of participants to do like to you when you’re not around, that’s the nature of that beast.

I don’t think the negative stereotyping of newbies is fun either and usually just stop reading when that happens.   But I still advise newer to drop in because it’s still one of the best ways to meet people and get advice and information.  Fortunately, most people are in the spirit to be helpful and welcoming.

Anyway, I think I’ll just stick to my horses and let them do the talking for me. Not speak unless spoken to, that kind of thing.







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