“Simple Jack” taken a bit further up in Canada?

Oh Wow is all I can say at this out of Newcastle Ontario, Canada….but then maybe those who loved telling “Simple Jack”/”retard” jokes in the Chat including licking the windows of short buses will get a kick out of perhaps a kindred spirit to them.


This is just so bigoted, ignorant and hateful…and being around this type of mentality, well if any of those folks are still reading it, they can laugh, do “right on” or thumbs up which is how they pretty much treated the developmentally disabled in that game.  The rest of us can be sickened by such bigotry.   When I see shit like this and anything of that same bullshit bigotry, I’m glad I call people about it even though it was utterly a waste of energy and time and did make me a “narc”, “snitch” or whatever name a pack of immature bullies gives to anyone who calls shit on their disgusting behavior.

Self righteous?  Yeah, I guess some would call it that to give themselves a pass for not taking responsibility for their own rudeness.  Though self-righteous is really packing up with other like minded people and hating on people less “perfect” than yourself, whether it’s because the use a word too many times or they’re disabled or experiencing medical conditions.  My last memory there is hearing a story of a certain “nice” player taking advantage of another player’s medical condition and making fun of her over it after berating her into not “remembering” a promise that was never made to give this person her nicest horses.  Geez folks, it’s just a game remember that, not worth selling your integrity over so cheaply if you even had it to begin with. If thinking that’s totally disgusting makes me not one of the “nice” or “cool” players, that’s totally fine with me as I’m not a “kid” anyway.

And for all I know, who’s to say they didn’t discuss euthanizing non-normal children in Chat because after all it’d only be a crime to kill people if anyone in the Chat Rats deemed them worthy of being missed, right?   Or is that just for players that don’t play the game “right” or they don’t like?

When I run into crap like this, it just pisses me off. It’s a blessing, I think if I stayed in the midst of all the Simple Jack/retard jokes nonsense which is tacitly tolerated  I’d be pretty disappointed and  irritated with myself not to mention pissed off about it.  It was disappointing that no other player said anything about it (though most of the people who complained about it to me in PMs left Chat and the forum a long time ago so they didn’t know about it) which just tells you that bigotry against disabled people is at the very least tolerated there.  That was very disappointing.

Being away from the hatred and intolerance towards certain groups of people not to mention players and packing up to express it has been really nice.  So far even though I haven’t had as much time as I’d like at the new games, I haven’t seen anything like I saw in the social outlets at the old one.

My niece who’s alas, been subjected to more of her share of “retard” jokes by jerks in life and no, the licking the window reference isn’t as original or clever as some people think! She posted the photo on her FB page the same time I did and this was her response to it:

REALLY? *ultimatefacepalm* If this letter had a face, I’d punch its nuts.

Funny. But that was pretty much her response to the “Simple Jack” screenshots too.  But then that was pretty much everyone’s response to it.

Any time I still miss my binary code horses which isn’t that often, being reminded of the bigotry in Chat that takes place involving certain groups of people who are used for fodder to bully others, I really feel happy that I’m not one of those folks there who watches it unfold over and over and over again and says nothing or goes along with it so they can remain friends with clique members.  Go along to get along doesn’t work for me when it comes to bullies and bigots and especially bullying bigots.


Ah, the sleep of the innocents. If they only knew…

Grab your ball, grab your chain, run like hell to the nearest plane…

It’s Reunion week and I wasn’t unable to fly out this year to attend, which was disappointing but I’m living vicariously through FB.

If you’re heavy into real estate, the property’s currently up for sale for just $2.35 million, which is a steal.  Photos look good.  Nice to know the kitchen hasn’t changed at all since I spent so much time in there washing dishes.

St. Scholastica Academy in Canon City

Anyway…last night in an alumni chat we exchanged stories on panty raids at the boys’ school and parties in the motels and by the river.  The biggest party was the one I actually missed. I was in a cab with a friend going to the movie and the cab driver who was ferrying back and forth to this rip roaring party in a motel asked if we were heading there. We were tempted but a gut feeling told me to say no to that and we wound up sitting through the insufferable Mommie Dearest instead.  Though it was painful watching the fabulous Faye Dunaway 86 her career, the party would have been more so as the cops raided it and the punishment in lieu of expulsion (because expelling more than one third of the school’s students wasn’t an option) was pretty draconian.

Imagine being “campused” to your room for three weeks, campused on the school grounds for nine , put hard at work for four hours Monday through Friday and 16 during the weekend for six months, no school activities, mandatory study hall in the cafeteria…and that was only the start of it.  The only part of it that wouldn’t have phased me was the work requirement because I did that mostly already.   I graduated from high school having washed over 85,000 dishes and probably triple that in glasses and silverware.

Most teens if they’re caught having a drunken binge are lucky if mommy and daddy ground them for a weekend or take the car away for a week.

No watching a woman wearing a really bad wig go on a bender over coat hangers was probably a lot less painful.  It was pretty effective, out of the 70 students suspended, only one was later expelled for drinking.  After she checked out of a hospital for alcohol poisoning.  Teens can be really dumb but not as much as adults who act like teens.

Anyway tonight’s topic is what was the wild animal that you let loose in the dormitories. Lots of great snake stories.

A: A weasel.

High school was pretty awesome and it’s nice having made a lot of friends there. For one thing, no cliques! If you have to live with the other students 24/7, it makes it difficult to clique up because they wouldn’t last long before people would want to kill each other.  The only way to safely coexist for eight months a year is to pretty much be friendly with everyone else, be pretty laid back and to learn a couple of other languages.  I learned a lot of great interpersonal skills that have served me pretty well in life.  It’s tough when you run into folks who it seems like only hung out with people just like themselves and act accordingly.  I just don’t know what to think so I feel kind of sorry for them for limiting themselves that way.   People who run around saying “I’m not for everyone” as an excuse for acting like a bitch well I think I pity them too.  I mean to spend most of your life being rejected by your social peers to the point where you have to make such a qualifying statement, that must be pretty sad.

You just wouldn’t have survived in this high school very long if you thought like that. It’s been great to reconnect with some of my classmates who live in other spots of the world and to find that some of them have relocated out here.  A lot of fun.

I hope the reunion goes great! It sounds like it’s been a lot of fun!


The Kiss Seen Around the World 

First of all, the Russian women won the 4 x 400 Relay at the IAAF Championships taking place right now in Moscow. Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firov, two of the team members shared a victory kiss on the stands. Was it in protest of anti-gay laws in Russia where adults are forbidden to talk about gays and lesbians in front of children. Some athletes I got to know from Minsk, Belarus why we were all in  Japan competing in a race as guests of Sendai  were commenting on it. What little Russian I know I picked up from them.  It was fun going clubbing with runners from Seville, Marseille France, Acapulco Mexico and the Belarusians.  Though I think through an interpreter, one of the male Belarusian’s proposed to me. 🙂  He was cute but no, I’m not getting married.

But this photo along with other athletic protest at the Moscow IAAF have been passed around.

It was said that Russian Pole Vaulter  Yelena Isinbayva  criticized them for their buss but she later said she was misunderstood.

“”But let me make it clear I respect the views of my fellow athletes, and let me state in the strongest terms that I am opposed to any discrimination against gay people on the grounds of their sexuality (which is against the Olympic charter).”

Women kiss more in many European countries than in the United States and it’s not treated as such a shocking or scandalous thing. Sometime it’s nice to spend time abroad to get away from all the hangups in this country.  You try being a woman in the U.S. who due to physical restrictions was unable to shave one armpit for three months!  Julia Roberts showed off a little stubble and the America media almost rioted over it. At least in Southern Europe, there doesn’t seem to be so much of the up tightness you find in many spots of the U.S.   I get a bit miffed when people complain about the “rudeness” of the French mostly the Parisians. Few of these people have ever even been to France and if they saw how a lot of Americans behave there, they should be embarrassed. Maybe it’s not me but I’ve yet to meet a very rude French person whereas I’ve met a lot of rude and not so nice Americans who then turn around and complain about the French…LOL.

Who knows? Maybe more kissing and less bigotry, the world might be a better place. 😉

My, Does Time Fly…


Happy Birthday Robert Redford!

He’s 77 if you can believe it. He’s always been such a hunk definitely among the blonde set.  He’s also pretty nice and for some of us older folks nice and not rudeness equates with cool.

I love the below this sent by Lori who’s always finding the good ones.  It kind of stands on its own.


That Albert Einstein’s one smart dude.  This one pretty much stands alone as being obvious to many of us.


“When an individual, a sect, a clique or a nation hates and despises another individual, sect, clique or nation, he or they simply do not know the objects of their hatred. Ignorance is at the bottom of it.”

—Paul Harris

“To be one’s self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity.”

–Irving Wallace

Thought this was kind of interesting, thanks Aric!

I’m thinking of that right now because I got the strangest email out of the blue from someone I hadn’t heard of in a while.  It seems that a women’s board that was shut down and pretty much abandoned some years ago is set to be reopened for discussion again and they’re looking for people to take it over and help moderate it.   My first response was that you got to be kidding me.  After having watched a bit from a distance what happened to several women’s boards years ago, I don’t think they’re going to find anyone willing to do that. I mean I know I’m not the first one that they asked.

It’s just a full-time job what with misogynists, porn spammers (who literally post up to 30 porn pictures on a forum if you turn your back for an hour until you ban the IP and then they just come up with another proxy) and some vicious cliques who make the “Chat Rats” just look like a bunch of spoiled children.  I moderated a forum on a woman’s site for a couple holiday weekends and they were some of the longest weekends of my life.   Grown adults should behave like…grown adults, you’d think!  Anyway, I did some research to try to piece together what caused two different forums to self-destruct and why.  The answers aren’t that much different from the problems that plague and are allowed to proliferate on the game’s own social outlets.  They’re just the inevitable end result in most of those situations when they continue over a period of months or several years without anyone dealing with them.

Sadly I think it’s only a matter of time before the Chat at least in the old game starts looking like these boards did especially since Chats tend to be much harder to moderate than forums due to dealing with real time.  I’ve heard it didn’t improve after I left as did the forum and so I guess getting me out, um didn’t solve the problem as I’m sure they hoped it would but I wasn’t the problem. Why should it stopped? The admins inaction in addressing the real problem worsens it by making the bullies feel more emboldened and entitled. The minute I heard the celebratory parties were taking place in a Chat on my site, I’d have shut it down indefinitely even if it were my friends who were engaging in that behavior,  well especially if it were my friends,  and I did’t like or care for the target. Admins have to realize that by sharing their own very negative feelings about certain players (and I was told that happened with me, including to two of the players who posted comments here which apparently is why they showed up here in the first place) with their friends has a spillover effect of causing their friends to feel it’s righteous to bully or trash them.

Because it’s not the target who’s really getting the big F.U. it’s the admins whether they realize it or not.  I’m not really concerned about that because if you know there’s a problem and you don’t deal with it you have no right to complain about it, as I would be the people getting targeted.

The mods at these discussion boards didn’t make that mistake, they were direct, strong and very effective moderators who treated everyone pretty much equally and weren’t friends with people who were acting badly.  Moderators ideally should be people who aren’t friends with the people they’re moderating. I’ve never seen a moderator who’s friends with people on their site that’s ever been effective across the board and a lot of problems with moderation seem to stem from that.

But these boards’ moderators got laid off or reassigned elsewhere likely due to budget and staffing cuts. .

Back then, there were two major female boards, one sponsored by a nationally ranked woman’s magazine, the other by a national advocacy organization. Both started out pretty well with some consistent and solid modernization.  But things like reduced budgets and staffing cutbacks  have a way of impacting both of the discussion boards.

So both lost moderation one after the other. The latter one off the bat and the former one, through first losing a full-time site moderator then passing it off to a revolving door of interns and then stopping it altogether. Both of them functioned pretty well but had a lot of behavior similar to what the Chat Rats and some other players do but with committed and truly unbiased moderation it pretty much never got out of hand.  You saw some similar things…some unfortunate stereotyping to bully using “retard” stereotypes and people trashing each other though that’s harder to do in a forum than a Chat because it’s more difficult to be two-faced in something where your words don’t disappear so quickly after you write them.   You saw more direct bullying though a lot of the same passive aggressive behavior like you see on the game.

The “fix” in these case would have been restoring moderation which on these women boards worked.  You didn’t have moderators who refused to go hard on the bullies on their site because as some folks put it, they were worried about “losing” their friends if they did that, you just had moderation disappear altogether. ‘

Within nine months to a year, the magazine was sued three times for “failure to protect users from online harassment/stalking (and this was before laws were passed prohibiting these behaviors federally and in most states) through lack of moderation and oversight (even though lack of such violated their own stated policies and rules against bullying and harassment) and a couple major donors to the magazine including its foundation which relied on their funding to operate threatened to stop doing that unless the boards were disbanded in the face of the lawsuits which were costing money.  It got worse when one player committed suicide not long after on a discussion on assisted suicide being told to “off themselves already”.   A few days of research uncovered a lot of  information about what had happened.

Some might think that’s funny and roll their eyes but you just don’t know the impact that chat bullying can have. I mean is there any guarantee that “Radioface” didn’t walk off the game and kill him or herself?  Though it’d been more than likely if that happened the site would have been hit with civil litigation and/or LE investigations.

No there isn’t and some of the players including some newer ones who were bullied approached me in individual chats did cause me some concern with how upset and even distraught they were by the treatment. That’s one serious problem about the bullying and trashing in Chat that the Chat Rats will laugh at (because remember it’s only a crime if they care about or will “miss” the person) and that’s how little people truly know one another.  Especially which people take bullying much harder than others because of things in their life or history you know nothing about…see those of us who have a lot of life experience dealing with all kinds of people are aware of these things.  People who simply pack up in cases where “like” associates “like” these things never occur to them not that it’d matter because the more upset and hurt the person is by the bullying and the more they retreat from it, the more fun it is for those who do the bullying. And after seeing them joyously relive bullying people that left Chat and/or the forum months or even years earlier, they’re the ones who make that so obvious.

I didn’t report these conversations with several “targets” to the admins because honestly, as hard as this is to say I truly don’t think they’ve give a damn about it unless something happened and some family member threatened them with a lawsuit over it or something brings them a law enforcement investigation on some cyber harassment complaint.  As long as the bullies are happy and able to bully and they don’t have to pay attention to it, that’s what matters.  I saw absolutely nothing to indicate otherwise.   The fact that they only “griefed” the screenshot of players joking about killing other players only months later when one of the bullies allegedly  whined about it being written about her makes that abundantly clear.  It wasn’t a concern when there were targets or victims, it was only a concern when one of the bullies got upset for being called on it and needed to be placated. Thanks to the folks who cleared that up for me, I appreciate it.

I kind of feel sorry for them but at this point, if you choose to ignore obvious problems then you really can’t complain about it.

The organization’s site was forced to disband after one similar lawsuit later settled against it and an FBI investigation into cyber harassment/stalking where they issued subpoenas for IP information on the site costing them thousands of dollars in legal fees.   On that site, a couple of players had threatened to beat up a player or do physical harm if they ever ran into them.  No charges were ever filed but the damage had been done.  So when I saw evidence that two long-time female players had done that in Chat on the game, it was like experiencing deja vu.   There’s really no point even if the bullying doesn’t drive you away to stick around if that’s going on which it clearly is if people are screen saving those who make those comments.

This didn’t take long to happen to sites that started out just having one clique trying to dominate them and either recruiting people to join them or to run them off the site. Without moderation, you had several of those cliques just go to town.  Then it just spiraled downhill into a huge train wreck on both sites leaving them with huge legal bills.  And these organizations could absorb those costs, but smartly chose to just cut bait on their chats and forums.

While researching what happened with both boards, I discovered some of the following quotes about one of them.

“They just vanished one day; not that it was a huge surprise. It was a vicious place. There was tons of infighting and trolls invaded on a regular basis.

is that high post count posters were given more benefit of the doubt than newbies. (Sound familiar?) 

It lead to this gang warfare type atmosphere of turfing that was just crazy. I remember that some had a hell of a time surviving that board. 

I observed for a few weeks, read some of the forums, and went back to Usenet. It was safer, cleaner and less cruel.

The board that was sitting fallow that someone needs to be moderated isn’t one of these two. It was started by a group of women that I later joined as an alternative to the rapidly imploding boards. and it was really nice. There was some problems but the moderation was excellent and they just dealt with the behavior and didn’t play favorites. When the moderators no longer could moderate it due to changes in their lives, the board was simply shut down to avoid what happened to those other two boards.  But if I do it, it’s going to have to be a team of moderators.

That’s one of the reasons I was all too glad to leave the game “smoothly” because I can see this type of thing happening over time if the bullies get to run the social outlets and the admins don’t seriously address it because they don’t want to upset their bad behaving  friends even if business customers keep leaving.  Oh wait, no it already did because you have two female players (not  from the business customers base both are long time players and tight with the moderation in fact one of them posted comments here) who threatened or discussed specifically ways down to the choice of weapon of harming two other players “if they saw them”, in separate incidents and no suspensions! No requests to make smooth (and quick) departures.

Who needs the drama? The drama in Chat and the forums done to alleviate boredom was unpleasant enough to witness.  Some of us are just grownups I guess,  I mean I haven’t found the need to label myself a “Kid”, cool or otherwise, since I was…a kid.   There’s just so many ways these “friends” can 86 what’s really a pretty good game and a great product. It just has very little chance of surviving let alone thriving until the issue with the social outlets is dealt with effectively.

But following some of the bullying that’s taken place at feministe though no one’s threatened to beat up anyone yet, over the criticism/defense of the whole Hugo  Schwyzer deal, it’s a good opportunity to see how the mods handle that.

These all showed up on FB and I thought they were all interesting. I might comment on them later.




Very true. The bracelet club has grown quite big.  Lemon Juice is good for removing fingerprinting ink.


Ready for the Bike Ride!

My brother’s on the wrong frigging continent to do it this year. A friend of mine who worked on Y&R back in the day said there were just too many good looking guys on that show!



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