Crashing forums and Why that’s Good

This will make the heads of a couple of the “Simple Jack” crowd explode but it’s actually:






Oh my god, laughing my ass off with the other mods as well as you can on the internet.  Yes, the forum crashed again, but it came up not long after when 7,000 people tried to access it at the same time mostly on the “live” thread. This is just so much fun!   People are so well behaved (more combining of like threads than deleting any) so the problem’s been keeping the damn server crashing from all this traffic showing up from Noon to 7 pm EST.   Hopefully they’ll be a new and larger one coming soon though it’s nice having the traffic.

Blame it on a great pair of six pack abs.  Not just abs, Canadian abs.

Can’t blame the girl for fleeing the room in embarrassment. When asked about what I thought about it, it’s not like I’m saying yeah your abs are great dude.  But it’s a nice balance to the more serious assignments.  Who can complain about abs?

Yes, we women are that fickle I guess but the peeps and twitters said that’d be great and they were right.

Anyway got to finish my summary while we contemplate about whether an amazing six pack really crashed the forum.

Also another smaller board is being set up, small server space but hopefully that’ll change as it grows.  Until then make the best of it.  Most visitors have been pretty good sports.

In the meantime, look forward to more…abs.


I love camping but it’s hard to stash all the liquor in an ice chest.  So this seems like a perfect solution.  Not sure how it’d work in a tent in the Rockies during a blizzard but there’s probably some way.  Driving on those old rocky roads was always fun. We’d bounce so much in the van, the sliding door would bounce right off of it and we’s have to go back and fetch it.

Someone asked me about my pinky finger the other day. Why there’s a chunk of it missing.  I don’t like telling that story much. Not because it’s so traumatizing (except I don’t like getting shots)but it’s just so damn embarrassing. No one would ever admit to getting bitten by a cute little critters like a chipmunk.  Then people would know you’re a member of the fraternity.  But, chipmunks aren’t really cute little critters, they are teeth with a body attached and once those teeth attach to something they don’t let go.

Some people go, oh really how could such a small animal with cute cheeks be so dangerous? I mean otherwise they wouldn’t be able to perform.  Apparently some people believe that the trio of Singing Chipmunks are real.  But reality is much more shocking than that about chipmunks.

Not talking about this crew of them.


But this one…


Word of advice, never let one of them use your finger for a teething ring.  That is all. Not unless you like getting shots.

A lot of them.

Then get stuck with a silly reason to explain why your finger looks like something took a bite out of it.

I’m still detoxing from reading the  FB diatribe, wow. It’s kind of draining to read such vitriol against anyone, whether this person’s the Anti Christ or not let alone such graphic comments about how you’d wish to harm someone.  It did provide some perspective as to a lot of things that were kind of puzzling to me.  I never believed that there was anything wrong with me, and no I hadn’t really done anything wrong except piss off a bunch of Chat bullies.  I wasn’t the first and won’t be the last but this conversation does provide a lot of contextual information as to why bullying and bashing have and continue to be big issues.

I just didn’t know how ugly things had really gotten until I saw some screen shots and then this FB thing.

I don’t mind the bashing by you know who having collected an assortment of screenshots from readers with her just doing it out of the blue in Chat and trying to get others to jump on that bandwagon sometimes with more success than others. As far as being bashed on FB even in front of the admin, well all that tells me is that it’s probably happened previously for the comfort level to be what it appears to be.  I probably would be more surprised six months ago than I am now.  But then again, these folks pretty much bash a lot of people and I’m sure that includes on FB so it’s not exactly news.

What the FB conversation showed clearly is that these are just a messed up bunch of people who seem only to get pleasure from that kind of behavior.   I mean threatening harm on a person and “liking” it, well that is pretty messed up no matter who it is and who’s doing it.   That’s why so many people stay away from the bullies who run the social outlets (and the FB conversation makes that abundantly clear) in hordes like they do including now.

Who wants to stick around while Ms Brass Knuckles and posse say something that puts the site at the risk of civil or criminal liability?   My money is on if that happens it’ll be those two with a couple of male players close behind them in the liability lottery.  That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun but if this FB conversation is actually a representation of the culture in the inner circles of the game, it’s going to happen at some point…it’s just a train wreck waiting to happen by the time you see crap like that.

Anyway it’s great to be away from all that negativity.   I mean if they like hanging around each other and bonding over bashing someone’s face in the pavement, well I don’t think that’s some place most people want to be and it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.

I got a chuckle over hearing that my head apparently exploded because I didn’t win one of those $1 million quarter horses races.  Actually I believe I congratulated the winner though I was rooting for another horse trained by a newer male player who in his relatively brief time had given so much to the game and is very nice not catty, emotionally insecure and vindictive.  I just happen to prefer friendlier and nicer players over those who are always negative about other players and live to trash talk but that might just be me.

I was actually very happy with my QH horse breeding and training program. Out of my first three cops, I won four SCs, four divisional titles including the QH Horse of the Year in the toughest mixer division not having anything to do with standardbreds. I also had four runnerup performances in the SC in the middle distance and routing divisions.

I ran my entire breeding program without acquiring one horse either directly or using a newbie (real or fake) as a middleman off the new players’ page.  I really feel proud of my accomplishments in that short period of time though I heard that some of them did apparently make some heads explode in Chat. The names of those whose heads exploded not worth mentioning.   I had a blast with QHs and had fun interacting and competing against the best breeders in the game.

So get my panties in a knot or have my head explode over one race involving a division I still dabbled in, I think not. When I ran my program, I wasn’t looking for wins in races but before I left I was very proud of my middle distanced quarters as out of my four “experimental” versatile/sprinter x middle crosses that I bred, three were “scary good” and one was a “wow” and all are training quite well to bump the middle distance division up quite a bit in the next several years.

Routers, let’s see, I had a router mare who was straight As with middle distances and had planned to go that route.    So I wasn’t at all worried about my development in this division, especially since the first scary good sprinter I raced skipped the first jewel of the sprint TC and won the second in good fashion and her half sister is even better, one of the fastest bred sprinters in the game.  It would have been fun to race them myself and funner to keep tweaking with QH bloodlines since the dividends were huge but I left all the babies in great hands.

But I’ve never been content to retrace over and over what’s been proven in breeding, in order to remain dynamic, the “rules” have to be broken.  I did that in turf sprinting and who knows maybe I’m the first person ever to hit the board in a juvenile turf (or any) sprint SC event with a filly whose pedigree was mostly long sprinter/speedy miler with a dash of router thrown in.  Didn’t stop her from placing third at five furlongs did it? I got so hammered by people in Chat and so did my filly (and I saved one screenshot of that for posterity sake)that I bred her “wrong” but after her SC, it did pretty quiet in there. 🙂

Especially from silly little girl whose named after the tennis player, who’s always telling people to just leave the game if they don’t play “right”.

That was kind of fun.  But not fun enough to put up with that kind of crap that is just so ugly that no smart person wants to be anywhere near it.  Eeew….Eeeew…and did I say Eeeew.

Now back to abs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too funny, but it looks like the haters of the game have much more stored away than I do so onto other subjects.


Well yeah…


I like this sign. I think I’ll keep it. 🙂  It’s got all kinds of purposes. 


Laughing at ourselves seems more entertaining than laughing at others and that gets easier when you’re older.


Yep, that’s certainly true. Not all of us were raised to cleave to the closet clique or group of people to find our identities.  Certainly not those comprised of the lower denominators of the human race.


I’m so busted on this one…though it’s tough hitting those high notes.


Pretty awesome…


The very first McDonalds but the town itself San Bernardino (or Berdoo) was voted worst in the country in terms of its restaurants.  So being the setting for the founding of the biggest fast food chain in America obviously wasn’t enough.


Gas explosion on the west side of town


There goes Manning!




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