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Not Simple Jack per se but Simple Susan as the childhood bullies called her…but her name’s Susan Boyle a well known singer recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  There’s two things to recognize from this. First, she is a successful singer who refused to let bullies define who she could become…and second she’ll probably never be welcome in Sim Chat or perhaps the game itself.  One’s a triumph, the other’s not exactly a tragedy. 




Thanks to some folks who checked in….Half the people in Sim Chat…when the bullies are posturing…and thinking everyone’s just in total shock and aw at their brilliance.  Thanks for the “cheering section” ( 😉 ) member who sent this cartoon and for some hilarious commentary on the past month!  A little levity’s not a bad thing but I’d hoped for better from the children even though I’m not in the play pen.  I feel sorry but I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore though I do feel for the bullied.  Thanks for the cartoons though.  Keep them coming. 

It’s been quite busy.  I’m chilling with some cafe Francis with English toffee sweetener mixed in while breaking up a couple minor squabbles on a forum between fan bases.  The threads alas are not salvageable so poof…gone!  Like magic, got to like forum moderation…not as instantaneous as Chat but the “real life” time of Chat makes it the environment more likely to go toxic very quickly.  I did two hours earlier this month while live tweeting the local election results to keep my skills sharp.  I imagine it’s a little like being the monitor of elementary school children at recess.

Ooops a thread derail on the forum! Naughty children!  But no threats or jokes about killing or lynching people so this crowd looks a bit more grown up and less like insecure, immature little punks who bully and harass then defend it like they’re doing their victims a huge favor.  Pretty silly if you ask me, most smart people can readily see through such bullshit pretty quickly. Someday the SIM crowd will get with the program.  Eh…maybe not. They have to do a little growing up first. But you know being an adult is kind of nice.

Anyway, I’m enjoying my gig though the server issues including a couple weeks ago are annoying…though the new board set up is doing fine but will also need to expand its server space soon with all the accounts signing up.  Then checking on the board and finding out it’s slowed down because a dozen threads have been started on the same thing…so then you got to clean them all up. But when it’s slow, except for the barrage of PMs complaining about it that somehow get through, there’s less trouble to deal with on some of the more…arduous and passionate topic threads.

Took some time off for Thanksgiving break.  Since I have family from seven countries, it’s always an international get together. Those countries being Australia, Japan, N.Z., Russia, United States and of course Canada.  The closer folks come from Berkeley and Simi Valley which though both on opposite ends of the cultural and political spectrum often seem like countries of their own.


Lovely meal at El Coyote restaurant which is usually crowded in West L.A. but where my family has permanent reservations.  The Tostado Fresca was quite tasty as were the margaritas.  Pretty good food at a not so bad price and Mariachis too.


My ride home….Metrolink commuter trains…

The ride back was nice. The conductor helped me a lot with my baggage since I have a weight limit on my bionic shoulder.  Trip went quickly because we’re both writers so we talked trade. He does poetry…I do everything else.  Then we team tagged to help a passenger from New Orleans perfect his marriage proposal to his girlfriend waiting for him. It’s always nice to multi-task on the train rides where I’ve done everything from two person CPR to help host a Thanksgiving party with granola bars and juice boxes when the train broke down in Upland for three hours.  The highlight was the puppy smuggled aboard that broke loose running through the train car during the group sing along.

So if you have the opportunity to see the country by rail, don’t pass it up. It’s always an adventure…and the entertainment’s included in the hefty ticket price.

The Bitch…and other terms of endearment…

I heard second hand I got called a bitch again by one of our city’s department heads at a meeting and I have to say far from being offended, that served as quite a nice welcome back to investigations after a bit of time off.   No, actually I think it was “f——- bitch”. It’s not “cunt” but it’ll do.  Terms of endearment are put on a sliding scale of how they directly correlate with the progress of an investigation.  So far my face hasn’t run into a pair of brass knuckles…that still makes me chuckle or it would if it wasn’t so pathetic. Like someone trying to make a fashion statement.

So that was quite nice.  What wasn’t so nice was when said department head withdrew support of a forum an organization I work with had been laboring for some time to put on regarding a crucial community issue.  Then said department head tried to talk the other guest panelists from participating which didn’t work.

The press guy asked me why said department head wasn’t there and I said, that he was best to answer that question as he was the smart one.  Needless to say he will be participating next time. As it should be since he serves the public.

I thanked him for his reconsideration, told him the investigation’s going well so far and wished him a nice day. I can never be accused of having bad manners.  If that makes me a bitch then that’s perfectly okay.


Community forum with over 200 people in attendance…and there were great refreshments. 

It’s been busy on the work front…landed myself a couple good investigations.  Good news, the one involving working over a year with an ambulance franchise unable to do business due to a franchise licensing kickback scheme provided for the company afforded an illegal monopoly.   That situation has been picked up by the FBI for further investigation of violating a couple of federal statutes since Medicare monies are involved.  But hey, when one of the EO of your primary vendor is married to the ED of the licensing commission, well that constitutes a conflict of interest right?  To the men in the suits, take the ball and run with this one…pleeeease.   I just don’t know if I want to be at City Hall if it gets raided though that’s not likely in this case at least.  I wonder if it’s like SWAT and you hit the floor. Maybe it’s in some manual somewhere.

The best dressed FBI agents I’ve seen in suits so far along with their IRS counterparts gave a press conference inside a bunker a month ago announcing the plea deal taken by some not so brilliant elected official who set the record for the largest bribe ever accepted during an undercover sting operation….$2.3 million.   Damn he sold himself pretty cheaply.


Cos, you don’t know the rules? You should always look your best in a mug shot. 

His deal should have his former colleagues on the dais crapping right now because most likely considering his crimes it wasn’t an unconditional plea deal and right now, the disgraced public servant turned almost millionaire is probably singing to the feds like a caged canary.

One reason why I’m a huge opera fan.

However, none of this was why I was called a bitch the other day.  But it might be why I get called a bitch tomorrow.   The hard part is if some of these politicians representing the region’s current biggest laughing stock had taken the advice they solicited which was to distance themselves from the corruption, they’d probably not have to wonder whether or not to sing to the grand jury.

But that said, I love what I do and really missed it during my layoff. Great to be back.

Now onto kitties…


Kitty Aerobics is such an awesome thing!  But I really love this picture:



NFL: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning busts his ankle. Eh…wrap it up and you’e as good as  new. but they’re doing great….since I love my Broncos from the great state of Colorado, here’s another photo


In short terms, Broncos beat the KC Chiefs 35, to 28 to keep their hopes alive for winning AFC West as it should be.



Some tasty Mississippi Roast!!


Finally the new fire station is completed and dedicated!

They had a few problems…


Two cool guys getting their Medals of Valor last week for their involvement in the final shootout with former LAPD Officer Chris Dorner earlier this year. One of them is a prior winner for his bravery in rescuing the city’s mayor and the majority of the city council who were held hostage inside a conference room 15 years ago. The mayor and two council members and three officers were shot but all recovered.  I was late to that meeting that morning and arrived there just when a council member was being taken out on a stretcher.  The gunman is doing life at Pelican Bay and when I worked for a newspaper, I used to get mail from him and had to deal with the prison to get his subscription delivery fixed. 

  That’s cool…the latest scandal…not so cool.  Is asking them to stay out of trouble for five years or so too much to ask?  Another investigation looms…

Oh never mind…



Betty White’s always been my favorite since she blessed our little pup at a church service years ago.  He did live to be 15 and Betty White is way cool.



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