Running into “flame threads” on searches for games and book reading…


 It is not what most people would consider to be winning. Most of us have some kind of positive goal in mind when we think of winning. A sociopath thinks in terms of successfully manipulating someone into doing something that he or she would not have done otherwise. That can be a small thing or a tremendous thing, but the point for the sociopath is to win, to make sure that this person does what they’re trying to coerce him or her into doing. It can be as disgusting and as simple as making a child cry. Or it can be as complex as making your wife feel bad about herself. And it can be as large as making an entire group of people do something that they ordinarily would not have done.

—Kate Simon, The Sociopath Next Door

A lot of people it seems are reading this book so I found a copy at a used book store to order.  It’s about the factoid that 1 out of every 25 people in the United States is likely what’s called a sociopath.   Though now it’s called anti-social personality disorder.  On my novel rewrite, I had to work on my villain characters giving them more layers.  I don’t know if the villain’s quite sociopathic though he’s pretty naughty.  Maybe this book will help.

I’ve got until the end of September to work on my villain and a host of other stuff. I posted a serial story at another site and then got busy and woke up to emails asking me to finish it already!  Writer’s block on that one.

This is the other useful book.  I went to a writing workshop on something called “steam punkers” which is included in here.


My work crew showed up this afternoon to finish painting one of the bathrooms and cabinets in the hallway. It looks very nice and the first tile job on one of the bathrooms will be done tonight hopefully. It took a while to shop for tile to find good quality that was a good price per square foot and if it turns out great might do the rest of the house with it.   In return I’m working on the proposal letter for a reality television show connected with skin care and other health products.  Some chick named Kim is supposedly interested in trying out something for psoriasis.

I thought the cartoon below was pretty funny.  Sometime’s I’m #4.  😮  But then everyone in my family reads and I’ve been doing it since I was 3 1/2.


Okay, I was reading an update on the proposed film adaption of one of my favorite books ever by of all people,  Actor, writer and director Ben Affleck.  His talent has always been behind the camera as he’s won original screenplay Oscars (with Matt Damon) for Good Will Hunting and  the Director’s Guild Award for Argo which also won best picture.


“If we don’t have each other, we go crazy with loneliness. When we do, we go crazy with togetherness.”

—Stephen King, The Stand

Breaking News:

Scott Cooper not Ben Affleck to write and direct The Stand

Affleck actually is giving serious thought to directing as his next project, the feature film version of Stephen King’s epic (in more ways than one) novel The Stand.  Now everyone and his mother in Hollywood and elsewhere’s tried to adapt that 1100+ page (unabridged) saga about what happens after the world ends.

Yeah there was a miniseries but for the most part it sucked.  Gary Sinise did a great job playing the main protagonist Stu Redman. I caught it in New Zealand where most of the excitement about it there was centered on the use of a Crowded House song in the second installment.

King remakes are big right now with Tommy Knockers, It, Pet Sematary and The Stand all set for reboots.  Pet Sematary was the scariest of his books, one of the scariest novels ever.  The movie sucked, Tommy Knockers (with Traci Lord and her menacing laser lipstick) wasn’t good and It was better in the first part than the second.   But these are easy adaptions in comparison to the monstrous Stand  which is probably too much for the those who whine if they have to read more than two paragraphs in a row, but it’s well worth the read.  One movie won’t work, but if they did a trilogy one per section like with Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games it might work even if they don’t divide the final part of the book into two separate films.

Casting the new film, well opinions abound.  Sinise is too old to revisit Stu and most of the rest of the cast wasn’t that great in the miniseries except Ed Harris in his cameo as the one in charge of the military folks who release the amped up flu bug. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a great Nick Andreos and maybe Alfre Woodward for Mother Abigail.  But not Robert Pattinson for Trashcan Man.   Robert Downey Jr. for Big Bad Randall Flag…not so sure about that.  Josh Holloway for Lloyd Henreid, that might work.  Woody Harrelson as the monster shouter, yes!

But Affleck might be too busy to direct films for a while. It’s just been announced that holy cow, he’s the next Batman.  That’s a joke right?


Oh, and then is this the real Captain Tripps?


Oneal Moore


One of the many “unsolved” murders during the Civil Rights Era.  Ambushed and killed by the Ku Klux Klan in the Washington Parish

His brother Ameal passed earlier this year of cancer, never seeing the day that the killers of his brother would be brought to justice by the Department of Justice. The man who was believed to have engineered his murder died in 2003.

A guy I used to have a lot of conversations with wrote about this and other “unsolved” crimes of that era.  Who wouldn’t? He’s one of the foremost experts on hate groups and hate crime laws in the United States. The DOJ and U.S. Attorney’s Office reopen some of them from time to time though most went “cold” a long time ago….

I did hear from some folks including non game players that the flame threads that targeted me on the forum in the old game weren’t ever taken down or deleted in accordance with their policies and rules.  Just like they’ve been every other time some player has gone off the cyber bender on the forum.

That’s a bit unusual only in the fact that in every other single case that I’ve been aware of in my four years there, “flame” threads against players are usually locked and then deleted from the forum. Not only were three threads that have shown up apparently on search have popped up including one started at around the days or just after I left.  Clearly these flame threads weren’t deleted and still remain there to be picked up by search engines and since they’re so meticulous about deleting other flame threads, it’s hard to know what to make of it.


Contrast that with every post that’s ever not been flaming me or supporting me or any thread as such has apparently been locked and deleted. Although one case a certain player had her post deleted when she did her usual thing that she does in Chat of trying to tell people if they don’t like how they’re treated, they should leave the game already. She had ranted at someone in the forum saying they should just leave the game and that got taken down.   This player is clearly a good agent for retention in the game.

Is that fair? No, it’s really not and it’s not consistent enforcement of the rules.  But it’s not my problem because thankfully I’m not there to read it and have no desire to read the two other threads that wound up in searches that don’t sound like the one that I read before leaving.


I don’t care what people are saying after I leave so they can keep the flame threads on the forum for the next 10 years if they choose to take out for occasional self or group stimulation.. Another reason not to worry about it is that the people who approach me about it haven’t said “god this Marzy Dotes must just be this terrible bitch who victimized these poor (non) bullies.”  What they did say is more along the line, “If this is how people treat other people on a forum at this game, I think I’ll pass and try the next horse racing game on the search engine list.”  So by keeping flame threads even those involving people they don’t particularly like so they can show up in search engines the game’s owners aren’t really bothering or hurting me they’re hurting themselves and their product.  Simply put, the average person on the internet who’s passionate about horse racing usually will pick a game to play that’s friendly enough or looks that way to stay along enough to learn more about the game to determine whether or not they want to stay. Having sat in Chat and watched three new players come in and leave and never seem to return to the game again after watching a bashing session, yeah new people don’t tend to want to stay around long in a negative environment.  What was interesting was running into one of them on Derby Fever Chat months later.

Most people see flame threads as their first impression of a game and just move along to what’s next on the list until they find what they want and one thing people look at is how friendly, welcoming and user friendly a game appears.  It’s just not a good recruitment tool to attract people if you allow flame threads from your site show up in searches.   I had someone ask me if that was what it was like on the forum at another horse racing game and I just told them, do you want the long or short version?


From a business sense at least, keeping “flame” threads like that where people pile on one player so that people searching the internet for horse racing games stumble across it, not good advertising. There’s already a group of players on there who are not really good ambassadors for the game with how they’re allowed to treat people, so upping that ante in that same vein doesn’t seem to make good business sense.


That Other PR Tool

“I’ll ‘F’ her Up…if I ever see her…I’ll bash her face with brass knuckles.”

“I think she’s leaving soon anyway…”

Chat, December 2012 

Different Types of Chatters (thanks Disabled World)

1 -The Typical Chatter:

These are users that are a pleasure to have in any chat room. These chatters makeup 99.9% of online chats. They are always polite and welcome new people to the room and make them feel comfortable and wanted. These people generally end up being regular chatters on a site and are an asset to any website operating a chat room(s). These chatters have nothing to fear as they abide by the terms of the chat room and website, and its not in their nature to be offensive.

2 -The Obnoxious Chatter:

In stark contrast to the above, this type of chat user is the obnoxious abusive kind. On occasion you will come across a chatter who will be irate with you on something you said or who just thinks they are “SO good.” Usually this will be the result of a disagreement on a particular subject or something that can be derogatory to other chatters. These people will often pick someone out of the crowd and start insulting them for no apparent reason other than to make themselves look “cool” and that they supposedly know everything. They are your typical low self esteem online bully.

These chatters get their kicks by causing arguments and conflict in a chat room. When other chatters start ignoring them, which is the best thing to do, they become even more abusive wondering why no one wishes to chat with them. Should a chat moderator or monitor warn them about their chat behavior they usually begin waffling on about freedom of speech [Yeah I’ve heard this one a bit, the more obnoxious, the more they argue their free speech rights are violated.] and their God given rights to say what they like. HELLO obnoxious person, What about the chat room operators right to keep THEIR chat room and other chat users free from trouble makers, foul language, and threats. Guess their narrow minds can’t quite get around that fact..

[In most Chat rooms, on most sites these days, there’s more concern with allowing Chatter #1 enjoy full access to the chats/forums and restrict access of chatter #2 when necessary. However some sites do have their priorities backwards including when it comes to players threatening or waxing on about violence to other players.]

3 – The Scammer:

This is the trickster or scammer, usually they will attempt to get friendly with you and most will likely ask for your MSN or Yahoo messenger id fairly soon in the conversation, they realize that if a chat monitor is on the ball they will discover their ip doesn’t match where they say they are from and be banned, hence their urgency in trying to gain your phone number or Yahoo id etc. (See article on scammers).

Monitors and chat moderators will do their best to ban and block these scammers as soon as possible, however there are always some who avoid early detection and may gain your confidence. Always be alert and NEVER send anyone any money or give out your personal details online.

4 – The Spammer:

This is a person, and lately quite often a bot, that spams messages in chat rooms advertising websites and soliciting sexually explicit material. Ignore them and let your chat owner or moderator handle it [and feel damn lucky it’s not you who has to go and delete all that crap and accounts]. Don’t click on their messages, unless you want a computer virus or perhaps end up on some very offensive websites.


There goes Bolt for Jamaica as they beat out the U.S. for the gold in the 4×100. I’m always excited when the American men don’t drop the bomb…I mean the baton.

Local runner Brenda Martinez wins the bronze in the 800!  My nickname for that distance is the “vomit comet”.


It’s hot here now but I’m almost relieved to see 100+ days in what looked like the “summerless summer”except for the unprecedented invasion of Argentine Ants. But a tropical storm watch? WTF?!

There’s still a week before we all have to panic.  The Angelenos are already panicking because they’ve not seen even 80 degrees temps this month so far.

Voila!  the floor’s done and looks really nice!  It looks like the other bathroom and the hallway will get the same flooring which was fairly inexpensive.



Alas poor Cinna. His last design sparks a revolution in the bridal gown that catches fire

A brand new reality show called Pastors in L.A. is causing a bit of a stir in some circles.  I saw the trailer and found it quite interesting.  Preaching by day, returning to pretty lavish lifestyles at night.  I was always wondering if a reality show on preachers would ever be produced.

I was looking at the trailer and went, Pastor Ron!  His church is actually based not in L.A. but Rubydoo which is spelled Rubidoux.


Probably the only guy I know who can schedule a golf game while sitting in the paddy wagon.  He does a lot of community work too but I’m not sure whether or not the show will detail that.  I run into him every so often and his sister’s my neighbor and he’s always busy working on another project.

In January there’ll be a follow up show called Pastor Wives. Can’t wait to see that one.

Of course then you have women like this:


Actually no Michelle honey, the old testament was written in Hebrew and sections in Aramaic and the new testament was first written in Greek (due to that country’s influence on the Roman Empire) and Aramaic. Didn’t you go to Bible school?


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