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This was a response from someone who signed themselves only as “Your BFF of Course” as an intelligence counter response to the bullying fest on Chat. Wow!!! Artwork is my favorite form of commentary!  Made me chuckle…I can appreciate a good cartoon and a cute animal. It’s shown up in Chat with six referral visits from the game Chat just in the past hour or so, wait now nine…so less time spent “helping” other players including teenagers by packing up and bullying them or better yet joking about killing them.  Whatever it takes to keep them from turning into “fucking pussies”. 

I mean aren’t these folks supposed to be talking about fake horses and playing nice with each other?  That actually would be very nice…

Where did it hail from?  ISP is owned by Insight Communications Company in Louisville, Kentucky…address withheld. It’s a subsid of Time-Warner since June 2013 when T/W purchased as part of a group of mergers during its expansion. This IP branch  currently serves the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Don’t know anybody there.  

So a nice howdy and nice to hear from you to my readers in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio!  Good to see you!  Also to visitors from seven different states, Canada, Brazil, England, Bulgaria, Russia and Switzerland. 


Eh….the bird’s cute. I’ll give it an A, the rationalization…maybe a C-…. very weak and just a load of immature posturing using the words “fucking” and “pussies”…oh my goodness…LOL. We’re bringing body parts into this rationalization! 

Beats brass knuckles and knives…..get bumped aside for female “bits” and the act of sexual intercourse. Dealing with a very high level of intelligence here I can see, coming from the person who once said to someone, “Your [sic] an idiot”.  😀

Fucking Pussies? My my…someone’s got their panties in a knot and that can be painful.  😉  Hope it’s not more physically painful than an exploding head or two. But it’s so like this crowd of bullies to harass and bully people and then claim it’s to “help” them, yes so they can turn their self-righteousness into righteousness.   You don’t need to be bullied to be tough and bullying others doesn’t make you tough. It’s not done to “help” anyone, it’s done to keep them down so that others feel better about themselves, that’s it and that’s why it’s done on the SIM game’s social outlets. That’s just common sense that oddly enough the bullies themselves don’t seem to grasp….but they’ll never get it. They’re too busy having too much fun at others’ expenses and getting boners over it, just before a nice group circle jerk and the release of shared verbal ejaculation. See I can talk naughty too!  And I imagine after they chase someone out of chat after said climax, they turn around and say to one another, “was it good for you too?”  or “are you faking?” 

Sermon over. Now that I’ve been duly entertained…back to work. What a bunch of pathetic lightweights if this is an example of their work product! 


See ya in the funny papers….won’t be seeing you in that cess pool that you and your buds turned Chat and the forum into anymore… 🙂   Thank goodness for that! The fact that you’re rationalizing bullying means you’ve done it already today and rationalizing it rather than denying it just makes it clear it’s probably out of control and why not? Who’s going to stop it?  Not the admins for sure.   I feel badly for those who just sit and let it happen right in front of them or those who no longer feel “allowed” to socialize on a site they might pay money to utilize but it’s not my problem, blessed be. 




Who didn’t celebrate when the Patriots beat the Saints who were fools enough to start celebrating a win they hadn’t earned yet. Doing the strutting and the preening and then oops…oh well.  There’s something just very satisfying about being reminded of the old adage, the game aint ova until it’s ova.


That made up for the Canucks losing to the Habs and looking like they needed some shock paddles to revive them most of the game. 

Anyway…had to wake up early and merge duplicate topic threads and break up some bratty kids fighting on a couple threads…about some fandom over another.  Taping’s in full force for sweeps  which start next month which some reason leads to assorted ‘shipping wars to moderate but so far not too volatile. No one’s discussing or threatening to harm people in graphic detail or joking about killing or lynching people and no, this moderator isn’t going to someone who’d ever agree, “like” or condone that type of trash talk.  There’s sites that will do all that unfortunately but the forums won’t be part of that.

Hottest film of the Autumn so far….is…


Grossing $123 million which means the movie box office drought is OVER!


Sandra Bullock space walking in what can only be described as some of the best special effects ever. 

Dug up this small gem from the Game Chat where there’s some fall out from some folks getting their wrists slapped over the “Simple Jack” orgasms that took place in the game. Reading it now it’s just such a relief not to have to deal with such a pack of assholes anymore.   Any qualms I had with leaving were gone when I realized that not only do the admins not care about the incessant bullying and trashing, they’re completely down with it. I’m a person of class and character and watching that crap play out among a select few and a bunch of cowardly folks of low character and class who don’t even have the fortitude and self-respect to do anything but watch and participate.  The FB conversations that were sent to me to peruse, thanks!  I’m just not the type of person who thinks that’s cool or even okay.  They were after all, a necessary eye opener and proof positive of what I was suspecting was going on in my final days in that game.  Because I really did nothing to deserve the way I was treated and while I don’t regret some parts of it, I’m glad it’s behind me. I am happiest when I surround myself with good natured, gutsy, grownups who are the type who don’t go along to get along with the bullying and trash talks and yes, threatening to harm people through FB including those you don’t like.  Maybe some people are like that and find each other to bond in this way but most of us just aren’t like that.

Well, not my crowd at all and I’m so glad especially as time goes past that I didn’t sell out my ethics and morals to continue to sit in the cesspool of Chat.  I took my stand, a bunch of bullies cried foul and the admins folded, simply because when it comes to unruly friends and dignified customers, they choose the former.

I wish them much luck with trying to integrate business success with that kind of attitude. I’m a good hearted person in general so I wish the business side of it the best of luck, which is good because I know they’ll need it.

Hail Marzy indeed…you have to chuckle at the grade school mentality of some of these folks who a good portion of their lives center on trying to bring others down into the gutter with them where they choose to reside.

Ran into another one of their “victims” who left the game not long after I did.  And another they thought just “disappeared” but simply got fed up with not being able to socialize in the game without being layered in absolute shit all the time that not even a much needed colonic could fix.

Not to mention to what all that shit getting on you does to your dry cleaning bills!

ashey's pot shot

This chat screen shot came up because after a couple dust ups on the forum that led to a couple time outs, I’d told the other moderators it wasn’t that bad. It’s just people getting over zealous over two sides in an argument that strayed into the personal side which sometimes happens. Not that hard to deal with as a moderator especially if you’re not really “friends” with any involved parties. There’s nothing malicious or malignant about it like you see when faced with a pack of bullies packing up and picking on people especially minors or those suffering medical conditions. Thank goodness it’s nothing like that!

It’s hard in a sense to give out suspensions when you know the offenses are still much less serious than what people got away with carte blanche in the game if they were tight with the “right” people.  Then again, there’s nobody threatening to beat someone up with brass knuckles or cut them over a silly game while the admins and others cheer them on in a FB conversation. So yeah things could be a lot worse than a little dust up here and there.  Anyone does that in a forum and Chat I monitor, they’re gone, period. I’m certainly not going to condone it and then make it clear that I’m down with it later with the folks that are causing the problems.

And it’s not “Hail Marzy”, it’s “Proud Marzy”.  It’s always good when you jettison what’s bad and put it behind you. It’s a waste of human life to spend it hating on others like that to try to feel better about yourself, wishing them harmed or dead, joking about lynching and killing people.  The sad thing is that most of these folks don’t appreciate life enough to know it.

Why are we still celebrating this man’s life?


On the brighter side, Happy Thankgiving Canucks!  Since over a third of my family is proudly Canadian, it’s also really nice not the “cute” and oh so “clever” snide remarks against them.  Yeah some of them were funny (a couple hilarious) the first time you used those remarks but there’s something to be said that a joke loses its humor the more time you use it. Then considering the overall spirit of Chat was just a bunch of insecure bullies making fun of other people any way they could think to do so to feel better about themselves. That puts some of the jokes in their proper context.

Thanks Lori, have a great time in London! 


Yeah there are definitely days like these….


Yummy yummy yummy

Got more to write…just need time to do it….with two novels in rewrites and a series treatment and pilot breakdown to finish by the time of the year…it’s been busy.  I mean it’s not every day some producers come forward and want to do a dramatic series based on where you used to work!   😮

Catching Fire Coming Soon…

This TV promo spot just got released and highlights some of the parts of the second film in the Hunger Games trilogy as it hits theaters in November.  Scenes of her and Peete on their victory tour, scenes of Katniss with Gale, Prim, Peete and her saying goodbye to Cinna which will be especially sad because things don’t end well for her stylist.


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