A Shout out to Blazing Bootstraps and anniversaries and antics



I got the amazing news today that my fake binary coded QH Blazing Bootstraps just won her second leg of the QH sprinting TC (after missing the first leg) which was I believe the $2 million The Los Al 2 Million Futurity and became likely my first HB to win over $1 million in purses. While on the fast track, got to get her out of here fast dispersal I turned her over to one of the most awesome newer players in the game who I was honored and proud to have given advice and later on some nice homebreds of mine.  There’s two things that make me happy about it.

1) That she turned out to be everything I knew she could be and that I bred her to be which was a champion.  I retired her dam (who’s one of my dozen blue hen mares all second generation homebreds) a season earlier than planned just to breed her to a sire before he pensioned out.  She’s now won four of six starts never failing to hit the board and over $1.5 million in earnings.   Guess what kids, her half sister’s faster than she is.  So to be slightly proud, read it and weep. No need to be envious of anyone else. I do know what kind of QH breeding and racing program I had going when I left and I spread the wealth so to speak to those who deserved it.   From what I’ve heard the Marzy Dotes QH breeding program is going quite well.  It’s nice to see some very hard work pay off even if I couldn’t remain to witness it.  Again, I accomplished my entire breeding program without having to buy one horse off the new players list or use a fake or real new player as a middleman to get one.   I just worked hard on it, got advice and support from the very generous QH community and it was starting to pay off.  🙂

I’m extremely proud of that. 🙂  To me that’s more important than winning a dozen of what are they called again, oh SCs.

2) I was happy to be able to hand her over to a nice person to campaign her for me who’s done such an excellent job.   Because I think it’s the nice, ethical, generous, helpful and hard working players in the game who should be rewarded.

Onward to the SC for her I guess. 🙂       I get the best of both worlds, I get to watch at a distance and be proud of my equine babies and I don’t have to be in the middle of the bullying and ugliness which has marred what’s actually a good game otherwise.


Area of Arrest in connection with threats involving LAX

9-11 began early in my city with the arrest of a suspected terrorist at our largest church, Harvest Crusade just before midnight by the police and FBI agents.  Apparently this guy was involved with making threats against LAX where he used to work as of all things, a TSA employee.  Maybe that explains all the cops not to mention DHS peeps last night in the downtown.  Nobody knows just what the hell he was doing at Harvest Crusade, the city’s largest congregation.  Everyone’s scratching their head at that one.


Willie took this photo of Las Vegas where he now lives.  He used to partner with me in reporting and we had all kinds of adventures.  Including a six week trial where most of the witnesses were preachers and they all told different stories involving allegations that the one on trial assaulted another preacher at a meeting.  One of the few non preachers confessed committing the assault himself and another got arrested for contempt of court and spent two hours in jail.

It was a crazy trial and in a strange coincidence I ran into the prosecutor today of that trial who’s been retired five years.

That was Pastor Ron who’s on the new reality show, Preachers in L.A. on Oxygen next month

Willie moved to Vegas and still takes photos there.

Why the Dodgers Totally Rock


Catcher Drew Butera is seen here talking to Ian Crane. Ian’s the son of local police officer Michael Crain who was shot and killed by former LAPD officer Jeffrey Dorner whose journey through my city lasting about 15 minutes led to the death of Crain, 33 and serious injuries to his partner Andrew Tachias still recovering from multiple bullet wounds and surgeries to his arms and shoulders.  At the time of the shooting or after, an APB had been issued on Dorner after he shot two LAPD officers up the street off of Hwy 215.

I knew Crain who was a dedicated patrol officer in the community he served. Tachias was saved by a cab driver who was next to him in traffic when the shooting happened.

Woke up that horrible morning to lock down and texts about Crain’s murder, a few blocks away after midnight while he and Tachias were sitting at a stop light. We were all asked not to reveal his identity to anyone as well as that of his partner until Dorner was either taken into custody or killed and everyone honored that request.  No one breathed easy while Dorner was on the loose, including in the mountain communities like Big Bear where he was ultimately found.

No forum crashes, a couple dust ups and one thread deletion.  Someone got slapped on a tweet, no tweeting on the set.    No one banned so far on this forum except a couple spamming troll accounts.

In other words, an uneventful week.  Someone tweeted about what to say for a magazine article feature on them. That’s easy, ask what’s good on the menu and work from there.

I tweeted my first meeting live and with photos and it looked like it turned out pretty well.   I tweeted yesterday that my other blog’s coming back.  Hopefully will do better than the fake horse that someone named after it to try to get a rise out of me which alas bucked its shins at two.

Within a couple hours, I had my first five stories to work on.    My photo taking skills aren’t too good but they’ll improve.


The Committee listened…one’s mad at another one, but it’s hard to tell from the photo that a power struggle’s taking place. 


The religious leaders of ICUC present…that’s the finance director in the foreground. They’re speaking on the responsible banking practices resolution which made it back to committee after a year. 

After three meetings back to back and an impromptu meeting with the mayor in the elevator in between, hunger pangs were felt.

Yummy Donut! 

This has got to be the best thing ever



I really love this one


Some people need to equate niceness with not being equivalent to a doormat as well. You got to pity the poor folks who have to strut around boasting about cutting people or bashing their faces in with brass knuckles in Chat or FB.

The funniest part? Navel gazing on whether a player is “crazy” or posts from a padded cell with internet” when you’ve just threatened someone with bodily harm over a game.   “Bat Shit Crazy”, no that’s getting someone to respond to a thread you started by making threats to harm another person on FB of all places.

Pot meet Kettle, Black.

I mean there’s so many better and fun things to do with your life than flail around with brass knuckles, a knife or whatever.

Girls find different ways to cope with cyber harassment or bullying. I’m working on a presentation I am giving.


Yet some people still try…



Silly little girls acting like wannabe gangster chicks.  What’s so impressive about that?  But for anyone who needs to know how to deal with the Mean Girl/Chat Rat Pack, this booklet is a step in the right direction.  Because you have to remember that emotionally you’re dealing with pre-teen and teen mindsets here on the parts of the Mean Girls style bullies.


Firefighters love cats because they rescue them from trees…and fires too. 


Bigger Cats  (this tiger looks like it just ate someone)  and they are big having seen one up real close though it was old and pretty much toothless.  But at the time I thought it was as big as a Shetland Pony. 


But this picture wins the prize.


This looks so delicious on Monday Nights! 


and some football…Bronco style…


I like the Broncos but when the then L.A. Raiders did summer camp at the university watching scrimmages was fun.

Starbucks, but you got to be  fully armed…I mean accessorized. 


Cinna doesn’t just design, he loves to cook.


oooh that’s coool…

Wile E. Coyote


Boy Blue needs a new home!  He’s about seven, a “foreclosure” dog and lost his leg after the cops shot it. 



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