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Have you seen this man?

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Hebrews 13:2

Would like to request any and all photos you may have been able to take during the Sunday accident on hwy 19 please. If you have any at all, please forward a copy of them to for the purpose of training, examination, and study of the accident in general. These photos are very important and will play a huge part in future training. 
Thank you very much
New London Fire Department

One thing I’ve learned in life is there are things that just happen that can’t be explained.  So in a Missouri town, many people are left scratching their heads about the mysterious priest that showed up at a terrible car accident that was inside a two mile perimeter.  So to get there, he’d have to have walked two miles and then turn around and walk two miles out of it.  Apparently the female driver who suffered critical injuries in the crash had asked firemen to pray with her before the mysterious priest appeared with anointing oil.

Their equipment failed but he told them not to worry and right then, more fire fighters showed up with equipment that worked.  It takes quite a bit to freak out most first responders and they’d have to be really freaked out about to admit to such things as “mysterious priests” and “guardian angels” to the public let alone the press. Such comments have a way of getting a referral to a shrink in one’s employment jacket. Kind of like an airline pilot admitting to seeing a UFO while doing the LAX to JFK run.

So is he merely a priest on the way to a service? There’s only one Catholic Church in that four town area and he apparently isn’t conducting his ministry there.  If you notice the composite taken of him it looks pretty nondescript. But then the fire fighters attention was busy elsewhere.

It sounds like a variation of what’s called a “crisis apparition” only in those cases it’s where you suddenly see a loved one appear in front of you as real as life, only to find out that at that moment they had died. I’ve had friends relate those to me.  One of them woke up one night in bed and saw her uncle and aunt standing at the foot looking at her.  She thought it odd because they were supposed to be at the same party as her parents. Only they’d never made it, getting in a car accident on the way.  Oddly enough they were seen together in a bedroom at that party by two other relatives.   They’re commonly reported but there’s no explanation behind them that will satisfy everyone.

The world’s a strange place. When I was younger, I used the Ouija board for fun.  Or so I thought.  A group of us were at a table conjuring up some spirit, or just relying on involuntary muscle spasms in our fingers to move the planchette around.  Anyway, we got a somewhat testy spirit who my older sister said was the deceased dorm mother at the university she attended years earlier.  Someone not playing Ouija came up to the board during a break and started moving the planchette, playing the spirit.  His mother walked up and scolded him for doing that saying he’d anger the spirit.

Just then, one of the glass candle holders on the table completely shattered. It hadn’t been lit, just sitting there with the others. Everyone just froze looking at it.  Now anything made out of glass can spontaneously shatter, you learn why in physics.  But the timing of it did freak  people out so no one said a word.

Then we all found something else to do.

At any rate, maybe this priest will be found, maybe he’ll come forward and be thanked. Whatever appeared at the scene that day, priest or angel, was definitely at the right place and at the right time.


Phan Thi Kim Phuk

(40 years after the Pulitzer prize winning photo depicting her fleeing a napalm attack on her village.)

Kim Phuc Ut

Phan with Nick  (Huynh Cong Ut) Ut

One of the greatest thrills in my life was meeting and being introduced to Ut while we were both covering the demonstrations at the 2000 DNC in Los Angeles.  I was covering them for my regular newspaper and over 50 syndicated weeklies, so for three days it was nonstop dashing from one corner of downtown L.A. to the next, dodging batons, pepper spray and rubber bullets.   Speaking at one demonstration in front of 10,000 people to fill an opening (though public speaking doesn’t make me nervous anymore let alone vomit afterward)  and then catching the subway to hitch a bus back to spend the night in West L.A.

In addition to reporting, I was also embedded with two local newspaper reporters who followed me around for most of three days asking me all these questions for a series of articles and video casts.

I inadvertently shut down the entire subway system (as tiny as it is relatively speaking) for two hours after reporting some abandoned bags to a sheriff deputy.  So that kept me downtown longer than planned. One of the embedded reporters  who used to work for the AP as a stringer introduced me to this short guy and I recognized him as Ut which was really exciting. I hadn’t known that he was born in Vietnam and followed a brother’s footsteps at the age of 16 into news photography and continued doing it after his brother was killed.

He photographed Phan as she was fleeing a napalm attack, suffering severe burns, her clothes melted off her body. He picked her up after taking the photos, took her to the hospital and then went to develop the film.

The photo which would wind up winning the Pulitzer Prize almost never got published at all because the publishers were uneasy about posting a picture of a naked girl but they finally decided it needed to be published though some like President Richard Nixon apparently accused him of faking it.

Ut moved from Vietnam to spend some time with other refugees at Pendleton before resuming his work with the AP where he still works today.

Someone forwarded this chart and said they thought it described the Chat room pretty well during the times when the bullying and trash talking is in full force.   The only thing that’s missing is the “G” people because if they play their role they’re usually bounced right out of the game in “smooth” departures.   A couple folks like that from a while back contacted me though I didn’t really know them and said that’s why they left. They tried to report bad behavior and well, it was like deja vu.  We do agree that we’re better off for it.  Better to at least try to address it and be bounced than sit and just watch it and do nothing or get off on it.  Life’s not a spectator’s sport, at any rate at least not for some of us.


Otherwise known as the Chat Room 

Yeah this sure looks familiar.  I still get asked if I miss it. Yeah sometimes I do. I miss my little binary code horses and I miss the nice folk though there’s some folks I don’t miss. But I tell them I made the right decision for me. Every time I see one of my nieces or read what she’s written including about the bigotry she’s faced, I’m so glad that I made the decision that I did. I just don’t do bigotry and bullying well especially not so proudly that I’d run around Chat calling a younger player “Simple Jack” and posting “retard” cartoons to bully him.  I also don’t it and watch it very well, not liking to play the role of “F”.  The comments I’ve read in Chat bashing the disabled or making fun of them, yeah I’ll never have any regrets about walking away from all that hatred.  I think a lot more people are like me when it comes to sharing that attitude. Why spend time with such narrow mindedness  when there’s more enlightened people elsewhere?

I mean why play a game where my niece wouldn’t be welcome and would be viewed by a crowd of folks as a person licking the glass of a window on a short bus?  Instead of a high school graduate who mainstreamed and who holds a diploma from a two-year college.  Gee, maybe she’d wind up subjected to being hung from someone’s…Christmas tree and if the Chat Rats didn’t miss her, she wouldn’t be missed by anyone or a human being at all, and thus it wouldn’t be a crime.  Who knows given their choice of a sense of humor?

I think someone there called me the biggest narcissist in the game?  I think this person’s mistaken and I’ve seen enough screenshots of how this person’s behaved in Chat to think she’s mistaken about a lot of things. I think someone who’d say someone had to be missed by their own clique for it to be a crime to murder them…that’s your biggest narcissist right there. It doesn’t get much more narcissistic than to make a comment like that one. That you and your clique are self-designated spokes people to determine the value of a human life for everyone.

Oh wait, they forgot “I”. Those are the folks who are told if they don’t like the bullying and trash talking in Chat or the forum they should just hide in their stables and not venture into either space.

The fact that the bullies and their active or passive defenders were mean spirited enough to “party” in Chat over my leaving, well that’s icing on the cake. It just proved my point and judging by the screenshots, wow there’s some folks who really lost their way. Even more so than I thought, yeah best to be out of that place. It still boggles my mind that it’s tolerated and even sometimes I think it’s condoned or at least ignored. As a moderator myself, that’s just not how I do business.  I haven’t suspended anyone lately and I think the message is getting through of how at least these social outlets will be moderated.

The worst reasons to change how you handle Chat or the Forum is if behavior on either one of them gets you sued (most often by a parent of a bullied or harassed minor) or sends the FBI to you wanting to subpoena the ISP records of your site. Quashing subpoenas, currently runs about $6,000 an ISP address and that isn’t chicken feed.  Often the threat of that is what gets chats and forums more closely moderated in the end.

Anyway, as a couple of my friends told me, you’re obviously not going to make your mark in life with fake horses.  But to those who ask, like I said I’m happy with the decision that I made and I’m much the better for it.

Someone didn’t want to show this woman a $38,000 (!) handbag in Switzerland.


Oprah just said no when an employee at a store in Switzerland  refused to show her a purse because it was “too expensive”.  Because of course no Black woman could possibly be wealthy.

Carmen sends in some great stuff, even though she won’t give me any more lives in Diamond Dash.  I like this one a lot. I’ve been lucky enough to know many strong women and been mentored by more than a few in my life.


Sometimes when I run into women who are passive-aggressive types, I just want to shake them and tell them to speak more directly.  I admit that I don’t have much patience with them as I probably should these days.  Especially getting emails where someone berates you in one and then is all sugary sweet in the next because they want something from you, like they didn’t just berate you.  Grrr….

Hanging with more assertive and strong women is so much more fun than their passive aggressive counterparts.

Anyway, Lori fired off another good cartoon this morning.


This article blew me away that many Whites in this country don’t have friends outside their own racial group  Really?  I couldn’t even imagine what that might be like.

I’m still working my way through what’s now down to 275,000 words and it helped splitting the novel into two and the third will round out a trilogy.  And some folks used to whine that my horse articles not to mention my forum posts were too long! Well you got your way, you don’t have to read them anymore and I think the folks at my new site like them much, much better plus you get unlimited articles and the pay’s higher.  It was all the whining by the bullies that got the articles at the old game down to only four per week. They were so awful some of them bullying and carrying on about how article writing was “cheating”, and one person compared it to prostitution which made absolutely no sense.

I got trashed on that blog that bashed mostly female players for my writing. You know it, the one that not only was allowed to link in the forum (despite complaints by female players) but was allowed to start threads advertising it.  Yeah that’s a bit of a double standard for sure and shows that there’s different tiers of membership. I can take criticism but it’s beyond bizarre having to listen to “the writers are cheaters” and it’s like prostitution?  I definitely felt the “chill” from some prominent players simply because I wrote articles.

I did get a lot of support from more people who did seem to enjoy reading them which I did and do appreciate. I really enjoyed doing it, even if a few people had to suffer through reading them.  I don’t mind criticism at all. I’ve been writing for over 15 years and yeah, I do know the difference between criticism that comes with good intentions and that which is simply venting by a person who’s unhappy with their own life and wants to spread that wealth to others.

I love writing for two sites now about fake horses, it’s just that I don’t have too much time! One of the old game players tried to get me started on site (and has been so sweet) but there’s only so much time in the day and my research work and tons of writing/editing just tie me up.


I used to read this magazine but somehow it looked a bit less glossy than it does now. Dolly is published in Australia where I’ve got family in Sydney and actually it was the precursor to one of the former teen magazines in the U.S., Sassy that was a pretty nice alternative to Seventeen and ‘TEEN but the Moral Majority and lack of advertising expedited its demise. When I did my term project for Mass Communications, I did it on advertising and its influence on editorial content of teen magazines, in the U.S. versus Great Britain and Australia.  I did quite well  on it and to this day, sometimes get emails from students in that class asking me for help on similar projects.

But most women’s magazines in the U.S. are just advertising for beauty product companies. It’s not so much the case in Europe for example where some countries have laws limiting that type of advertising.  But in the U.S., that’s what happens only have you noticed how thin most women’s magazines are since several years ago?  Although that also has to do with the eventual demise of print media in favor of digital.

“Manning” Up Peeta?


Peeta, action hero?

While watching the new domestic and international trailers for Catching Fire, the second chapter of the Hunger Games trilogy, I noticed the changes in Peeta including in still photos taken of the film which is set for a November release.  I thought they were trying to turn him more into an action hero than he was in the book. People had complained that Peeta was more of a passive character than an active one like heroine, Katniss Evergreen and that he should have done more in the arena.  But while Katniss showed more brawn, Peeta showed more brains, treating the game like Survivor (its slightly less bloody real-life counterpart) rather than an athletic event. He’d have made a good politician.

Katniss finally borrowed from his arsenal at the end of the first film by pushing the envelope by ending the game with a double suicide and thus no winners. Having figured out that more than likely, winding up with two winners at the end of the Hunger Games was better entertainment than having none.  But by doing so, she sewed the seeds of rebellion in the Districts like happened with Rue’s district earlier (thought not until the second book).  I think Peeta was stronger in his own way.  Some people (most notably other passively aggressive people) view him as being passive aggressive but he really wasn’t like that at all.  He was playing a game where he knew one person from the 12th needed to survive it.

So I don’t know how I feel about this whole “manning up” deal. So Peeta worked in a bakery, he decorated cakes and made the most of that skill in the Games where he paired with with the more “masculine” trait of brute strength.  Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

NFL 2013, the prequel 


Splendid! Take That 49ers!

More Food Porn (this time from Texas at Tyler’s BBQ), the last food posted was from Custom Melt, a favorite spot of  family members. 


Who are these men?


They are the members of the Norwegian band a-ha that were active in those 1980s.  One of the therapists at PT really likes them so we hear their songs quite a bit while doing our exercises or getting “pulled” on.


Love all that big hair!  Yes all the guys looked like that with hair styles. For the women, three things: Big hair, lots of makeup and shoulder pads!

While babysitting Chat the other night, there was a hilarious talk on the merits of the 1980s and it was so refreshing to be able to chat with folks who remember that era.

Missing for almost six years…


Stacy Peterson hasn’t been seen since October 2007

Her husband Drew Peterson, a former police sergeant is doing 38 years after his conviction for murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He remains the main suspect in this woman’s disappearance. Thanks to a friend who runs a project on law enforcement related domestic violence for keeping on top of these cases.

Speaking of missing people. Are people really bitching and moaning in the West about the early morning Amber Alerts for Hannah and Ethan Anderson waking them up in California? Amber Alerts do work.

I found this photo


And this one…


Dick Gregory had been fasting before he was taken away

Lot of people there that day 49 people left wearing bracelets including the front row.


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