Terrifying Clowns and Sports Seasons

bullythenewuncoolTyler Clementi

(December 19, 1991 – September 22, 2010)

No one had to threaten to bash his head in with brass  knuckles, cut him or smash him in the pavement online, in Chat or on FB.

But has anyone really learned anything?  Not in some corners of the internet for sure.  And since cyber bullies always gloat and “celebrate” in what the lexicon calls “cyber bashes” , they likely did in this case except for the main players who whined when someone actually held them responsible for their abhorrent and cowardly behavior.

Nothing tough after all about beating up (or threatening to do that) online especially in a group of like minded folks.

theyresayingitabout youtoo


Spam bots and spam accounts were more prolific this week for some reason but they tend to come in waves, including several who spammed in Japanese and one in Russian.  They most likely originate in Eastern Europe which is the epicenter of most computer and internet mayhem and then used computers in Southern and South East Asia due to the proliferation of computers using pirated or unregistered software including Windows (XP is particularly common) to serve as the actual ISP source.

Question of the day:  I’m taking off my shirt for a scene tomorrow. Should I eat this that or the other the night before?

The town of Northampton in Great Britain is terrified of this clown.

clownedw_616 (1)

He just started showing up knocking on people’s doors at night and looking a lot from Stephen King’s infamous clown, Pennywise in his epic tale, It.


Pennywise, foolish to those who approach him. 


“It didn’t happen…CALOSHA is wrong…”

Although a group of us got the letter from CALOSHA months ago, it finally hit the press that the agency had been investigating the way the city handled a personnel investigation involving an employee who allegedly pulled a knife and threatened two other employees inside City Hall. You see it might feel cute and make you feel cool about threatening or chatting about “cutting people” online but in real life it’s really anything but as most rational people know.  This was an employee who’d shown instability in the workplace calling female members of the public “bitches”,  making racist jokes to a Black female employee and had boasted that he had semi-automatic weapons at his house.   Rumor got out that the incident had happened and initially the two involved employees who both worked for elected officials denied it but then privately, explained that it did but they didn’t want to report it lest they get fired.

Even though CALOSHA came back with a finding against the city, the city manager and others had to find a way to spin it.  One employee who had a knife pulled on him was later fired during the mayoral campaign of the elected official who used his services.  It’s interesting and a bit appalling that the city’s attitude is so blase about an act of workplace violence considering what happened about 15 years ago.  That day I was supposed to speak at a workshop on homeless issues but was running late.  I got there to find the area cordoned off and city officials being hauled off on stretchers.


A recently fired employee had trapped the mayor and most of the city council inside a conference room, barricading it. The police sent a makeshift rescue team of mostly higher ranking officers, Internal Affairs personnel and the public relations officer and shots were exchanged. The mayor and two city council members were shot and two officers as well.

The shooter survived but was injured and is now doing multiple life sentences from Pelican Bay.  When I worked with a newspaper, for some reason I got letters once in a while from him.

But at any rate, CALOSHA mandated that the city do more training on workplace environment and the point of the investigation was to establish a paper trail just in case what happened on  Oct. 6, 1998 is never again repeated.

My youngest brother got “landed” in Australia finally, meaning he’s a permanent resident now.  So he can continue to post pictures of scenic beach porn.  “Landed” is  more a Canadian term but it fits here as well. 🙂  It’s a much used term in my family since so few of us live in America.

Desmond Tutu, great man, one of those I always wanted to meet.


This one’s pretty cool…


SOS mentality is big in these parts, the portions of the country which once were owned by Mexico once they took them from the Spaniards.   The biggest hoot is when a certain candidate for city clerk from a certain now bankrupt city was caught at a demo on his cell phone while hanging with a group of skinheads waving Confederate and Nazi Flags.  You both lost your wars, get over it.   And that’s both my German and (deep) Southern ancestry speaking.



Anyway, when the photo of him went viral he didn’t win the election.

But yeah, it’s not like the Europeans were here first.


Cute puppies Alert


This is one I stuck on the frig.  It’s just been one of those kinds of years.  If it weren’t for the support of a great network of friends after the shoulder surgery,  it’d been more difficult.  Jettisoned some clearly toxic folks out of my sphere and was blessed enough to have some kind folks send me the FB conversation from Hell to prove to me how right I was about the toxic mess that thoroughly ruined an otherwise fun game for me.  Do I need to be reminded how certain of those “kind” folks joked and laughed about how I chose to handle my own brother’s death and post about it?  Partied in Chat after I was leaving?

I’m glad not to see any more lynching…excuse me Christmas tree jokes and that whole Simple Jack circle jerk fest.   So this was definitely the year to embrace and be thankful for the good and jettison the poisonous element which I guess will have to continue to fester and lash out without some of us.  Though it’s kind of fun meeting up with other exiled game players in other more welcoming sites and talking about that mess we just left and whether it’ll ever get cleaned up.

The consensus of course, no it won’t. With oversight of the game likely to decrease markedly in November, it’ll just continue to move closer towards becoming Lord of the Flies at least in its social outlets.

I had to stop reading online articles on the limited studies done on the long-term prognosis on shoulder replacements on 3 and 4 part proximal humerus fractures b/c the news isn’t great. Not to mention I’ve got a 10 part humerus fracture.  I guess my injury and the surgery done to literally reattach my arm back on my body’s not exactly typical nor has been my recovery. What can I say? I don’t back down from the challenges that life throws you that truly matter.   What’s the point of doing that?

Though sometimes it helps to have a reminder.


Twitter’s an interesting thing and I was catching up on tweets this morning including an apparent dust up tweeted by an actor last night.   He made a comment about Actor B which was most likely an in joke between them at work and since there’s the usual Fan Wars it kind of blew up.

Onto Sports….

canucksagainReady for this season?

Even though they didn’t do as hot as hoped last season, hopefully a better year for the Canucks.  My younger sister is hot on them and goes to some of their home games in VC.

Broncos now 2 in 2, beating the Giants, no slamming the Giants. 

denverbroncosrockinSuper Bowl Bound?

Too early to tell  but the Manning Bowl was a blowout.

Until The Good Wife comes on, I’ve been catching General Hospital on DVR after some peeps told me some good material is coming up.  And so it did as the Jerome brother and sister are ready to launch the first shot in PC’s latest mobster war.  Not that the show knows anything about real mobsters but it’s still a hoot to watch.  Now if at least they could do mobster weddings right.

The foe?  The perennial mobster, Sonny Corinthos who’s once again fallen into darkness and despair after the murder of his latest love of his life, Connie Falconari.


Ava and Julian Jerome partners in crime

Ava has been running around town like a loose cannon even showing up to gaslight Sonny after Connie’s death while Julian or Derek as he’s slumming now just sent the guy flowers. Can’t blame him he’s been distracted donating bone marrow as the match for a grandson he never knew he had, and picked up some new “family” along the way.   A daughter he never knew from a one night stand years ago and a woman far removed from the teenager he remembered. In fact, he knows who she is but not vice versa.  The show spent several weeks softening his hard edges and quite successfully so.

But both siblings had their eyes on the prize in the latest mafia war when brother iced an associate who had just ratted out his real name (as he’d “died” 25 years ago in a shootout).  So brother shot him dead in cold blood and sister sashayed up to kick in first to show how much she didn’t like him and then into the drink.   Poor Vince, having to choose between death by bullet and death by fast food fryer.

Except for the fact that Ava kicks like a girl in her four inch stilettos, as brother and sister sat looking at their handiwork, you knew it wasn’t business as usual in PC.

Maura West  (Ava) rocks by the way as she’s a well known activist for people with autism and parents of kids with autism and involvement with Autism Speaks. 🙂

 The crew here is planning to head to the BC at Santa Anita this year.  I still remember the first one that was held at Hollywood Park in 1984 which was a lot of fun. .  An epic day of races including Wild Again in the Classic and Princess Rooney dominating in the Distaff.

But my favorite?  Royal Heroine in the Turf Mile, which she won very convincingly after closing on the stretch.   If ever a horse was named perfectly it was her, as she combined some classy European style breeding with the tools she needed to be successful on the racetrack.   She won races in Europe before traveling to North America where she proved a force to be reckoned with there.


Royal Heroine wasn’t just swift and strong but she was gritty too. My oldest sister was there during the heartbreaking rendition of  the Santa Ana Handicap which took the lives of two runners and nearly cost Royal Heroine her career. Her jockey Fernando Toro was hospitalized but the mare suffered only minor scratches and severe body soreness in a situation that could have been far worse.

But she rebounded after three months winning four great races then coming second behind the venerable John Henry in the Arlington Million.  She looked tough for this one but some had their doubters in a field that included nine male horses.  I put my money on her and she was impressive enough to set both an American and track record the mile distance on the turf.  The sport also rewarded the dark bay/brown mare who rebounded from tragedy to win huge with the Eclipse title of champion turf female of the year.

Another type of Running Champion


Jacquline Nyetipei of Kenya assists a dehydrated runner which cost her the race but there’s things more important than winning.


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