Happy MLK Anniversary and some of the nonsense

Heat index today: 114, very nice.  Oh and a thunderstorm’s blowing in on our forecast of clear and sunny…poor weatherman’s batting zero this week.  

noschooltodayClasses canceled…entire campus flooded up to waist level and flooded all the lower part of campus leading to evacuations.  Tornado clouds spotted but no touchdowns.

I guess all the cars got out in time, looks like Lemon Street!


In other news, 3500 visitors to the forum today  during a four hour period which slowed down page loading and not one single fight or even spat!   Lovely…now time for that wine down that it’s down to 1650!  But with a discussion forum that active, it’s nice to be dealing with grownups.  

#1 Referral Address to this Blog today is Sim Chat, with four visits this morning. I hope the discussion wasn’t too nasty folks but some of you just aren’t capable of anything else.  Remember you still have to chase that other player off the site before January 2014 so you best get busy! Less than six months left and from what I hear, you’re falling behind!

Work called so I couldn’t attend the commemoration downtown of the 50th anniversary of MLK, Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech but people helpfully sent their photos taken of the event attended by over 200 folks.   They all showed up on my FB page along with a recommendation to “friend” some chick named Sarah Horn because we have six friends in common.  Who the hell is Sarah Horn?

(oops, earth just shook. I’ll be back up soon…2.8, really? LOL…)

LOL just kidding. Everyone in town knows who she’s and I met her a while back because she teaches school not far from me.  But she’s not some random warbler in the shower, she’s actually sings professionally, in fact she teaches singing at Cal Baptist.  But still it’s nice to have this region on the news for something that’s not incredibly embarrassing or stupid.

What’s made the day complete is the obligatory ranting carried by Fox Entertainment by some current or ex but clearly not “recovering” Tea Bagger.   As a descendant of an original Boston Tea Party participant,  I think we should all sue the Tea Party Movement for defamation of character.   What an embarrassment.

But it looked like a great event!  Wish I could have been there.


Meanwhile in D.C., is that you Leonard? Yes it is!  I used to work with him a lot when he was on the executive board of the local NAACP.



One of the NAACP founders who was the one most instrumental to challenging the practice of lynching African-Americans.

After all that bravery and hard work, we still get stuck with this kind of crap.


And this WTF moment

 where a Christmas ornament depicting man being lynched is up for sale.  But then I’ve seen just every excuse for telling a lynching joke or using lynching as a joke that probably exists which is why when faced with it as an alibi, let’s just say  1) I’m less gullible than some folks and 2) I don’t hang out with folks that behave this way which probably makes life much easier.

I got so many interesting responses to the “I got my (Christmas) tree” up episode  that someone asked me if I was going to blog or write about it. I haven’t decided but I’m pretty busy. I’m buried in work, mentoring (including two more people!), moderating, HOA stuff, shoulder stuff and want some playtime too.  But yeah it’s one of those head scratching moments for sure until you realize that the targets of those hateful comments and laughter were the lowest denominator of concern in that sorry episode which is completely jacked.

If that weren’t true, they wouldn’t have waited months to address it and would have dealt with it the minute it came to their attention. The only reason to bring it back up as if it were the most important thing ever was because one or the other people involved in joking about killing other players (including one who was already threatened with violence by two other players in Chat and the mods know this is true, while “griefing”) went crying to the mods when I wrote about it here to “fix” it. By the time someone told me that, I wasn’t shocked.   I just wished I’d known sooner and not wasted my time and energy.

The education I’ve received since including screenshots has been very helpful in setting me straight on that and helped make leaving much, much easier and even more of a positive decision.  I’m thankful to have gotten all the information, so thanks to those who provided it.  A lot more makes sense now. 🙂

The thing is most of the time in situations like this you have mods who want to make things better on their own sites but often lack the tools or support to do that. This is the first site I’ve really heard of where they just don’t even want to address it in any meaningful way  which is pretty unusual from what I’ve heard. Most site moderators and owners just know it opens too much civil and potentially criminal liability if they do, or especially if it’s proven (screenshot or otherwise) they’ve done nothing.   I’m taking an online course on Internet Mentoring which is interesting and there’s discussion on all this material.

But no, I’m not inclined at this point to blog about it. You  just have a bunch of fools who’ve got nothing better to do than joke about killing players they don’t like (knowing that they’ll get a pass for that with “certain” players because that’s happened in the pass) and making racist jokes.  That’s pretty pathetic on its own and it only makes you wonder how much fun they must be to hang out with in real life if they bond over the same bullying and nonsense that they do in Chat.

but I often wondered why there are few self-identifying Black players on that game (as the only one was “outed” to back up a racist joke told by another player about “hunting” black men for sport) but then judging by the time “nigga” (no, I don’t think it’s a cute word) has been seen in Chat, I can kind of understand why.   I almost spoke up and objected to the “hunting” joke but then I probably would have been kicked off for hurting that poor little players’ feelings.

The GOP would almost be a cool, hip political party like it was back in the time of Lincoln to oh maybe up to the early 1900s if  they just didn’t run around saying stupid, silly things about women.  Women who get raped can’t conceive because the body “knows” and clamps the cervix shut or…women are too infantile inside a party that stresses individualism and self-reliance (cough, cough unless you’re a CEO of  a corporation) to know how to make decisions about their own bodies.

With this great love they have for the “fairer” gender, what do they do for entertainment? They come up with clever computer games where they just slap them around.  Hillary Clinton’s the latest punching bag for all their frustration that it’s not a man’s world anymore but there were others earlier.


Believe it or not I do have a healthy sense of humor, mine just isn’t built on the premise that it has to come at the expense of other people.  But as far as the GOP goes, I really wish someone would take that party back…at least before Ronald Reagan.  I’m not a Hillary fan but this is just so stupid, but then the Republicans have spent the past 20 years being stupid unfortunately.  I like elements of both them and the Democrats who themselves have prevented the GOP from cornering the market on stupid.

Though hubby Bill has a good point here:


Some day I got to write what it was like to show up for work on Election Day, 2000.  Actually earlier, because all the Democrats knew Florida, Ohio and Orange County were going to happen. I answered a lot the days before it when the Dem leaders started calling the boss about it. They knew Black voters were going to be targeted in key states.  And since most of the Southern states including Florida are several time zones ahead of us, Election Day phone calls stared real early, like six when the first calls about the checkpoints in Florida and several other states came in where they were checking people carpooling voters to the polls including seniors and disabled for “chauffeuring or taxiing” licenses.

It was a long day.  I called the Guardian in London which I’ve always loved because you know that the mainstream media’s not going to cover this kind of stuff and talked to a nice reporter there who said they’d sent people there to write about it.

They did a sensational job particularly with indepth coverage, much better than any newspaper in the United States.  But I don’t need anyone saying all this is crap because no, it’s one thing to see and hear about it up close, another to hear about it on Fox News.  Not all of us live on television and the internet, thank goodness!

Einstein per usual is a good place to go for an explanation but the question begs, did he ever lick the window of his short bus? You see Einstein was believed by some to be “mentally retarded” (the term used in his time) and had a couple children who were mentally disabled.


I think it’s possible he was what’s called an Aspie, or someone with Aspergers Syndrome in part due to his late speech development (as he was four when he started talking) and what was called his lack of tact.  Which I guess to some bigoted and sadly ignorant people means that yes, he would be licking those bus windows and oh aren’t I just so cool and hip for saying that?

Regardless of how a few bigots view disabled folks, Einstein rocked.

Now for the Abs of the Day…


He’s looking fit from all that biking.  🙂

This is so true and like this one a lot.  I use it as a quote when mentoring people and it’s helped people be more free about asking questions. I’ve never really heard a stupid question yet…just people acting stupid about questions they believe are stupid.


Thanks Carmen for the one below…for those of us born before the technological era…I have an Atari game set. 🙂


More firefighter sent to Yosemite

firefighters2The fire’s still burning out of control and has threatened public utilities in cities like San Francisco including both water and electricity.  At one point, they were going to let the fires burn out the old growth but it’s kind of a hard place to do a burn so I’m not sure that’s true.

Too Cute!



RIP Tyler


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