“Mean Girls” and their Parties

I’ve been entering racehorses and my stats about one-third of the way into the new season aren’t too bad.

Current Season
Race Record: 33 – 12 – 9 – 8
Earnings: $392,300
Conference Rank: 102
Win Percentage: 36.36%
Place Percentage: 87.88%
Breeder Earnings: $0

Not bad! I just haven’t had much time to tend to my little stable and two of my horses including one of my favorites (out for six more days) got owies. I did pop in Chat and it’s a lot of fun, no walking on eggshells there waiting for someone to get bullied or the latest round of trash talking. Of course, the chat room’s moderated most of the time though according to some screen shots I’ve seen of the last game’s Chat, putting moderation in the room didn’t stop two players from threatening to bash in a player’s face if they ever saw her.

Anyway, it’s been pretty nice. People seem really nice, emotionally stable and grownup which is always nice to see.  Even some other writers.

The mystery of the priest who showed up at the accident scene in Missouri has apparently been solved and his name is Rev. Robert Dowling.  Not supernatural or godly perhaps but very cool that someone was able to give an accident victim comfort and support when she needed it.

What If You Give a Cyber Bashing Party and No One Comes?



I’ve got some interesting comments not necessarily about the game but cyber bullying particularly in Chats and Forums lately from people who caught the site which is getting tagged under “cyber bullying” or in other non-game related ways. One person pointed me out to some interesting photos and said they were caught by my description of the “celebratory” parties in Chat when the bullies and their syncopates knew I was leaving for some days.  This writer said that such “cyberbashing parties” as they’re called is the hallmark of the aforementioned “mean girls” style of cyber bully. It’s very common for them to engage in that type of behavior and is indicative that they fit the “mean girls” prototype of cyber bully.  It’s always interesting getting feedback and hearing about other experiences that people have had with this type of online behavior and bullying.

I described some of the exchanges on the screenshots where the bullies “celebrated” and tried to entice people to jump in and participate or party with them.  It turns out that this type of behavior is very common in “mean girls” as any attention they receive is so important to them not to mention they’re always looking to recruit particularly new people. Although this person said they sounded very immature and more like a bunch of cry babies. Yeah they sure do. They whined about it yet they haven’t shown the iota of concern how hurtful their behavior has been to those they cyber bash or trash talk. They don’t care. They gloat in the pain that they cause those they target for that behavior. They laugh about it, talk about how cool and “tough” it makes them and then blame the target for their own disgusting group behavior. They don’t really get disciplined even when “caught” doing it because as one of the players helpfully pointed out here, the “griefing” process is pretty much just for show, meaning people are unjustly suspended only to get appease complainants.  Then they start it all over again the next time one of them gets bored or is unhappy driving more and more people out of Chat, something they celebrate.

Then if someone criticizes them for it they  run crying and whining to their “parents”.  The thing I had the hardest time understanding is that most accounts of “mean girls” involve people in middle school or even upper level elementary school not grown women including one in her forties.  Some people never grow up, was the answer to that one, and are “stuck” and intent on reliving earlier periods of their life either because they were unhappy during those periods and want better endings or they just are unhappy now and want to relive their “glory days” .  It makes as good sense as anything!  The only “cure” for mean girl style cyber bullying are permanent bans, meaning that their access to those outlets need to be blocked.  Suspensions especially multiple suspensions are useless because they feed their need to do this in other offsite outlets with their fellow bullies and then are usually whipped in a frenzy by the time their suspensions are done and their behavior is usually worse.

I have people writing me and asking me what to do with their screenshots including those where two female players discussed or threatened to commit physical violence against players they didn’t like and whether they should report them. Not to moderation because apparently in two incidents that were screenshot, moderation was in the room at the time, but to LE.

All I can say is that if you do anything like that, think long and hard before making that kind of decision. It’s hard to unring a bell. I learned that when tipped off about the police chief and his DUI incident.  You have to pick your battles too even when it comes to dealing bullies.  In the case of the police chief, it was just much more important with much more at stake than whether or not you want to play with binary code horses.  I think it’s better just to walk away because there’s plenty of other sites on the internet where bullying’s not ignored or the burden’s put on the targets to come up with means to deal with it including restricting their own access to a site that in many cases takes their money.  In most cases, the problem reaches a head and then moderating bad behavior’s taken much more seriously. In all likelihood that’ll happen there at some point, given the close calls they’ve already had.

But just for information purposes, if you are proven to have witnessed such behavior on your site and didn’t act to stop it, that opens you up to huge civil liability whether or not those physical threats are acted on or not.  Smart admins and business folks when they witness that type of behavior nip it in the bud right away and even if it’s friends (especially when it’s friends) who are doing it, they make it clear it won’t be tolerated when it’s happening.  It makes sense after all, you want people to come to your site, not run away from it.

Now onto to a better topic, FOOD!


Delicious!  Fried Bananas are so delicious!


Fish and Chips, London style, well sans chips in this case.

from an old friend who works for an airline.  They go best with malt vinegar but Americans love to put something called tartar sauce on them for some reason.  London’s are great, London’s great. I took the Tube to drop off by the Covent Gardens Theater.  One of my ancestors, Charles Kemble managed it in 1829 which is quite a while ago.


Great, great, great, great Grandma Fanny was banned from entry into both Georgia and South Carolina before her death.

Fish and Chips are “fast food” in parts of the world.

Onto Sausages…


Texas Sausages


Kiwi Sausage Rolls, easy to find in many shops next to Shepard pies. They’re quite good. New Zealand has some of the most interesting and tasty finger foods.

Finally on the subject of culinary brilliance, is this PSA.



In between training for his MS Charity Ride…

Never forget where you came from and who was there for you.. Never second guess where you’re trying to go.. People will fall off or try to knock you off your path because of jealousy n insecurities.. They don’t deserve to come along for YOUR journey.. Your true friends will pick you up when you stumble and push you towards your greatness as you will for them.. Know that you CAN’T do it alone.. But Believe you CAN.


Thanks Soap Net and thank you General Hospital for finally answering the question first asked eight years ago, who fathered Sam McCall. The reveal which came while hypnotizing Sam’s mother was that the father is some evil mobster (this is GH after all) who’s posing as newspaper publisher Derek Wells.  He just got tested as a potential bone marrow donor for Sam’s son and of course he’ll be the match!    The actor’s quite good in the role, good casting decision.

I love these types of fairs especially the food!  The entertainment’s pretty cool too. The old fair used to be in late spring and always was during some awful heat wave which means it’s usually around 107 and the Paramount locale didn’t have much shade.


I’ll definitely try to catch it.  I love Renaissance Fairs and used to go to them when they were at the Paramount Ranch in Angora and San Berdoo.  It’s probably closer than the Pleasure Faire that’s now in Irwindale though S.V.’s always creeped me out a bit being so “White”.

A belated happy birthday to Koko


Here she is in an old photo with the kitten she named “All Ball”  Her ASL vocabulary’s much larger than mine, lol.

Oooh Surprise Sequel 

They got so criticized for the violence in the first one that the producer said the “consequences” of violence will be shown in its sequel.




I don’t hob nob with famous horses often but I did meet up with this little guy when he was stabled out here a while back.




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