Rainy weather, broken up parties as summer finally arrives

My horses are still recovering from my “abuse” of them but Dangerous Material won his race and my newest baby Cydisco was second!  Thanks to those nice players who are saving me from myself! The kindness and lack of drama over there is SO refreshing. I’m a grownup, I like hanging around other grownups who are not reliving their hangups from their youth over and over again in front of me.  The admins run a tight ship and are to be commended for that.

Speaking of, I told the chat that I’m helping to moderate about the female player on the old game talking tough against other players with the whole brass knuckles thing and we’re thinking of designing a picture of brass knuckles crossed out, and a sign saying, “This chat is a brass knuckles free zone. Check them at the door.”


That might work.  It’s kind of funny though. I just didn’t think anyone even cyber bullies threatened people with them anymore.

Speaking of brass knuckles, there’s a lot of traffic from the game today.  Ah, drama and of course it’s all nastiness because it’s like dogs barking in that they have to act according to their nature. What else do these folks do with their time?  It’s not like they ever say anything nice about someone or treat people nicely outside their clique…no that’s just not cool and hip at all.  I mean what’s to look forward to, the next “cool” or “edgy” derogatory comment about disabled people or how much they hate so and so?

Derogatory labels instead of people. Derogatory stereotypes instead of people. Packing up and bullying including against players who are minors.  Players who get their panties all up in knots when their behavior is criticized here but truly believe that the people they bully and trash talk have no right to feel the same way about their own behavior! When they do it, it’s cool and hip, oh so fun and acceptable to the game.  When people criticize them, they whine and cry and have their syncopates run around accusing people of bullying them, the same folks who sat around and said nothing about their buddies picking on a nine year old girl a couple years ago in Chat or other players who were bullied and trash talked as well. That’s one of those things that you hear about and hope isn’t true but apparently it did happen.

A young girl, what is the matter with these folks? Who can really get joy out of doing something like that and feel it makes them a bigger tougher person? Her parents should have sued over that if it’s allowed to happen and they can sue. It happens quite a bit.  What’s interesting is when players who do things like that are still allowed to behave like that in Chat and the forum with impunity.  Picking on kids, definitely not my scene at all because seriously most adults don’t get off on that.

But then no one holds them accountable. Every time their targets are viewed as the “problem” that just emboldens to keep being the real problem.

It’s too bad for the majority of people who have to “socialize” through PM because a few people are allowed to be so obnoxious they ruin it for them but that’ll never change. It’d take some folks exercising some “tough love” with their friends and they just can’t or won’t do it.

Anyway, if the Chat Rats show up in between bullying sessions, whatever. It’s nice to see some traffic too from the anti-cyber bullying web ring as well.  Much nicer crowd.

Oops live thread just started. 5500 visitors. Holy crap.  No server issues reported so far. But oh wait, Obama just interrupted. 150 people trying to post on one thread… Producer is throwing a fit on twitter.  Tweeted back, get the network to use promo time in the weekend, no big deal.  Men just get too emotional.

Current Season
Race Record: 42 – 13 – 13 – 9
Earnings: $453,650
Conference Rank: 108
Win Percentage: 30.95%
Place Percentage: 83.33%
Breeder Earnings: $0

Injuries: Uh, that information is confidential. 😉

Articles written:  2     It seems that writers are much better liked and appreciated over there than at the old game as well.  That’s always nice. 🙂  At least no one so far has said that writing articles is akin to prostitution.  That charming note was posted about some of us writers by name on the blog that’s allowed to post its link and promote itself on the game forum.  I still don’t “get” that double standard but whatever. It’s always better to know.

Anyway, onto a different forum on a different site.

The server didn’t crash after all those visits to the forum yesterday which was kind of amazing.  It’s holding steady at 1300 visitors and no, it doesn’t appear to be viral in nature, people are actually showing up because it’s only that one subforum and the number of posts actually went way up.  We chatted about it and decided it was good whatever the cause and how pleased we were that most everyone behaved themselves and out of 60 new threads posted in two hours (!) and hundreds of posts, only two threads had to be deleted for minor rules violations.  Today is going to be even more blown out with visits. It’s pretty exciting. Maybe it wouldn’t be if people acted like over entitled assholes but so far it’s been pretty nice.

I’m closing out my stint moderating the Chat I’d been doing though I was asked to try another one though later at night. It’s more or less the way it should be though I might return to do “tuneups” if necessary.  Suspensions went down the last couple weeks, some repeat offenders left (hah, good riddance!) but most importantly, the players who were targeted by said bullies feel comfortable chatting, just the way it should be. No telling them to retreat into their caves while giving a minority group of bullies free rein.

Not here and certainly not on my watch. It’s not easy being “bad cop” all the time but I’ve never been one for winning popularity contests among people who frankly act like internet thugs. The one thing that is proven is that consistent, and unbiased moderation does work to address bullying and other types of nasty behavior in Chats.  But you got to care enough about your customer base to do it.  It’s been an educational experience and a needed one to gain a perspective on how important it’s to do it the right way and not the wrong one.


Catching the story of a man whose car was completely submerged on the 14th street underpass after driving past the barricades closing it off according to Police Lt. Larry who tried to keep a straight face when saying the guy told him he didn’t see them.  Like with most underpasses, the water was hip deep or higher and well, that left him with the option of swimming to the other side. The thing is, most people know if a thunderstorm’s coming you stay away from all the 91 underpasses as they do flood even though that one had been “fixed”.  The school bus was caught in the middle of it but made it through safely.

Fire fighters from Station 1 responded even though the second floor ceiling of their station had collapsed and since the lower floor had flooded, they have to relocate their trucks.

Not so much rain fell (especially compared to the days of trying to sandbag the Arkansas River) but this region and its infrastructure is just so ill equipped to deal with it.  So several inches fall in an hour and the lower half of the city floods. Fortunately, it’s not that frequent.  Less frequent is snow in which a half inch of snow would pretty much shut the city down or least parts of it.

This morning it was 84 at 6 a.m.  with 80% humidity and so it looks like another scorcher today. Summer has finally arrived. Met with the landscaping company which is maxed with storm cleanup to prioritize restoring the downed tree in which the stakes were the only part broken and trim it back so it’s not too thick and clean up a huge mess in a parking area caused by Eucalyptus debris from the 80 foot tree which is coming down anyway. The rest can wait.  Turn off two pool auto fills and be thankful that the storm drain worked and didn’t back up! I got quite a bit of heat for the money spent cleaning out a foot of dried mud that built up over time.

It’s awfully quiet now.

The “burn” area from the 2011 fire doesn’t look like it’s sliding either so it’s all good. 🙂  Some people thought putting up the new firebreak which was a tremendous undertaking would increase erosion but the risk area for that is actually below the ‘break.

RicardoRamosSaved the lives of two kids on Massachusetts Street

Love this photo!


I’m beyond jazzed that our pre-construction meetings with a half dozen city electric people and the contractor went so well to go over the final contract on the capital improvement project. The project to redo the 18 electric vaults on our street will cost over $50,000 but it won’t be our money at least.  Negotiated the contract down to a “no profanity” clause by workers given the number of retired seniors on the street.

I don’t know if they actually make this card or not…but…after following the heavy discussion on FB and other places about the heavy police response to the latest drunken bash thrown by over 200 students  that led to police responding complete with helicopter.  The home owner (not at home at the time) had turned his house in a quiet neighborhood into a gathering spot for partiers which had its own FB page.


So there’s been quite a bit of heat by the neighborhood against the party houses with the city and university finally taking action. A bunch of students including the Academic Senate came to meetings trying to paint the all night partiers as victims of overzealous neighbors but come on, people having sex on your front lawn and peeing in your bushes, it’s going to cause some upset especially at the home owned by a retired priest.  Apparently spraying them with the garden hose which is what I’d do is like committing misdemeanor assault so until the police finally started breaking up such things, I guess you’re just supposed to watch and reseed the grass because urine kills it.

Anyway, the owner of the party house that has its own FB page publicly apologized, saying that hefty police fines and an investigation by the university has helped him see the error of his ways.

We shall see.

One of my nieces is knitting baby clothes and blankets as part of her craft collection. She’s really very good at it and sells them at art and craft conferences.  She’s sold quite a few and hopes to make a business of it some day. She graduated from a pretty solid two year college with an AA and was looking at graphics arts programs.


She’s talented in graphic arts and is a pretty good writer too.  She’s also faced a lot of bullying and offensive jokes in her life.  But she handles it very well.

Too bad this is true but hardly surprising.  MLK, Jr.’s speech in 1963 helped push for the Voting Rights Act several years later and Republican leaders are too busy trying to dismantle it to celebrate it.


Though there were Republicans who attended, just not those who are leaders of the Party or serving in elected office.

Thanks Larry!  It’s a waste of the one life you’re given to try to be what others want you to be than what you choose to be.  Every second spent bullying others is another second wasted unless of course you think it makes your life more worthwhile.


Oh my goodness!  People just need to put a stop to these actions!


Tanya put out another great one!


There was talk about doing this years ago when I was in fast food and went home each night with food on my uniform sometimes from having it thrown at me by customers when they weren’t pleased by their orders. Never happened though.


It’s fajitas day with some friends over.  I love them because they taste great and they’re harder to mess up than some other foods. It’s my place tonight because the original spot won’t get power back in time.

Oh crap, the one I worked for scored #1 in employee dissatisfaction in the entire country.



Going through my old photos and hit some horse ones! I couldn’t find my ones of Jaklin Klugman enjoying retirement.  Found this photo and loved it. I was privileged enough to meet both of them!  I visited Jaklin Klugman a couple times and he looked really nice.  I was a pretty big fan of his as I am with Cal Breds in general which would probably get me shot at the old game and someone hassled me when I admitted that sordid fact once. But I loved Cal Breds.


I love this grandbaby L.B. Starlet out of a daughter of Nostalgia’s Star. Her story’s showed the darker side of horse racing as she was given meth when racing and tested positive for it.   She went on to work with 4-Clubs and had a happier life outside the sport.



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