Will it ever rain and What if the Hunger Games Came to Chat?

Eight referral visits from game Chat in less than six hours.  Eh whatever. In the spirit of that, I’d like to suggest the following.

That they break up the latest round of player hating  by doing the Chat’s version of the Hunger Games every once in a while.

So with that thought and borrowing a trope from Doonesbury,  it might be something like the following.   

Introducing the Game Tributes of Yr (whatever)


Sector One:  The Palace Guard

“I really mean it in case you missed it. I’m talking serious brass knuckles action.  Bash her in the face…like I’m some gangster chick out of the high school production of Westside Story… did you get, I REALLY MEAN IT.”


Sector Two: The Wannabe New Guard

“I’m going to cut you. I won’t say which one of you cause I tell it like it is…and call you on..stuff but certain people know…so who I want to cut this week…um…you know who you are. Just catch me on FB.”


Sector Three:  The “I don’t know which” Guard

God, I really “liked” what Ms Brass Knuckles said about hurting a player, but don’t be criticizing my home girls or I’ll FLAME you…because I know I’ll get a pass.”

The Recruitor


“I promise to do better next time…You should see what I have to work with!”

The MC and Game Show Host


“So far these look like the most exciting tributes yet for the Games…but which one will rise to the top?  I mean split them up and what do you got?”

The Game Player


“Don’t look at me. I’m sitting this one out. Bad indigestion from something I ate!”

The Mentor

woody harrelson hunger games

“Here I want to work and you give me nuttin’…”

The Boss


“I got my money on…wait I’ll have to get back to you…”

The Spark


“Who am I dressing? I got nuttin’ either.”

Hmmm sometimes embracing  in snark on the menu isn’t such a bad thing.  With a dose of relish on the side.  Lampooning can be fun sometimes. But eh, here it’s not that much fun for me so onto more interesting things.  Leave it to the experts. 😉

I’m so glad that the most I had to do this morning was just merge extraneous threads and deal with what’s called a “door bell ditch poster”.  They show up start threads that they know won’t be popular, say outrageous things and then say, I’ll leave now because you’ll all start hating on me.  Watching how people respond to those threads on the horse game, whipping themselves in a bashing frenzy,  it’s a relief to walk into three of them this morning that didn’t get much if any of a response.   Definitely a more mature crowd for the most part here.

The site’s forum is still heaving from the traffic but given that “sweeps” month is over, it’ll probably drop a bit.

I had time finally to update my stable and damn it if I didn’t send Capitol Crown Crawl right back to the injured list by training him to prep him for his return to the races. Curses, vexes and all that!  Yeah I know he’s 13 but still…

In other related news, I almost deleted my tweeter account.  No snapshots of “brain tumors” in jars anymore though I think I called that one correctly as a Rocky Mountain Oyster.  It’s not like I hadn’t never seen a bull testicle before though so far, never ate one.

Funniest tweet? Boxer Boy and  Kick Ass Female.  I almost spit on my computer in response but unlike some folks, I only do that when laughing with someone not at them.  Did they just spill the beans?  I wonder if Ron saw it.

Summer blew by and that means the Good Wife will be returning soon…


Alicia (r.) and Kalinda back when they were drinking buddies

Last season left off with the shocker of a cliffhanger involving who was on the other end of Alicia’s cell phone at the election party.  Was it Will, her on and off boyfriend calling her to ask her to leave her husband’s victory party after he won the governor’s election?

No, in what must be the epic of endings for the show it turned out it was Cary Argos her colleague and former rival asking her to join his firm. You don’t know until she walks on over and he answers the door and she says, “I’m in…”

I wasn’t too shocked because I knew that they’re drawing the line in the sand between warring factions in Lockhart & Gardner that will play out next season now that it’s out of bankruptcy courtesy of the appointed auditor played by the absolutely fabulous Nathan Lane.

What’s less clear is what the hell happened with the firm’s enigmatic and “sexually flexible” investigator?  Did she and baby faced Cory do the horizontal and which firm will be employing her next season?   Will the story line involving ex-hubby Nick rear its ugly head?

Most people hope that story stays dead and buried.

Catching Fire Watch

tributesmakinghappyThe 25th HG Tributes during happier times

In November, we’ll all find out what happens next to our favorite (and only) tributes from Hunger Games 74th.   Will a new “manned” up Peeta play a larger role in the film than the book? Will that good lucking and mostly shirtless tribute try to steal Katniss’s heart from both Peeta and Gayle?

And what of Prim’s cat?

Bummer about Cinna, he’s my favorite character as the real Mockingjay in the trilogy. But he pays the ultimate price for his rebellious act in Catching Fire.

lookatmykitchenThis is my kitchen!

(no not really)

I hope someday to be able to do this Yoga position again to find inner peace. 


Ah, I love kitty photos.


He’s certainly a cutie.

Favorite photo of the day since the one that wondered why fellatio wasn’t a capital murder crime.


Another one of those Golden Rules….


I’m not perfect on this one but I don’t think I face as steep a learning curve as some folks. For one thing, it’s kind of draining to focus on the negative wheras the positive is the opposite, it’s energizing.


This is beyond awesome. Know when you work so hard with like minded people to get a goal? Well in this case, it’s a new high school stadium!  🙂  Awesome to see that first game happen thanks in large part to PIE. beyondawesome

We’ve got a coffee spot like this one, actually quite popular.

I think I’d last an hour…just kidding.

mollylooksodownEnd of the world’s a real bummer for Molly Ringwald

If they ever redid Stephen King’s The Stand, (now Ben Affleck-less) I wouldn’t mind seeing this clip again, minus Molly Ringwald o of course. Or better yet this one which opened the miniseries (though I think that’s Greek in the background) which for the most part sucked except they found the perfect Stu Redman in Gary Sinise.

Dog needs a home

His name is Richie, he’s at East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys, CA and he’s one day away from walking the Green Mile though they can’t sign the euthanasia order during the weekend.     Apparently he’s leash trained well and pretty well socialized for an abandoned Pit.

Hoping to hear some great news that someone will give this fellow a forever home!


Thanks Dvonne for this one!



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