Big Bear’s Filling Proud Sheila’s spot and No Brass Knuckles in Sight




A breaking news update…..  After starting off with such great success winning my first race, I promptly went and broke my first horse.  😦  Poor Cheep as Chumps has got an owwwy!   But in every disaster is a silver lining and when I was going to the forum to get some advice on how to not to break the rest of them, I saw a PM from a Simster!   One I never really got to know though I wanted to but who’s offered his/her help.  🙂  Yaaaaay!

The year turns over in one game tomorrow. I tried to enter my two and three year olds in races but the only ones that came up were age-restricted and they won’t be those ages on race day.  They’re all optional claimers but I’m excited about some of them.

Only 110 today…hopefully a cooling trend.

Update:  At Derby Fever,  First race run, first victory at  6/1 odds by Punch Me Now in his claimer which is surprising b/c he’s a middle ranked odds and he hadn’t really done much in quite a while. Since Cheep As Chups is currently 1/9 in his race today, hopefully I’ll be 2 for 2 with my stats by the end of today.  A little sad news, Punch Me Now was claimed out of that race and so the game put a replacement horse in my barn, an unraced juvenile filly named DozeyDotes. 🙂  Based on her breeding, she looks like turf but I’m not sure.

Proud Sheila was my first horse I “made” at the old site and she only won once in her life, and it took several years.  But she was my first fake horse so she got the blog named after her.   We’re on break from a Chat auction which a player nicely explained to this born again newbie.  It’s a nice chat room so far, two moderators in it.  No one doing anything crazy, no brass knuckles (how old school) being tossed around.  All over a game and the one player who’ll “be quitting soon”.   Am I glad to get out of there!   It’s really sad to hear some of the stories but it’s about some folks including those who lecture others on how to behave (thankfully without brass knuckles) need to just grow up, step back and get some perspective on yes, what’s a game.

Brass knuckles? Sounds like something about of a bad 1950s movie. No thugs use those anymore.

In this Chat, there hasn’t been any brass knuckles thrown around yet. I think someone threw socks.  I’m enjoying my time there. The game’s super tough but it’s been nice and when people try to help me, I make it clear that I just want useful horses that I can learn and earn some money from in that process. I’ve heard how you have to suck up to a certain  crowd at the old game to succeed. That’s not true.  Maybe it’s supposed to be true but I never sucked up to anyone, never would either and I was on my way to some degree of “success”.  Of course that didn’t make some folks happy either but then nothing makes some folks happy which is why they spend so much energy and time trying to make people miserable.

Iron City and Hotternell were supposedly done as head shots and probably look very nice.   But anyway, after getting my new iPhone and having a good PT session I was ready to work on the reality show proposal and then relax. My therapist said today, when I messed  my shoulder up, I really did it. But also said that it’s amazing how much use I regained so far though likely it won’t all be coming back.

So I started looking at my horses at my different sites to relax.

This time it’s Big Bear a sophomore colt I picked up off the sales page for only $10 plus tax.  He’s a long and I mean very long dirt router who won his optional claimer last time out. He’s doing pretty good, jogged a bit as his first bit of exercise after his race. He’ll run around July 7th in Japan hopefully in another optional claimer.

Golden Archer’s doing pretty well having one an optional claimer turf sprint his last time out. He sold cheap b/c he’s really tired I think and will take time to build up. I’ve got time since I have no idea what I’m doing.  He seems to like the shorter sprints at 5-5.5 furlongs.

NothingCanSugarCoatThat is a younger dirt router.

Whata Cool Devil is probably going to race when the new season starts and will do short routing on the turf in an optional claimer.  She swam a bit.

Another dirt router Grace Upon Grace a mare picked up for $10 has had time off so she breezed five furlongs and looked pretty good.

I wrote my very first article on the Lickety Split Stakes, a dirt sprint won for the second time in a row by Not A Kid. It’s different in this game with the breeding b/c his sire’s a dirt router and his dam’s a dirt sprinter. If you bred two horses together like that (and I’d done it) in the old game, it’d be a disaster but it seems to work here a lot differently if the end result is a nice stakes winner. Since inflation seems to be more of a factor there, it’s hard to know how good the horses are based on purse earnings. Big Bear’s my lowest earner in my string of $10 horses with $67,000. And unlike the other game, you can pay $10 for horses and not necessarily get those which are 0 in 18 starts. He’s 4-2-1 so far.

Chat was lots of fun.  Got 10 new horses quite a bit better than my purchases and lots of money! Wow. Everyone was so nice!  Now got to go figure out what to do with my purchases and lots of good advice too!  The few that have been out of action for a while all worked four furlongs on their surfaces handily and all look to improve next time out.

Meanwhile, my horse that’s racing tomorrow at Derby Fever is currently the favorite at 1/9 odds in his little claimer. Not bad!  The weakest horse I got in my five free starter horses.  The others, I have to wait until their races open up.


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