Mixers in the New Year

AS far as players go, I’m very much under the radar in terms of breeding and racing. That has its pluses and minuses including having a hard time auctioning off mare leases or horses that aren’t that bad.  I did my first mare lease auction and my goal wasn’t to make so much money but to get the mares leased out and get some cash to go back to breeding. This year’s purse earnings has been better than I thought it’d be so far and a couple of nice leases helped put me on better footing.

But anyway, a new season’s started and this one’s not that bad. So far my stats are pretty decent, almost 25% for wins and 52% for OTB but I usually hit a mid-season slump. What’s helped is having sprinters particularly QH ones that outperform expectations. Usually milers and routers (minus dirt) are my stronger divisions though this year is not looking to be their strongest.

Quarter Horse breeding and racing still feels quite new. Started. Stopped then started again. Bred two nice horses that one two SC races apiece and some SIMMY titles including QH of the Year. Then I hit a valley period when those two retired to the shed. This year, I saw some improvement in QH racing and breeding especially in the sprinting division. That surprised me as it’s tough and I hadn’t bred any sprinting scary goods yet. But I still had some nice results.

Rain Like Glitter actually was gifted to me by her breeder Bryan Doolittle who bred and owned the fabulous Ghostfreak. She’s out of one of his daughters and is sired by a recently pensioned stallion Wave Wave. She’s been doing very well this year breaking her maiden first time out and then placing second in the All Life Stakes by a head before winning the Spring Dash by a nose with an 80.

Min Min Light is a homebred by Fire Fire and out of Becoming Ghostly a daughter of Ghostfreak. She won her first two straight in longer sprints scoring 79 SF both times and is making her stakes debut in the Golden Age Stakes.

A Cowgirl At Heart was another gift, this one by Jeff Cashell who is by Four Four Forty Q and out of a daughter of Ghostfreak named Ghost Gal making her a half sister to stakes horse Fighting Fire. So far this filly has won her two most recent starts at 220 yards and is up in stakes next time out in The Email Stakes.

Becoming Snowy is one of my favorite QH broodmares and she’s got Snowy Ghost who’s a daughter of Ghostfreak making her a full sister to Becoming Ghostly. She’s got a first and two seconds, one of them posting an 80. She’ll stay in conditional races but will stretch out in distance next time.

Dun in Fire is a daughter of Fire Fire and out of a very nice Spring Snow mare named Dun in Sring. She’s not yet equipment sorted which means that she’s been still racing in maidens.

Christian Grey is my only good colt in the bunch being by Wave Wave and out of a daughter of Fire Fire named Sheila’s Got Fire who’s turned out to be nice in the shed. So far he’s won two out of three starts, but failed to hit the board in his stakes.

Kalinda’s Got Game is by Ok Ok and out of a CAM named Kalinda’s Boots. She worked pretty swiftly so I started her at 350 yards but she finished a tepid fifth. She improved at 400 and hopefully will do better in her next start at that distance.

I had some nice claimers who won their races and then mostly…got claimed which happens a lot with female QH runners.

While sprinting’s been better than expected, middle distance (which is now officially 400-650 yards, yay!) is still not doing as well. Got some nice mares including a formidable stakes winner (and two-time runner up in the SC) and two star broodmares that haven’t “slid” well yet.  Kalinda’s Got Game is “it” this season so far.

In routing, I messed up by putting a bunch of routers in 650 yards races including a “wow” runner.  But had a few highlights.

B Ball Queen is the first foal of B Ball Sass and is by Drivin Dashin. She broke her maiden first time out with a 79.

B Ball Golden became B Ball Dashin’s first winner and she’s out of a daughter of Blue Montana Gold named It’s All Blue.  She scored a 74 in her win.

Alas, Blue Gold Snake finished fifth albeit with a 75 and he’s by Blue Montana Gold and out of a daughter of Drivin Dashin named Drivin Snakes.

The yearlings looked better in gallops with over 80% of the sprinters galloping wow or better.  Three routers who were wow/stakes and two that were scary good.  Even a middle distance division that looked better with one wow and one scary good. I had retired my stakes filly Boots on Fire, a daughter of Fire Fire and Becoming Snowy to get a filly by Ghostfreak before he pensioned. I got this filly who put out some nice works including 300 yards in 15.70 and 19.32 for 400 yards.

I had one lease that year to a mare named Fire and Silk who’s by Quick Fire and out of a family of 400 yard runners. I bred her to Ok Ok and got this filly who broke 16 for 300 yards.

B Ball Sass had another scary good after meeting up with Deroyal Point who loves Sunny Attitude mares and this filly looks to have some speed with a 19.61 work for 400 yards.

Miler Monday

I had mixed results on Monday, the first night when TB milers debut on the dirt and turf. I only breed a handful of turf milers but do like breeding dirt milers

Interestingly enough, my two turf milers entered won their races including Francka who’s a daughter of Frankel and my stakes mare Acapulco Miss. She won her debut with a 76.

Scottish Pearl  won her debut with a 75 and she’s by Scottish Hero and out of Acapulco Pearl who’s a daughter of Lanarkshire and Acapulco Princess.

Blue Jeans Queen was my top dirt miler and second winner out of stakes winner Blue Jeans Baby who also produced Blue Jean Bucks.  This filly is by King of Kindness and won her debut with a 75 in a “mild drive”.

Routers come up next and I’ve got three wow/stakes turf routers, none of them really fast which probably means high priced claimers. Still, Minerva’s Bow is my favorite being out of Mirka who’s also produced my stakes filly Lady Mulan.

Lady Mulan who’s  a deep closer won a stakes and then crashed and burned at the Grade I level so not sure where to put her next.

Dirt routers are my worst batch ever so they’re all going to Alaska.

All Weather routers, not the fastest working batch with only one breaking 1:00 and 1:12 but Bella Mae West who’s by Dumbledore and a half sister to White Queen Runs is one I’m looking forward to racing along with Fate’s Design  who’s out of a “star” daughter of Deserves a Shot and by Yes.

Some dust ups in chat including the alleged “outing” of a player’s real identity. So not cool and doing that puts the person on shaky ground legally as well.  Sometimes people have too much time on their hands if they engage in that type of stalkerish behavior.  People adopt monikers online for a reason and it’s a sound reason (and people who “out” people just reinforce the soundness of that reason) so that should be respected.

I had some folks name horses after elements of my real life including a blog and then casually post the links after getting my attention.   It was creepy and meant to be creepy but that’s why stat counters are useful for tracking visitors.


This old guy finally pensioned.

I’d just bred freakazoid Nadine Cross to visit him because she had an “A” with him and an “A-” with most everyone else.  I sent her to him first b/c I knew he wouldn’t be around next year but I’m thinking maybe Dumbledore (A- !) or Monster next year.   I insured the foal right after I bred it and I’m hoping it’s a nice one. I’m not great with turf routers as I think I broke poor Lady Mulan who crashed and burned last time out in grade I competition.


I’m looking forward to racing Lady Mulan’s half sister Minerva’s Bow this year and she’s by Trafalgar as is Wild Fern who’s out of my chaser mare Date but will debut on the turf first.


All Weather News

I’m trying to plan out schedules for my AW routing fillies and thanks to the expanded stakes schedule, that’s now possible.  White Queen Runs is tentatively prepping for the SC AW Matron though it depends both on how well she fares against her age division and then older fillies and mares.  She rebounded from her “bounce” last time out with a nice win in the All Weather Oaks which I didn’t think she’d win.

La Belle Magica is on her way to Artificial Arena to run in the Fire Works Stakes and see how she fares against the AW fillies in the U.S. If she does very well in this race, then she’ll likely go in the Synthetic Oaks which should suit her pretty well with its longer distance. If that goes well then on to facing older fillies and mares perhaps in the Plastics Distaff. She might be a potential Synthetic Marathon racer next year. She’ll race 1 1/2 miles before that likely on the turf.

Tina Sparkles won her first stakes but still hasn’t really been impressive. Hopefully she’ll improve as she matures. She’ll try an upcoming stakes to see if she likes that level of competition.


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