Good Wife Returns amid twitter and Chats


This man did something incredibly awesome to fight cyber bullying by athletes on his team.  What was it?
Stay tuned or if you can’t wait Google.  This applies to SIM bullies too because who knows maybe you’ll learn something.


From Death Row Dogs (NYC)  via FB and Twitter

Sasha is looking for a home out of Brooklyn Animal Control.   My name is SASHA. My Animal ID # is A0979179.
I am a female br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old

I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 09/16/2013 from NY 11208, owner surrender reason stated was STRAY.

Getting back more involved with Animal Rescue (as much as I can) has been rewarding as I’d always done it in the past. Mostly with cats lately rather than dogs. Putting my investigative journalism skills to use tracking dogs which are needles in multiple large haystacks has really come in handy.  But it made me remember a nasty conversation in Chat part of which is captured here involving a really very nice player named Jennifer.  She’d committed the gross sin of posting a thread in the forum about finding an abandoned pit ball dog and some of the usual haters went to town with it and her making personalized attacks because they had nothing better to do during that moment in time.


Anyway, this isn’t really what’s important. It’s not the nastiest conversation that took place at her expense even after they chased her from Chat in truly disgusting fashion.  It’s probably not as nasty as the plentiful FB conversations that more than likely took place also at her expense.  Maybe she was on the Brass Knuckles list too.  Some of us chatted with her, well PMed her or braved her thread on the often treacherous forum to get more information and to assist her with trying to find if not a home for the abandoned dog, a rescue organization.  People did step up to the plate including a couple not so nice to her in Chat which was reassuring to see and the dog found a home with a rescue. After conversing with Jennifer it was pretty clear she knew the breed and knew what she was doing and what precautions to take which these haters would have known if their interest in the topic hadn’t been superseded by their interest in bashing her and making personalized attacks as they routinely did in Chat when not sniping at her in the forum simply because they couldn’t get at her in Chat.

I don’t know if the game sanctioned or “liked” the ill treatment of her as it clearly did in a FB conversation involving Kay Johnson but one would hope not.

But back at work trying to get more involved in Animal Rescue, I see more of what people do every day, a little bit or a lot to help abandoned dogs and cats and other critters too find new homes.  More power to those who do this kind of work!   What Jennifer did proved once again through her compassion for a stray dog that the bullied on the game are so much better than those who bully them with impunity.  It just is what it is.

You can look at that particular episode on the chat/forum of the game in two ways.  One woman got to make the difference in whether an abandoned dog lived or died and another group had another opportunity to be nasty towards her about it well, just because.  One episode in nastiness which was as meaningless to them as the rest of the times because there’s just been so many of them.   To someone who didn’t treat them the same way, who was the first to offer comforting words or words to support to those in the forum who shared painful stuff, yes even those who had bullied her the worst.

But with the group who bullied and trashed her, their main goal each day is simply to prove themselves to be bigger assholes than the day before.  Hey, sometimes they did just that.

Those who bullied her incessantly and trashed her in Chat and the forum, just showed they have a long way to know about things like class, grace and maturity.  They’re too busy confusing nasty with tough, rude with cool and righteousness with self righteousness to really learn anything at all.

Of the two opposites, which one would you rather be? For most of us folks, the answer’s quite simple and obvious as well.

While writing that blurb, I found the following message from a friend on FB and thought it fit perfectly.


The sad thing is that the “difficult people” talk and revel in their coolness when most of those around them just look at them and shake their heads in pity, for they really know not what they speak.


Enough on the bullshit of bullies in Chat and forums (not you John Lennon) and onto the more important things in life.  Doing another round of edits on the novel that might turn into three actually or get tossed in a burning pyre, not sure what yet.

The forum hasn’t exploded yet either from the influx of heavy traffic or any dust ups. It’s nice to moderate a forum where people can behave civilly, are thankfully drama free and are mature adults for the most part.

The dust ups on Twitter? I don’t know how to comment on that yet, just to say it’s okay to block folks who are nasty drama queens.  Hey, I tossed eight people out of a Chat I was moderating once who were doing the nasty and I have to say it’s very therapeutic, cyber space’s version of a colonic.  🙂

Was it really almost six years ago since the walkout?


WGA West Strike and Walkout 2007-08

The strike ended in March 2008 after nearly four months of rallies and marches and occasionally contract negotiations.  Picketing at CBS Television City, I remember a huge turnout including members of the SAG and Teamsters who showed up in support.

Thought this was pretty cute!


Finally the fifth season of The Good Wife is set to premiere this Sunday!


But Alicia doesn’t wind up with either of these men, she winds up with Cary Argos to join him in his new breakaway firm!  Will the governor’s election results be rife with corruption? This is Chicago right?  And will Dianne get the judgeship she’s been craving for years?

Will Kalinda still be “flexible” or AC/DC?

More cat photos…it’s been that kind of week!


Broncos have been doing awesome but the fans of the Dodgers and Giants have to stop hurting (and killing) each other!  It’s  just a baseball game!


Broncos getting ready to rumble in what looks like a great season so far

I’m almost waiting for the other shoe to fall….

For the Love of Black Cats (FB) photo of the day! 


Next big road trip…well not really but any time spent on the So. Cal freeways feels like a marathon.

First stop…

CBS Television City

Then the Grove…for lunch with the ‘rents and friends! 


Princess Rooney


Fly Away Girl…

1984 BC Distaff Winner

You can’t talk about this champion filly without talking about one of the members of her class.



In 1982, I fell in love with a horse. A bold brassy filly by the name of Landaluce who was a daughter of Seattle Slew from his first crop and who quickly proved to be something real special when she won five races by a combination of 46 1/2 lengths.

Her most impressive looking victory I got to witness which was her 21 length runaway in the Hollywood Lassie.  She didn’t exactly run she floated down the stretch in a gallop.

She vanquished every foe put in front of her with pluck and resounding ease until she ran into the faceless one she couldn’t beat.

 Colitis – X.

It was a foe her sire knew quite well and narrowly defeated before returning to win again on the racetrack.  Landaluce never had that chance.  One of the most brilliant promising fillies of her generation died with her head in the arms of the man who conditioned her  barely two months after her final victory.

 “You search and you look, and then all of a sudden, it comes, that star, and you know you have been blessed with something special.”

–Trainer D. Wayne Lukas

 “Normally, I am not a superstitious man, but I walk around these days hoping nothing happens to her. When I see Wayne Lukas walking towards me, my instinct is to turn away. I am afraid he is going to tell me something has gone wrong. I never want to hear that she has turned a hair.”

–Jockey Laffit Pincay, Jr.


Landaluce, doing what she did best before winning the Hollywood Lassie by 21

After the tragic death of Landaluce, more attention fell to another prominent filly in the class of 1980 who was Princess Rooney. This elegant grey daughter of Verbatim won all six of her starts as a two year old but lost out in the Eclipse balloting to Landaluce who won the juvenile filly divisional title in the final voting tally.

Tragedy offered the chance to step it up and so she did with aplomb in a world unaware of much besides the quirk of fate.

No matter, Princess Rooney proved to be gallant in her own right.  At three, she won two major stakes including the Kentucky Oaks. The following year at 4, she came back at the top of her game winning four stakes including the Vanity Handicap and yes, the BC Distaff at the inaugural rendition at  Hollywood Park.

Betting on her was easy and putting her together with Life’s Magic, a top younger filly just as much. Princess Rooney turned the first Distaff into a runaway by seven lengths over the younger filly who would return the following year to win a Distaff of her own.


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