Wrote another Racing Article and moderating Chats…

Got to love Tweeter though!  General Hospital is running a story line involving bone marrow transplants and that’s always exciting because more exposure is more publicity. Well, one character whose grandson is getting the surgery told the donor match (who’s actually the child’s grandfather through a one night stand they had years ago, hey it’s a soap!) that getting a bone marrow extraction from a donor is a difficult process. It used to involve surgery but now’s gotten easier so a couple of us tweeted the actress who plays the grandmother about how it’s changed and within a couple days, that got “fixed” by the show to explain that it’s not as difficult as it used to be.    Still working on the post-episode PSA for encouraging testing to donate bone marrow.  Tweeting’s great.

Well back to working on a piece in the D.A.’s race, the racy photos of one candidate’s wife and the police union’s demands that the D.A.’s office of the whole mess.  Business is usual in this version of the House of Usher.


Omigod!  That is the collective expression on the faces of Will Smith and family as they sat as part of the captive audience watching Miley what’s her name cavort at the VMAs.  Actually the look on Will’s face appears to be, kids you dare carry on like that white girl up there, I will so disown you.   Jada’s probably saying, Will honey, close your mouth. Of course I’m so behind who’s who in the teeny bopper music business, I had to look Miley up on Wikipedia.  The worst part? Some people claimed that what Miley did to foam fingers, it’ll render them into oblivion at sporting events.

Twitter is aflame with everyone watching the VMA, mostly about Miley.  Well except for the guy swimming naked in his pool…what’s his name again?

Oh Yeah, now I remember!

The big question for him is will he reach the $100k mark in fund raising for his ride?


As it turned out, now it’s claimed that Smith and family weren’t reacting to Miley’s “I’m going to wash Disney out of my hair for good this time” bump and grind but an earlier performance of Lady Gaga.

Anyway, I haven’t watched the VMA since Dire Straits won video of the year or something way back in the 1980s. MTV or any similar rip offs has just never been something that struck me as more interesting than watching paint dry on a fence except that he’s not Marky Mark’s younger brother.

Someone tweeted that Justin Timberlake’s Fred Astaire reincarnated.  I have some memories of Fred Astaire when I was very young as he went to my church though he was quite old then but I barely knew who Justin Timberlake is, though he was in that baseball movie with Clint Eastwood. Someone said that a singer named Robin Thicke was released from the pokey just to play music.  I’m so behind the curb I didn’t even know that was a Marvin Gaye joke right away.

VMA, I’m so unhip I had to look that up to find it’s just the Video Music Awards.  I do better on the tweets sent by the “foot” or “leg” fetishist from some television show I had friends working at.  The last set of four legs and feet, I got three of them and knew the fourth was some director because they were clearly doing scene blocking in a huddle and the director’s on the floor for that.  Just didn’t know which one.

I love Tweets that challenge more intellectual skills like that rather than I got up at six am and my aim wasn’t good this morning.


March on Washington for the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s own march on Washington.

Some folks I know headed on out to D.C. to participate in this anniversary march and sent back their photos!   My niece who’s into graphic art design also is heavy into amine and sent some photos from her latest exhibition.   She did also post a bumper sticker that she found.

slappingJesusShe also likes to say that she’d slap the shit out of people who say “retard” jokes in front of her which means there were several games I didn’t advise her playing.  I mean what’s the point of getting into  a game, having people joke about “retards” and “Simple Jacks” in front of you, you say something, they whine to the admins and then your visit proves to be somewhat…short to appease the poor little bigoted bullies who are’t used to anyone calling them on their crappy behavior?  You “grief” about it, you get whined about as being part of some annoying “Sim Police” in Chat or other media and then that same dynamic duo of brass knuckle bearing, “f” you up girls shows up to team tag you as they have with others who’s complained or tried to use the griefing process? The first screenshot I saw of their antics I almost laughed until I realized it really wasn’t that funny, just pathetic.  The two girls who were team tagging me here to “defend” the admins apparently had made threats against and discussed in graphic detail harming other players in Chat in the past for the same reason.

Not cool unless you’re one of the Kids I guess.  I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed that they didn’t treat me like they did the others who used the “griefing” process or made the bullies a tad uncomfortable.

So if  the niece’s into horse racing games, I’ll point her to several others who are more tolerant of all different kinds of people than the one I left so she can avoid all that drama. Though if they did try to circle jack my niece with this “retard”/”Simple Jack” crap, I’d feel more sorry for them than her.  No better leave the old game to the apparently self-identified “perfect” folks and have probably more fun in the less than perfect world somewhere else.

It came up the other day when a group of us were discussing whether or not it’s worth compromising our values to go along to get along or to be entertained and I guess that was my example of how no matter how good or fun something might be, nothing is worse compromising who you are and what you stand for in life.  The beauty of it is that it’s much easier when the most vocal and most important people on a site with full admin approval of course (as shown by the twin sisters who posted here, who only team tag when the admins are complaining to them about trouble making players as it turns out) make it clear that you’re not wanted.  I’d personally like to thank the Chat Brats for making my decision to live up to my values as a person that much easier. 🙂  It might have been difficult otherwise.

The alternative might have been playing a fun game, having more and more difficulty socializing with the truly fun but silent majority of the site and remaining in what became and was allowed to be a cesspool to keep a few people happy.   It’s nice also to be on a game with strong admins who aren’t nearly as concerned about not making waves with their poorly behaving friends at the expense of their customer base and yeah definitely nice seeing more grownups in chat than “Kids” who’ve got better things to talk about rather than why so and so’s a crazy (borderline) bitch and so we’ve got to go hassle her on the forum but since 99% of us don’t have the guts to post on a less time sensitive outlet than Chat where we can bitch and moan without doing so in front of the entire game audience, why don’t we have one of our syncopates start the dust up for us?  Then one of us will go over to “help” the bitch by being nasty to her in a passive  aggressive way and be shocked and say like “wow”  or “um” when she’s not kissing our ass for “helping her”.  :p

That game just got so boring to watch ad nausea. It’s nice not to see such antics anymore but to chat with genuinely nice, emotionally stable and mature people who don’t rely on bullying in groups to feel better about themselves and then celebrate “wins” afterward lest anyone fails to understand how utterly “awesome”  a lot like what can be so awesome about packing up and ganging up on other players including a teenager?  I just think poor girl, doesn’t really have much else to make her feel happy and fulfilled in life.  You really don’t if you rely so heavily on getting happy at the expense of others through your own actions.

It was an interesting discussion on line especially when a couple of realized we were talking about the same folks on the same site. Small word even online. But what I’m realizing more and more in the horse racing game world is that the bullying on this site has gotten a bit of a rep as a site that as the bullies say, “is clearly not for everyone” because it’s pretty much just allowed to happen.  I ran into someone in a Chat last week who was bullied off the site last year by the same crew of people.

And that if I see any of that go on the chat that I moderate, I don’t tolerate it period.  No need to worry about losing “friends”, no excuses, you behave yourselves  or you’re on a timeout.

I thought this was cute. Watching bullies pick on people, it’s clearly they’re truly lacking something.


Crazy Cat Ladies Alert

I really like this picture. I’m not a “crazy cat lady” because I only have two but it’s hilarious because I know some married women who are aspiring crazy cat ladies.

crazycatladyI think mine’s already here!

The below’s a great quote for those people who never warmed up to the “clique” form of socializing or were never accepted by the run of the mill “mean girls”‘ Clique.


That goes without saying.  It’s great being an individual rather than just one of a clique especially a mean-spirited one. it’s great to be friends with other individuals too.  This might be hard for some folks to grasp but there are people who don’t enjoy ganging up on others and getting our rocks off on chasing them out of Chats and Forums.  You got one life to live and seriously why waste one moment engaging in that behavior? What a waste.  The whole I’m going to “f” you up, brass knuckle thing over a game, is even doubly so.
That’s just so unbelievable until you read it.  Kind of makes me laugh, though I can understand why the targets whose heads are meant to be bashed into the pavement probably don’t find it nearly as funny.

Onto food….

Ah, Kiwi Rolls!  These are always tasty.


 Yummy! Thanks, really needed this great food! I tried to be a good vegan two weeks in New Zealand and lasted three days until I went to my first barbecue and they had prime rib, teriaki chicken and sausages of all sizes cooking.


Another bit of common sense to most of us of us who are too wrapped up to

julianAvabondingSibling rivalry, mobster style on General Hospital


which one will back stab the other first?

My bet is on Ava Jerome who rocked in a black dress and accessories not long after  Connie wrote her killers name in blood.  Of course she could have told Sonny before she croaked but decided instead to finger paint on paper.


I missed this part of the episode so I’m glad someone tweeted it.  AJ of course could be Ava Jerome or A.J. Quartamaine who naturally had threatened to shoot her while on a drunken bender only moments earlier. Which of course naturally means he didn’t do it.

Oh, if only I were blonde… Missing way over 24 hours and police aren’t even looking.


Beat a transgendered woman to death and get arrested for misdemeanor assault.  Nice world we live in!  When I worked for a newspaper, we had transgenders come in to do legal notices for name changes while transitioning and the stories of bigotry, harassment and violence that they told…very heartbreaking.

Some good news…got a hallway floor done!   Yay!  Some friends helped me install it after we ate Johnny’s burgers in C.B. and the best onion rings on the planet.



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