Don’t Quit or Shut Up and a horse named NothingCanSugarCoatThat

I chose to quit rather than shut up and frankly with that type of ultimatum presented to me well kind of, I’m glad I did. It’s a game folks, a fun one that I truly enjoyed for the most part. I’m not selling out myself and who I am to be able to stay behind to play a game that though wonderful, is not part of the real world.

Gee, I wonder if this same applies to the bullies. No of course not, anyway it’s been real.

Dispersal is at midnight and  I shall be gone! Farewell those the many folks who made the game a special experience for me. You know who you are and I wish you the best of luck in the game or where it really matters, your lives.  Thanks for the tremendous gift of your friendship, this biggest narcissist in the game (well not anymore, the selection committee will have to find a new awardee ) feels very blessed. Thanks to the many who provided contact info. I’ll most definitely keep in touch. The past ‘chats’s I’ve had on (in my little segregated corner) and off-site were very pleasant and meaningful to me

So thank you but now it’s on too new adventures and those from the past site, there’s nothing that’s really going to interest you.  So move along now.

I started up my new stable at my new home and bought my two first horses, well three when I bought NothingCanSugarCoatThat a two year old gelding who just raced and since it’s the end of the competitive season’s getting a rest after his brave third in his optional $100,000 claimer.  Like the last time I was a newbie, I’m relying too much on the names but it’s kind of exciting being brand new again.  Big Bear (colt) and Grace Upon Grace (filly) are my two others, pretty nice looking claimers who both hit the board regularly.

Whata Cool Devil, bought that one too! 🙂  I think that one’s a turf miler.  Gold Archer looks the best costing $10 and with a record in claimers of 7-3-2-2.   I went to Chat there for several minutes and people were very welcoming.  I have some horses coming, useful ones…never being the one to play up my attributes for a really good one. I’d rather start small and then move forward.  When they learned that I love to write, I got my first two races to profile but now I got to figure out how to do that!  I didn’t know they had to earn minimum SFs to get into stakes races. Dang, this game looks a lot harder, will bring it on.

So far everyone’s been so nice, one of the thing I like is that they publish all the griefing and discipline information on the site as to who did what when.  I think that might help against going out and doing the same thing the minute the suspension ends.   I spent some time on the site again after midnight. Everything broke last night, my cell phone, my AC, one of my cats who looks more and more like he’s got hyperthyroidism so that kept me too busy to do much at the whole site except give out my points and try to answer remaining PMs.  So sorry if I didn’t get to everyone.

I just spent my first money upgrading to top tier at a great price. It helps provide features that help with the writing, which I’m doing my first race review and other things. Some things that were free on the old site but sans having to deal constantly with drama queens so I’ll take the difference.  It was so cool b/c the second placed finisher in the race was Akaroa which is a small town on the harbor close to where my sister lives in New Zealand.

I’m already having so much fun. There’s more Canadians, Europeans and Pacifica folks on it and it’s been fun getting to meet people.  This looks like it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  I’m in Chat and reading the forum until my registration’s approved for posting. I totally understand that as it’s done to prevent spammers from flooding the boards with garbage.


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