A Shout out to Blazing Bootstraps and anniversaries and antics



I got the amazing news today that my fake binary coded QH Blazing Bootstraps just won her second leg of the QH sprinting TC (after missing the first leg) which was I believe the $2 million The Los Al 2 Million Futurity and became likely my first HB to win over $1 million in purses. While on the fast track, got to get her out of here fast dispersal I turned her over to one of the most awesome newer players in the game who I was honored and proud to have given advice and later on some nice homebreds of mine.  There’s two things that make me happy about it.

1) That she turned out to be everything I knew she could be and that I bred her to be which was a champion.  I retired her dam (who’s one of my dozen blue hen mares all second generation homebreds) a season earlier than planned just to breed her to a sire before he pensioned out.  She’s now won four of six starts never failing to hit the board and over $1.5 million in earnings.   Guess what kids, her half sister’s faster than she is.  So to be slightly proud, read it and weep. No need to be envious of anyone else. I do know what kind of QH breeding and racing program I had going when I left and I spread the wealth so to speak to those who deserved it.   From what I’ve heard the Marzy Dotes QH breeding program is going quite well.  It’s nice to see some very hard work pay off even if I couldn’t remain to witness it.  Again, I accomplished my entire breeding program without having to buy one horse off the new players list or use a fake or real new player as a middleman to get one.   I just worked hard on it, got advice and support from the very generous QH community and it was starting to pay off.  🙂

I’m extremely proud of that. 🙂  To me that’s more important than winning a dozen of what are they called again, oh SCs.

2) I was happy to be able to hand her over to a nice person to campaign her for me who’s done such an excellent job.   Because I think it’s the nice, ethical, generous, helpful and hard working players in the game who should be rewarded.

Onward to the SC for her I guess. 🙂       I get the best of both worlds, I get to watch at a distance and be proud of my equine babies and I don’t have to be in the middle of the bullying and ugliness which has marred what’s actually a good game otherwise.


Area of Arrest in connection with threats involving LAX

9-11 began early in my city with the arrest of a suspected terrorist at our largest church, Harvest Crusade just before midnight by the police and FBI agents.  Apparently this guy was involved with making threats against LAX where he used to work as of all things, a TSA employee.  Maybe that explains all the cops not to mention DHS peeps last night in the downtown.  Nobody knows just what the hell he was doing at Harvest Crusade, the city’s largest congregation.  Everyone’s scratching their head at that one.


Willie took this photo of Las Vegas where he now lives.  He used to partner with me in reporting and we had all kinds of adventures.  Including a six week trial where most of the witnesses were preachers and they all told different stories involving allegations that the one on trial assaulted another preacher at a meeting.  One of the few non preachers confessed committing the assault himself and another got arrested for contempt of court and spent two hours in jail.

It was a crazy trial and in a strange coincidence I ran into the prosecutor today of that trial who’s been retired five years.

That was Pastor Ron who’s on the new reality show, Preachers in L.A. on Oxygen next month

Willie moved to Vegas and still takes photos there.

Why the Dodgers Totally Rock


Catcher Drew Butera is seen here talking to Ian Crane. Ian’s the son of local police officer Michael Crain who was shot and killed by former LAPD officer Jeffrey Dorner whose journey through my city lasting about 15 minutes led to the death of Crain, 33 and serious injuries to his partner Andrew Tachias still recovering from multiple bullet wounds and surgeries to his arms and shoulders.  At the time of the shooting or after, an APB had been issued on Dorner after he shot two LAPD officers up the street off of Hwy 215.

I knew Crain who was a dedicated patrol officer in the community he served. Tachias was saved by a cab driver who was next to him in traffic when the shooting happened.

Woke up that horrible morning to lock down and texts about Crain’s murder, a few blocks away after midnight while he and Tachias were sitting at a stop light. We were all asked not to reveal his identity to anyone as well as that of his partner until Dorner was either taken into custody or killed and everyone honored that request.  No one breathed easy while Dorner was on the loose, including in the mountain communities like Big Bear where he was ultimately found.

No forum crashes, a couple dust ups and one thread deletion.  Someone got slapped on a tweet, no tweeting on the set.    No one banned so far on this forum except a couple spamming troll accounts.

In other words, an uneventful week.  Someone tweeted about what to say for a magazine article feature on them. That’s easy, ask what’s good on the menu and work from there.

I tweeted my first meeting live and with photos and it looked like it turned out pretty well.   I tweeted yesterday that my other blog’s coming back.  Hopefully will do better than the fake horse that someone named after it to try to get a rise out of me which alas bucked its shins at two.

Within a couple hours, I had my first five stories to work on.    My photo taking skills aren’t too good but they’ll improve.


The Committee listened…one’s mad at another one, but it’s hard to tell from the photo that a power struggle’s taking place. 


The religious leaders of ICUC present…that’s the finance director in the foreground. They’re speaking on the responsible banking practices resolution which made it back to committee after a year. 

After three meetings back to back and an impromptu meeting with the mayor in the elevator in between, hunger pangs were felt.

Yummy Donut! 

This has got to be the best thing ever



I really love this one


Some people need to equate niceness with not being equivalent to a doormat as well. You got to pity the poor folks who have to strut around boasting about cutting people or bashing their faces in with brass knuckles in Chat or FB.

The funniest part? Navel gazing on whether a player is “crazy” or posts from a padded cell with internet” when you’ve just threatened someone with bodily harm over a game.   “Bat Shit Crazy”, no that’s getting someone to respond to a thread you started by making threats to harm another person on FB of all places.

Pot meet Kettle, Black.

I mean there’s so many better and fun things to do with your life than flail around with brass knuckles, a knife or whatever.

Girls find different ways to cope with cyber harassment or bullying. I’m working on a presentation I am giving.


Yet some people still try…



Silly little girls acting like wannabe gangster chicks.  What’s so impressive about that?  But for anyone who needs to know how to deal with the Mean Girl/Chat Rat Pack, this booklet is a step in the right direction.  Because you have to remember that emotionally you’re dealing with pre-teen and teen mindsets here on the parts of the Mean Girls style bullies.


Firefighters love cats because they rescue them from trees…and fires too. 


Bigger Cats  (this tiger looks like it just ate someone)  and they are big having seen one up real close though it was old and pretty much toothless.  But at the time I thought it was as big as a Shetland Pony. 


But this picture wins the prize.


This looks so delicious on Monday Nights! 


and some football…Bronco style…


I like the Broncos but when the then L.A. Raiders did summer camp at the university watching scrimmages was fun.

Starbucks, but you got to be  fully armed…I mean accessorized. 


Cinna doesn’t just design, he loves to cook.


oooh that’s coool…

Wile E. Coyote


Boy Blue needs a new home!  He’s about seven, a “foreclosure” dog and lost his leg after the cops shot it. 


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Will it ever rain and What if the Hunger Games Came to Chat?

Eight referral visits from game Chat in less than six hours.  Eh whatever. In the spirit of that, I’d like to suggest the following.

That they break up the latest round of player hating  by doing the Chat’s version of the Hunger Games every once in a while.

So with that thought and borrowing a trope from Doonesbury,  it might be something like the following.   

Introducing the Game Tributes of Yr (whatever)


Sector One:  The Palace Guard

“I really mean it in case you missed it. I’m talking serious brass knuckles action.  Bash her in the face…like I’m some gangster chick out of the high school production of Westside Story… did you get, I REALLY MEAN IT.”


Sector Two: The Wannabe New Guard

“I’m going to cut you. I won’t say which one of you cause I tell it like it is…and call you on..stuff but certain people know…so who I want to cut this week…um…you know who you are. Just catch me on FB.”


Sector Three:  The “I don’t know which” Guard

God, I really “liked” what Ms Brass Knuckles said about hurting a player, but don’t be criticizing my home girls or I’ll FLAME you…because I know I’ll get a pass.”

The Recruitor


“I promise to do better next time…You should see what I have to work with!”

The MC and Game Show Host


“So far these look like the most exciting tributes yet for the Games…but which one will rise to the top?  I mean split them up and what do you got?”

The Game Player


“Don’t look at me. I’m sitting this one out. Bad indigestion from something I ate!”

The Mentor

woody harrelson hunger games

“Here I want to work and you give me nuttin’…”

The Boss


“I got my money on…wait I’ll have to get back to you…”

The Spark


“Who am I dressing? I got nuttin’ either.”

Hmmm sometimes embracing  in snark on the menu isn’t such a bad thing.  With a dose of relish on the side.  Lampooning can be fun sometimes. But eh, here it’s not that much fun for me so onto more interesting things.  Leave it to the experts. 😉

I’m so glad that the most I had to do this morning was just merge extraneous threads and deal with what’s called a “door bell ditch poster”.  They show up start threads that they know won’t be popular, say outrageous things and then say, I’ll leave now because you’ll all start hating on me.  Watching how people respond to those threads on the horse game, whipping themselves in a bashing frenzy,  it’s a relief to walk into three of them this morning that didn’t get much if any of a response.   Definitely a more mature crowd for the most part here.

The site’s forum is still heaving from the traffic but given that “sweeps” month is over, it’ll probably drop a bit.

I had time finally to update my stable and damn it if I didn’t send Capitol Crown Crawl right back to the injured list by training him to prep him for his return to the races. Curses, vexes and all that!  Yeah I know he’s 13 but still…

In other related news, I almost deleted my tweeter account.  No snapshots of “brain tumors” in jars anymore though I think I called that one correctly as a Rocky Mountain Oyster.  It’s not like I hadn’t never seen a bull testicle before though so far, never ate one.

Funniest tweet? Boxer Boy and  Kick Ass Female.  I almost spit on my computer in response but unlike some folks, I only do that when laughing with someone not at them.  Did they just spill the beans?  I wonder if Ron saw it.

Summer blew by and that means the Good Wife will be returning soon…


Alicia (r.) and Kalinda back when they were drinking buddies

Last season left off with the shocker of a cliffhanger involving who was on the other end of Alicia’s cell phone at the election party.  Was it Will, her on and off boyfriend calling her to ask her to leave her husband’s victory party after he won the governor’s election?

No, in what must be the epic of endings for the show it turned out it was Cary Argos her colleague and former rival asking her to join his firm. You don’t know until she walks on over and he answers the door and she says, “I’m in…”

I wasn’t too shocked because I knew that they’re drawing the line in the sand between warring factions in Lockhart & Gardner that will play out next season now that it’s out of bankruptcy courtesy of the appointed auditor played by the absolutely fabulous Nathan Lane.

What’s less clear is what the hell happened with the firm’s enigmatic and “sexually flexible” investigator?  Did she and baby faced Cory do the horizontal and which firm will be employing her next season?   Will the story line involving ex-hubby Nick rear its ugly head?

Most people hope that story stays dead and buried.

Catching Fire Watch

tributesmakinghappyThe 25th HG Tributes during happier times

In November, we’ll all find out what happens next to our favorite (and only) tributes from Hunger Games 74th.   Will a new “manned” up Peeta play a larger role in the film than the book? Will that good lucking and mostly shirtless tribute try to steal Katniss’s heart from both Peeta and Gayle?

And what of Prim’s cat?

Bummer about Cinna, he’s my favorite character as the real Mockingjay in the trilogy. But he pays the ultimate price for his rebellious act in Catching Fire.

lookatmykitchenThis is my kitchen!

(no not really)

I hope someday to be able to do this Yoga position again to find inner peace. 


Ah, I love kitty photos.


He’s certainly a cutie.

Favorite photo of the day since the one that wondered why fellatio wasn’t a capital murder crime.


Another one of those Golden Rules….


I’m not perfect on this one but I don’t think I face as steep a learning curve as some folks. For one thing, it’s kind of draining to focus on the negative wheras the positive is the opposite, it’s energizing.


This is beyond awesome. Know when you work so hard with like minded people to get a goal? Well in this case, it’s a new high school stadium!  🙂  Awesome to see that first game happen thanks in large part to PIE. beyondawesome

We’ve got a coffee spot like this one, actually quite popular.

I think I’d last an hour…just kidding.

mollylooksodownEnd of the world’s a real bummer for Molly Ringwald

If they ever redid Stephen King’s The Stand, (now Ben Affleck-less) I wouldn’t mind seeing this clip again, minus Molly Ringwald o of course. Or better yet this one which opened the miniseries (though I think that’s Greek in the background) which for the most part sucked except they found the perfect Stu Redman in Gary Sinise.

Dog needs a home

His name is Richie, he’s at East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys, CA and he’s one day away from walking the Green Mile though they can’t sign the euthanasia order during the weekend.     Apparently he’s leash trained well and pretty well socialized for an abandoned Pit.

Hoping to hear some great news that someone will give this fellow a forever home!


Thanks Dvonne for this one!


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Crashing forums and Why that’s Good

This will make the heads of a couple of the “Simple Jack” crowd explode but it’s actually:






Oh my god, laughing my ass off with the other mods as well as you can on the internet.  Yes, the forum crashed again, but it came up not long after when 7,000 people tried to access it at the same time mostly on the “live” thread. This is just so much fun!   People are so well behaved (more combining of like threads than deleting any) so the problem’s been keeping the damn server crashing from all this traffic showing up from Noon to 7 pm EST.   Hopefully they’ll be a new and larger one coming soon though it’s nice having the traffic.

Blame it on a great pair of six pack abs.  Not just abs, Canadian abs.

Can’t blame the girl for fleeing the room in embarrassment. When asked about what I thought about it, it’s not like I’m saying yeah your abs are great dude.  But it’s a nice balance to the more serious assignments.  Who can complain about abs?

Yes, we women are that fickle I guess but the peeps and twitters said that’d be great and they were right.

Anyway got to finish my summary while we contemplate about whether an amazing six pack really crashed the forum.

Also another smaller board is being set up, small server space but hopefully that’ll change as it grows.  Until then make the best of it.  Most visitors have been pretty good sports.

In the meantime, look forward to more…abs.


I love camping but it’s hard to stash all the liquor in an ice chest.  So this seems like a perfect solution.  Not sure how it’d work in a tent in the Rockies during a blizzard but there’s probably some way.  Driving on those old rocky roads was always fun. We’d bounce so much in the van, the sliding door would bounce right off of it and we’s have to go back and fetch it.

Someone asked me about my pinky finger the other day. Why there’s a chunk of it missing.  I don’t like telling that story much. Not because it’s so traumatizing (except I don’t like getting shots)but it’s just so damn embarrassing. No one would ever admit to getting bitten by a cute little critters like a chipmunk.  Then people would know you’re a member of the fraternity.  But, chipmunks aren’t really cute little critters, they are teeth with a body attached and once those teeth attach to something they don’t let go.

Some people go, oh really how could such a small animal with cute cheeks be so dangerous? I mean otherwise they wouldn’t be able to perform.  Apparently some people believe that the trio of Singing Chipmunks are real.  But reality is much more shocking than that about chipmunks.

Not talking about this crew of them.


But this one…


Word of advice, never let one of them use your finger for a teething ring.  That is all. Not unless you like getting shots.

A lot of them.

Then get stuck with a silly reason to explain why your finger looks like something took a bite out of it.

I’m still detoxing from reading the  FB diatribe, wow. It’s kind of draining to read such vitriol against anyone, whether this person’s the Anti Christ or not let alone such graphic comments about how you’d wish to harm someone.  It did provide some perspective as to a lot of things that were kind of puzzling to me.  I never believed that there was anything wrong with me, and no I hadn’t really done anything wrong except piss off a bunch of Chat bullies.  I wasn’t the first and won’t be the last but this conversation does provide a lot of contextual information as to why bullying and bashing have and continue to be big issues.

I just didn’t know how ugly things had really gotten until I saw some screen shots and then this FB thing.

I don’t mind the bashing by you know who having collected an assortment of screenshots from readers with her just doing it out of the blue in Chat and trying to get others to jump on that bandwagon sometimes with more success than others. As far as being bashed on FB even in front of the admin, well all that tells me is that it’s probably happened previously for the comfort level to be what it appears to be.  I probably would be more surprised six months ago than I am now.  But then again, these folks pretty much bash a lot of people and I’m sure that includes on FB so it’s not exactly news.

What the FB conversation showed clearly is that these are just a messed up bunch of people who seem only to get pleasure from that kind of behavior.   I mean threatening harm on a person and “liking” it, well that is pretty messed up no matter who it is and who’s doing it.   That’s why so many people stay away from the bullies who run the social outlets (and the FB conversation makes that abundantly clear) in hordes like they do including now.

Who wants to stick around while Ms Brass Knuckles and posse say something that puts the site at the risk of civil or criminal liability?   My money is on if that happens it’ll be those two with a couple of male players close behind them in the liability lottery.  That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun but if this FB conversation is actually a representation of the culture in the inner circles of the game, it’s going to happen at some point…it’s just a train wreck waiting to happen by the time you see crap like that.

Anyway it’s great to be away from all that negativity.   I mean if they like hanging around each other and bonding over bashing someone’s face in the pavement, well I don’t think that’s some place most people want to be and it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.

I got a chuckle over hearing that my head apparently exploded because I didn’t win one of those $1 million quarter horses races.  Actually I believe I congratulated the winner though I was rooting for another horse trained by a newer male player who in his relatively brief time had given so much to the game and is very nice not catty, emotionally insecure and vindictive.  I just happen to prefer friendlier and nicer players over those who are always negative about other players and live to trash talk but that might just be me.

I was actually very happy with my QH horse breeding and training program. Out of my first three cops, I won four SCs, four divisional titles including the QH Horse of the Year in the toughest mixer division not having anything to do with standardbreds. I also had four runnerup performances in the SC in the middle distance and routing divisions.

I ran my entire breeding program without acquiring one horse either directly or using a newbie (real or fake) as a middleman off the new players’ page.  I really feel proud of my accomplishments in that short period of time though I heard that some of them did apparently make some heads explode in Chat. The names of those whose heads exploded not worth mentioning.   I had a blast with QHs and had fun interacting and competing against the best breeders in the game.

So get my panties in a knot or have my head explode over one race involving a division I still dabbled in, I think not. When I ran my program, I wasn’t looking for wins in races but before I left I was very proud of my middle distanced quarters as out of my four “experimental” versatile/sprinter x middle crosses that I bred, three were “scary good” and one was a “wow” and all are training quite well to bump the middle distance division up quite a bit in the next several years.

Routers, let’s see, I had a router mare who was straight As with middle distances and had planned to go that route.    So I wasn’t at all worried about my development in this division, especially since the first scary good sprinter I raced skipped the first jewel of the sprint TC and won the second in good fashion and her half sister is even better, one of the fastest bred sprinters in the game.  It would have been fun to race them myself and funner to keep tweaking with QH bloodlines since the dividends were huge but I left all the babies in great hands.

But I’ve never been content to retrace over and over what’s been proven in breeding, in order to remain dynamic, the “rules” have to be broken.  I did that in turf sprinting and who knows maybe I’m the first person ever to hit the board in a juvenile turf (or any) sprint SC event with a filly whose pedigree was mostly long sprinter/speedy miler with a dash of router thrown in.  Didn’t stop her from placing third at five furlongs did it? I got so hammered by people in Chat and so did my filly (and I saved one screenshot of that for posterity sake)that I bred her “wrong” but after her SC, it did pretty quiet in there. 🙂

Especially from silly little girl whose named after the tennis player, who’s always telling people to just leave the game if they don’t play “right”.

That was kind of fun.  But not fun enough to put up with that kind of crap that is just so ugly that no smart person wants to be anywhere near it.  Eeew….Eeeew…and did I say Eeeew.

Now back to abs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too funny, but it looks like the haters of the game have much more stored away than I do so onto other subjects.


Well yeah…


I like this sign. I think I’ll keep it. 🙂  It’s got all kinds of purposes. 


Laughing at ourselves seems more entertaining than laughing at others and that gets easier when you’re older.


Yep, that’s certainly true. Not all of us were raised to cleave to the closet clique or group of people to find our identities.  Certainly not those comprised of the lower denominators of the human race.


I’m so busted on this one…though it’s tough hitting those high notes.


Pretty awesome…


The very first McDonalds but the town itself San Bernardino (or Berdoo) was voted worst in the country in terms of its restaurants.  So being the setting for the founding of the biggest fast food chain in America obviously wasn’t enough.


Gas explosion on the west side of town


There goes Manning!



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Someone who spoke up for a “Simple Jack” and alas, FB hate

DannyDandAshthisisforyou This Man is My New Hero

Meet Milo, he’s 5 and has Down syndrome. his family went to a restaurant to eat, a group of people were seated next to them and proceeded to make comments about Milo. This is how the waiter, Michael Garcia responded: “I heard the man say, ‘Special needs children need to be special somewhere else’? My personal feelings took over, and I told him, ‘I’m not going to be able to serve you, Sir? How could you say that?? How could you say that about a beautiful 5 year old angel?'” Michael kicked out the bullies, and the best part is the restaurant, Laurenzo’s is standing behind Michael’s choice to refuse to serve them…….

 One of the reasons I’m glad never to have to walk into the game Chat is having to sit through players trying to impress each other by who can best bully another player and/or come up with the “cleverest” or “coolest” joke that demeans disabled people particularly cognitively disabled people . It’s mostly three or four players with occasionally others serving as the “laugh track” or even the cheer leading squad.  I think the whole “Simple Jack” narrowly beat out the “retard times” links that were helpfully posted by a male player who thought up the idea of using “Simple Jack” to harass and trash a player named “Jack”.

Nothing clever or innovative about it to most grown ups. Just a group of people showing off in front of each other as to how cruel they can be, nothing real special about that. Just another ordinary routine day in Chat which simply serves as the venue for bullying and bashing when a certain crew is there.  What mystified me is how if not sanctioned by the game, it certainly seemed more than tolerated.

But not everyone in the world is like that. Some people are the opposite. They speak up against bigoted behavior including against developmentally disabled people.  Here’s one of them.

This is a story about one such person who took a stand risking his job to refuse to serve customers bullying and making fun of a “special needs” child with Down’s Syndrome.  Thankfully his employer stood by him and supported his courageous act. That doesn’t always happen.

This story is dedicated to two not so very special players (the same ones who tried to use the “Simple Jack” name)  who were most passionate about making it clear that “retard” was an appropriate type of stereotype and label to use not only as fodder for humor but to bully and trash another player.  It’s nice to know that for every two of you who joke and denigrate people, there’s someone willing to risk their job and livelihood to stand up to people just like you.

This story which is from Houston is what happens when someone stands up to people who are just bigots.  It’s nice to know that there are decent people out there who’ll stand up against it and do what’s right.  And I’m pretty sure Mr. Garcia wouldn’t be welcome at the game either.  That makes two of us!  But I think we’re both doing just fine and the better off for it.

Cool Bird Alert 

A friend sent this who has the coolest house ever and coolest backward.  Now she has a cool red tailed hawk living there as well.


What’s Up with Sea World?


Orca Meets Man

Catching up in news, I caught this article the dropoff in attendance at Sea World during its last quarter.  Sea World blame the nearly $54 million loss on bad weather during Easter weekend but the lower attendance also coincided with the release of the controversial but critically acclaimed documentary Blackfish that explored the darker side of displaying and training Orcas to live and perform in captivity. Partial root canals and daily flushing to preserve broken teeth (and close up, their teeth are all uniform and conical not separated into different types like most mammals) and preventing dehydration (from a diet of dead fish) by feeding them gelatin which ulcerates their digestive tract.  Two reasons among others why none of Sea World’s whales could ever be released or rereleased into the wild.

Mixing residential whales with transits and creating “hybrids” in captivity. Mixing Icelandic pod members with those from Puget Sound/B.C. waters in the same tank, creating artificial “pods” and calling it natural.  Centering a breeding program around an aggressive male, Tilikum through A.I. who’s got a history of siring unhealthy offspring.

The documentary covers most of the issues that arise from Orcas in captivity and also addresses the capture of young Orcas in the wild.  I wondered for ages if someone would actually go there and expose what really happens in the marine parks including Sea World’s in the captive Orca programs.  Having a family member who knows two Orca trainers out of one of their parks including one that quit after suffering injuries in an attack, it seemed there were quite a few accounts of incidents happening.  Not surprising given their immense size but Orcas don’t maim and kill people in their natural habitats even when their paths cross with them.

After all what happened with Tilikum wasn’t isolated not even to Tilikum who killed a female trainer in Sealand and a transient in Orlando before he attacked, dismembered and partially consumed a female trainer in front of an audience in 2010. His history was such that it shouldn’t have been surprising that he did that and the film spends a lot of its time building the case as to why he did it.

He was a member of a pod off of Iceland and captured between the ages of 2-3.  He was kept in Iceland with two dominant female Orcas (and residential Orca pods are matriarchal in social structure with males on the fringes) who beat him up.  He grew to be the largest size Orca in captivity at six tons in weight.

He was sold to the now defunct Sealand in captivity and killed a trainer there. Tilikum was never exposed to humans in his tanks because he had a “no water training” restriction on him even when arriving at Sealand purportedly because of his massive size. If you’ve ever been real close to an Orca, you can see how huge they are (down to their tongues), well magnify that two or three times and you get Tilikum.

But after killing the female trainer after she fell partially into a tank he shared with two female Orcas, he and the entire Orca collection was put up for sale.  In fairness, it’s not known which Orca initially attacked the female trainer though video and eyewitnesses showed that the Orca who initially dragged her beneath the water had collapsed dorsal fin syndrome which only Tilikum exhibited as it impacts 100% of male Orcas in captivity.

The film depicts other incidents involving trainers and Orcas who for some reason decide that day or that moment to turn on them.


This is just before Orky 2 lands on trainer John Sillick who was severely injured suffering multiple fractures including back, hips and both legs leading to multiple surgeries. They said his wetsuit literally kept his body together in one piece.  This incident cost four employees of Sea World including the president at the time their jobs.  The video taken of this incident is included in Blackfish and Sea World initially called it bad training and worse timing of a stunt.  But Sea World also allegedly knew that several of its Orcas were intentionally breaching on top of trainers injuring them so in this case it’s not quite clear.


Ken Peters getting dragged by his foot over a six minute attack which he was very lucky to literally limp away from. Peters was attacked several times during his career training Orcas including incidents apparently not reported to OSHA.  The above videotaped incident is also included in Blackfish and involved Kasatka who was separated from her calf who was vocalizing to her at the time of the performance.  But given that Orcas pretty routinely drag trainers to the bottom of the tanks hardly surprising that occasionally they’d do it during shows.

Three Orca trainers out of Sea World Orlando quit before Blackfish was made including both John Jett and Jeffrey Ventre who are both interviewed in the film. Three more would quit after Brancheau’s death. I read about all of them in Death of Sea World too.

They all started out thrilled at what they were doing, loved their jobs but over time became disillusioned. None were fired, they were just “pushed” out or “demoted” as the Shamu Arena as it’s called is the top level and most coveted assignment at Sea World.  One for refusing to um, handle the collection of Tilikum’s semen for A.I. purposes.

Branchaeu’s death made it clear that if it happened to her, it could happen to any one of them. None of the trainers had ever been briefed on Tilikum’s history before his arrival at Sea World Orlando or on any of the other Orcas involved in nonfatal incidents.


Two trainers together at a Canary Islands Park, both would be dead within six months from separate Orca attacks.

dawn.tilly_Dawn Brancheau  with her killer, Tilikum


Putting words in the mouth of a dead person?

Thad Lacinak, former head of Orca Training for Sea World who blamed Dawn Brancheau for her own death by Tilikum, saying if she were alive she’d do the same thing.  What a PR rat!

OSHA sued Sea World successfully in court and the parks are prohibited from using “water training” with their Orcas unless they put barriers in place. The company is appealing that decision.

Then one of the best phrases in the English language:

“I was  just instructed  to get rid of the tape.”

Personally I love it, never failed to make me do a happy dance to hear it.

For one thing, tapes somehow never wind up getting destroyed.  Though sometimes you do have to act quickly.

For another, it’s like putting chum in front of a shark.  😉

Someone really ran this ad in a newspaper?


Tough choice isn’t it?


Labor Day’s for barbecuing and it’s certainly been yummy. Enjoyed that after putting in some work time this morning.  Writing, some moderation and um, some interesting tweets.  Yes, it’s hot and humid out here too (heat index 111 degrees) and no, it’s not unusual for your show to air repeats on holidays like Labor Day though I think this guy’s and last week’s “chem test” responsible for a lot of the board traffic that blew it up last week.   How do you feel about my crab sculpture…uh don’t quit your day job.  I love this gig!  With the extra writing, it’s starting to take up quite a bit of time.  I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s a lot of fun and it’s work.  Chat’s winding down since it’s no longer Lord of the Flies and putting Chat on the newer site is tabled indefinitely until the logistics including preventing a future Lord of the Flies can be sorted out.  It’s actually funner to moderate a Lord of the Flies situation and throw “kids” out rather than have to be a captive audience because moderation doesn’t want to offend its friendship base.

The forum’s crashed twice for short periods due to the heavy traffic generated this past week.   So that has to be fixed but people haven’t really complained about it so far.

More food…

Apparently not tough to make and very tasty.  



More Zucchini….this time chippies! 

I needed to post the brownies again…they were yummy!



Didn’t make it to a game this year but someone did and sent a photo.


And in another athletic event, the ocean swim & splash


Shirt what shirt?

We all know that the media doesn’t care as much about missing Black girls as they do White girls but Tiara Moore, 13 is missing and has been since mid March.

missing girl

Brought to you by Black and Missing Foundation

Fifty Shades of…eh…


I think I’ll wait until it comes out on Netflix or DVD.  I thought the book was poorly written, obviously originating from Twilight (fan fiction as it turned out).

Party Patrol (if it gets out of hand)



Heads Will Explode on the latest episode…(actually a rerun)



As the FB Turns (Your Stomach)…

(sync organ music)

I’ve seen a lot of bizarre and crazy things on FB but this one truly takes it. It’s like a real soap opera, no actually it’s a reality show.   It’s a bash session that apparently was not done in Chat but on FB about Kay O. Johnson, the game’s designated Anti-Christ.  I think I was the game AntiChrist second to her by the same people but who cares.  What’s funny is that no one here ever called people directly on their “shit” as they call it, certainly never the person who made that claim. They just bitched about in Chat ad nausea and had Ms Brass Knuckles go to the forum and try to start something as if she were entirely clueless about what was going on so they could bitch about it more in Chat, more along the lines of being passive aggressive.  Not exactly the most direct, in your face approach.  But maybe another passive-aggressive person will “get it”.   Most people thought it just go so old after a while.  


Most of its just a bashing session par for the course for some of this crew anyway. 

(and no, Bay dear my head did not really explode…it’s really just a game to most of us but I watched yours explode more than once when your QH didn’t get QH of the Year.  Twice.  Very attractive.)


Thankfully I drop off topic really fast because I’m not the subject of this FB bitchfest after all.  At least not that one but I’d already seen others.   I don’t mind because people were kind enough to forward over 25 screenshots of myself getting and heads exploding by certain folks.   I never really played to “win” I just played to have fun and enjoy socializing with other people having fun.  Who’s to envy who takes advantage of other player’s medical conditions to try to get their hands on their best horses?  What’s to envy with people who get such tremendous joy over hurting people?  When it was no longer fun, I left.   


But anyway, some of the parties were surprising others not so much. That’s usually the nature of cyber bashing episodes.  This one’s from late last year it appears or early this year. 

Exploding head

Most of the hate fest is that kind of funny.  It’s just a bitchfest.   But then some poster who also posted on this forum starts talking about physically harming the players who’s the target of this particular FB bitchest. 

My favorite part?


When it comes to some FB conversations you better bring them…

Well at some point one female player decides to talk “tough” and bring out the artillery. 

“I just want to make it CLEAR. Seriously Fuck her up-Brass Knuckles, bashing her head into the pavement or a hard floor etc.”

This was actually done to clarify her original post threatening physical violence in case anyone missed it or misunderstood it.  After all it bore repeating because it was so profound of course. 

“OMFG, I’m going to fuck up Kay O. Johnson if I ever meet her in person.”

That was the title and subject of the thread of the entire FB conversation which was the author of it to another player’s who can’t go 10 minutes in Chat without starting a bashfest of the player so if there’s hate involved, it’s definitely mutual.  The only difference is that when this player hates, it’s sanctioned.  But hate is hate to those outside of a feud so it’s all just very unpleasant to witness for those who don’t really take sides. It’s kind of nice that this conversation wasn’t spewed in game Chat but you can’t control your audience there. 

It got five likes including the player who started the initial “flame” chat that is still posted on the forum to this day which has to be the most amazing of coincidences except it’s not.  The more specific comment after only got three likes.

Bummer that must have been. 

Obviously these folks don’t understand FB posting rules any better than on the game itself. .  For the most part, I can only guess who’s who though it’s not hard to guess that the player who bashed me out of the blue is the same player that does it a kazillion times in Chat.  There’s always going to be people you don’t like or hate. I had players including who I heard had perpetual boners involving their hate of me but you really do a disservice to themselves even giving them the time of day.  I had to grieve against one who was especially cruel to who the thread was addressed and the person doing the “grieving” also just happened to have “liked” the thread.  

That explains a lot too unfortunately as to the integrity of any grieving process meaning there’s really none.  If a mod “likes” a comment or thread that advocates harming a player on his or her game no matter who it is, then that’s obviously not a good thing for that game.  I just wish I knew that before  I even bothered to use the “griefing” at all. It’s always nice to not to trust something before you’re foolish enough to trust it on its face. 

But wait it gets even better. 

Then later this same female player prattles on about how the player she’s just threatened to harm in specific detail if she “meets” her didn’t list her location on the forum.  More stupidity.  So she’s stupid and then basically outsmarts herself.  Absolutely brilliant. 

I don’t really know Kay Johnson  and less of the history of why the same folks who hate most folks hate her too,  but I would so love to be her right now in comparison to being any of these folks.  I’d thank these kind and very helpful folks and head straight to my lawyer if I saw this kind of trash spewed on FB including threats.  It’s just beyond disgusting and it would be if anyone was the target of it.   It’s stupid because you’ve just given a person you despise the a whole lot of power. 

These people are supposed to be smart right?  This is just about the stupidest thing you could ever talk about on a public Web site.  Some of them pride themselves on their brilliance certainly over the “Simple Jacks” of the world and yet this is just so stupid.  Stupid. Stupid. 

Making criminal threats on FB, how stupid can you get?  What are you frigging nuts?  You had a Chat room on the game to do that in much more discreetly.  Why FB?   I guess maybe Chat’s still too “nice” an environment for going this far in threatening to harm people. 

This is just stupidity. These people all need to just grow up. It’s a game folks. It’s not real life so at the end of the day, none of it really matters. It’s certainly not worth ranting over someone and “liking” it. 

Anyway, if I had any regret in leaving left which I don’t, this conversation definitely would erase it.   I had a lot of feelings when I read it, none good. I was saddened that even the admins of the game are clearly engaging in it and yet trying to make it appear that they’re impartial and “friends” to anyone. Some of the participants do this all the time. Others less involved in it somewhat disappointing. Mostly it’s just disgusting and mostly it just explains a lot. 

It is what it is. 

Pretty fake horses. Ugly acting people.  

If my head explodes it’s not over what happens to a binary coded horse in a binary coded race in a binary coded world, it’s from the thought of people acting like that on FB essentially over the same ultimately meaningless binary codes. 


Would you want to stay?

God enough of this crap, now I got to find me some way to detox just from reading six pages of it.  At least you don’t have to worry about this nonsense on Derby Fever. 

Thank god for Twitter. I won the bet!    It was jockey briefs under those pants!  I’m glad that he tweeted a warning first! 

Yummy indeed!   But alas, the forum crashed.  Just the forums right now. Definitely need a new and better server if certain people taking their clothes off.   6,000 hits before the closing credits…that’s just insane. 

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Saying No to Creating Chats and food p(orn).


Interesting, having been to all these countries and having family in five of them. Japan’s is actually lower than the U.S. when you factor in cost of living especially in the larger cities like Toyko or even Sendai. Price of a Big Mac? Minimum wage is higher but the cost of the Big Mac is lower comparatively in at least a couple of those countries when I’ve been there. France was a while ago, so not sure about that one. The French are great by the way, kind enough to bail us out of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. They just don’t like Rude Americans and since I don’t act like a Rude American, I’ve always gotten along with them just fine. 🙂  Every time I hear or read the French getting bashed, I want to bash my head against a wall.

Yeah if it weren’t for us, they would be speaking German but if it wasn’t for the French, we’d be just another one of the Queen’s colonies which later semi-emancipated itself from the Crown.

Yep! This is definitely true.  The wailing, the whining, the gnashing of the teeth, the threats of bashing people’s faces in and so on…


For some of us, the shipping and handling just costs more. 😉


Oh this new forum gig is definitely a blast.  Babysitting from 1100-6500 readers/posters at a time along with several other folks. Few threads deleted. That’s just wonderful.  “Following” about 50 new Twitter accounts is pretty arduous though as a bonus, picked up some great autism links from one addition, an actress out of L.A.  But that’s where nearly all the news comes out these days rather than in PRs so it’s useful.

It’s also wonderful to get supportive PMs on the moderation’s response to flagged threads and posts.  I’ve been editing the novel down to a manageable level, working on the villain which The Sociopath Next Door turned out be helpful. Outlining the other book and I had some FB and Tweeters ask me if I’m really going there and the answer’s yes.   Though this weekend is spent working on a PowerPoint (oh god, not that) for a city council candidate who wants a “briefing” on the city’s municipal Wi-Fi system which is going onto the chopping block in committee. I did a stint as a field tester for the initial vendor and the city, for 2 1/2 years in my free time so I know a little bit about it.

The one thing about having up to 25,000 visitors or more a day is that gives virtually no chance for “cliques” to develop which is a relief to most folks. They’re thinking of doing Chats but I just said flat out no, I wouldn’t advise it not without a lot of planning and thinking ahead of time. It takes that to avoid having a small group of people clusterfuck in there all the time turning it into a cesspool which pushes the majority of your clientele or visitors away.  Dealing with people like that and listening to their whining when you do can be a pain but that doesn’t mean you don’t do it. It does get easier after the first couple suspensions you have to hand out especially when you see how much the chat environment quickly improves ultimately leaving you with less work.  But you do have to have a well thought out plan and program to implement first and moderation is a major part of that.


Plus you need full time moderation which seems to be a trend you see more and more often with Chats to avoid legal and other problems that can plague them if they’re left unattended.

I was thinking how would I handle a situation where people were threatening to beat up other people using weapons in such graphic detail? What would I do if they wrote those chat comments in my presence?

The answer came immediately and easily enough. Toss them out and explain why, that after their timeout if they got caught doing it again, it’s a permanent ban from the site. They might whine that they are adults not babies that they shouldn’t be “moderated” and my response to that is the following:

Okay, so if your “adult” behavior gets me sued or subpoened by the feds/LE are you going to be “adult” enough to chip in to pay my tens of thousands of dollars of legal bills that I’ll be facing because of your behavior?

**pin dropping**

I didn’t think so now run along.  But you have to be tough when you have people running around threatening other people including by weapons and a couple cases of that were highly problematic to say the least.

It’s easy to moderate though, just toss people out who do that, end of story but I can see how that’d be a pain too but it’s just what you got to do.  So something like that is definitely the biggest argument against having a Chat unless you’re really ready to handle the responsibilities of moderation and dealing with problems when they arise including through a griefing and disciplinary process with “teeth” and credibility.

The screenshots taken from some of the so-called “celebratory” parties did cause some pause among the group and helped my argument in terms of not implementing Chat right away.  People had a hard time understanding that players actually behaved that way which is why it’s useful to be able to produce concrete examples of it.

Some of the parts I did “read” about were funny because it’s beyond ridiculous to see socially mature and emotionally healthy adults act that way in a couple boisterous, albeit small clusterfucks or what are called “cyber bashes”, parties that celebrate victories achieved by cyber bullying or harassment.  Despite all their whining that they weren’t bullies, they were victims, it was these “cyber bashes” that were held in Chat that were proof positive that they were indeed individuals who by choice were using the Chat as a medium (and the forum as a secondary one) to bully and harass other players.  Cyber bullies do “celebrate” getting rid of people they don’t like or having those people leave after being sick and tired of it.  It’s just their nature so it’s hardly surprising that a few people behaved that way and “cyber bashes” as an adjunct to cyberharassment is pretty well documented.  That’s why I fully expected it to happen and wasn’t surprised in the least when witnesses reported it back to me including one who appears to actually have been a semi-participant.

That said, that’s how a lot of Chats wind up closed down or eliminated when they hit that benchmark in their downward descent, by the time you start seeing “cyber bashes”. By that time, most people avoid them and when the “remedy” provided is to just avoid them, they start slowly divesting themselves of the site.  What can you say? Most of us don’t want to relive our experiences on an elementary school playground.

The best remedy? First cyber bash, Chat gets shut down for a week.  Second Cyber bash, a month. The third one, permanently.  The best way to handle moderating a site is to prevent yourself from being in a position where you have to “take it back”. The moment you make it clear that Chat’s a privilege not a “right” and back that up through action, you’ve pretty much won most of that battle. Most bullies are inherently cowards, this batch is no exception.  Problem solved, since the thought of losing Chat permanently is just too emotionally devastating to the “mean girl” type of bully, it’s the only remedy with a shot of curbing their bullying outside a permanent ban.

I think it’s real important to resolve those kinds of bad experiences and learn from them so they don’t taint you when you’re in a role like that yourself of having to make the decisions.  You have to avoid playing favorites especially when some of those “favorites” are causing serious problems. It’s always unsettling to sit and watch a clusterfuck in Chat against or about a player and then the next minute, involved players are saying one upping each other on how close they are to the mods like it’s some contest. Over 99% of players don’t care about whose friends with whom or friends with the admin (as most players don’t seek out admins or know who they are to befriend them, certainly not on larger, more frequented and popular sites) unless they have to grief against badly behaving players who are perceived wrongly or rightly of being close to the moderation and are clearly using that closeness as a license to behave badly evidenced by the fact they pull a 180 as soon as moderation enters the Chat. People who are true to themselves and truly believe their behavior in Chat is so righteous, they wouldn’t change it just because they’re being watched.  If they go from trash talking and nasty to sweetness and light that abruptly then yeah, that’s pretty much a passive aggressive way of admitting a rules violation.

Two players even justified it by saying the mods trash talk too so it’s no big deal.  If that’s the case, then no wonder there are so many problems because admins and moderators set the tone for their sites including social outlets for better or worse just with any business online or off.  Thus the buck lies with moderation to set the tone they expect to see followed in the social outlets. Rules and regulations don’t matter if they’re only given lip service. The moderators at the Chat and the forum don’t set around badmouthing people especially by user or real names.  It makes absolutely no sense to do so since none of us have friendships or close relationships with anyone in the customer or visitor base.

Moderators shouldn’t really comment especially negative on customers or players at their site to individuals in that group, whether “friends” or not. It’s just became a license for bullies to behave badly and rather than take responsibility for their actions, pin them on the moderators’ door.  It might be tempting but it might be just better not to complain to Friend #1 about Customer #2  because not only does it end up on blast all over, it’s used an excuse for Players #1-6 to bash or bully Player #7.  You’ve just handed them the perfect alibi and license to bully.  You can’t successfully discipline a behavior you encouraged as a moderator because what if someone comes back and says, well you do it too!

When I moderate, I’m not friends with anyone let alone BFFs or buddies but I am friendly which is very different because I always have to maintain that line of separation as a moderator.  That  I didn’t need to learn because I took that from my experience in the game. You can’t really be close friends with anyone you’re moderating and be effective at it.  Forget griefing cases where your close friends did bad behavior, double so if they then lie to you about it.  Personally booting known liars is probably the easiest task of all.

I see any sign of bullying, my first priority is the bullied person or alleged bullied person if it’s not witnessed not those who do the bullying or alleged bullying. You have to be fair in your investigating it, keep the identities of those who “grief” private and certainly don’t go spilling details of it to friends including those who bully or those who are friends of those who bully.  It’s unsettling getting “slapped” afterward by the bullies eager to retaliate by information only shared in griefing which as such is extremely limited in how it can be “leaked” to the bullies.  You interview parties first and present objective evidence next, which seems to make sense.  It’s never fun but it’s what you do.


Ban players if they retaliate after griefing and that’s proven…permanently. If retaliation happens or is allowed to happen, it undermines the entire integrity and usefulness of the griefing process. Put the process in writing and take it seriously…don’t complain to friends that you’re only doing the process to appease complainants and that your discipline is falsely given to innocent parties.  For one thing, that’s just bullshit because the parties aren’t innocent, screenshots don’t lie but sometimes people do when called on bad behavior. The bigger question is why set up a process to address complaints and then shoot it down by telling people who then spread that information around?  In that discussion, the consensus is that you just don’t talk about grieving to players, friends or not.  Avoid all the problems of destroying the integrity of your own process by talking to the wrong person about it and keep it outside of the scope of those who use it and are investigated under it.

Also it’s best not to grief “friends” to avoid a conflict of interest. Give it to someone else.

Put  it in writing, don’t go talking about it and certainly don’t go complaining about it.  If it’s written down in a place where it’s easily accessed, it doesn’t need additional exposition.

Enough on “griefing”, that’s a whole another can of worms and it’s important to set up a process to avoid those kinds of problems.  Enough also on writing about a bunch of knuckleheads too!

Hmmm…who does this remind me of? 


Earth, Wind and Fire (in Vegas) just Rain here…


This is a park that is now a lake

Got some friends in Vegas tormenting me with photos taken of the Earth Wind, and Fire concert so a couple of us have been hitting some restaurants to sample cuisine. I’m so glad my friends got a chance to leave town and kick back and relax for a while.  The weather folks who predicted NO chance of rain on Thursday are now telling us the storm is a 1 in 100 year event…only didn’t they tell us the last two times it happened.

It’s global warming I tell you!

Below is D-Dogs, which is a sports bar/restaurant that specializes in what else? Dogs of all different kinds including crafting your own.  The hardest part is figuring out what to order and the onion rings are second only to Johnny’s.  Fried pickles are wonderful.

The owners are a retired police lieutenant and partner and there’s a story to what happened with him and another lieutenant that but it’ll probably not be found here. I was honored to do what I could to help them tell it.  Yeah I got hassled (IA anyone?) but I’m not and never have been made out of soft stuff.


The food at the Salted Pig in downtown is pretty fine especially the “dirty fries” but a lot of city officials go there and do a lot of drinking to help them cope with the stress of leadership.  Remember friends don’t let friends drive intoxicated.


 Paella at Cafe Sevilla…Castillian food is like the best! 


For a good sandwich at lunch, The Upper Crust run by one of the sweetest couples around. They sell a lot of Retro drinks too including Mexican Coca Cola, with pure cane sugar and Ne-His among others.


Mario’s Place is pricey but they are known for among other things, their calamari salad…


Then on the fly, there’s always In and Out.


Animal Shot of the Day


Tigers are huge, their paws are enormous, that is all. 


Hippos are deadly.  Do not approach. 


This little monkey…

Laura sent him and the hippos above from her trip to Tanzania and Kenya. Monkeys are scary because they can rip or chew faces off.


Broncos Release this year’s team roster

Then this has to be said…


This is such a popular card in this area. I remember when the Raiders were in L.A., they did summer training in the state university here.  Yeah 105 temps and stage 1 smog alerts, great for training.  By the way, a really good book about the Raiders in L.A. is You’re Okay: It’s Just a Bruise written by then team doctor, Rob Huizenga.

Some folks dropped some of these by.  The spelling gaffe of “your vs you’re” is so popular as a pet peeve, it has its very own Web site for cartoons. I’m not big on being the grammar/spelling police unless I’m on the clock or  when people bully or harass or trash talk against other people including over their grammar/spelling gaffes.  The whole “Your an idiot/moron/stupid/bitch” syndrome.

So for those folks including among those who pride themselves on proving their intelligence and toughness through cyber bullying including kids, here’s a little reminder.  After all those striving to be the best cyber bully they can be (given the amount of time spent doing it), there should be special care to fix some of those grammar and spelling mistakes.


This was kind of cute.


The one below I used to stumble over years ago. For the most part that’s been fixed. 🙂


Style Watch

On that note, if you’re into pulling or threatening to pull brass knuckles on people you don’t like why let your hands do all the work? With some accessorizing, you can use other parts of your body!  Our two favorite brass knuckle bearers protecting the game from people who “grief” should pay close attention to the latest in fashion.


or this….if you’re more into boots…


Got to get this!  Brass Knuckles going “green”, who would have thought?


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Rainy weather, broken up parties as summer finally arrives

My horses are still recovering from my “abuse” of them but Dangerous Material won his race and my newest baby Cydisco was second!  Thanks to those nice players who are saving me from myself! The kindness and lack of drama over there is SO refreshing. I’m a grownup, I like hanging around other grownups who are not reliving their hangups from their youth over and over again in front of me.  The admins run a tight ship and are to be commended for that.

Speaking of, I told the chat that I’m helping to moderate about the female player on the old game talking tough against other players with the whole brass knuckles thing and we’re thinking of designing a picture of brass knuckles crossed out, and a sign saying, “This chat is a brass knuckles free zone. Check them at the door.”


That might work.  It’s kind of funny though. I just didn’t think anyone even cyber bullies threatened people with them anymore.

Speaking of brass knuckles, there’s a lot of traffic from the game today.  Ah, drama and of course it’s all nastiness because it’s like dogs barking in that they have to act according to their nature. What else do these folks do with their time?  It’s not like they ever say anything nice about someone or treat people nicely outside their clique…no that’s just not cool and hip at all.  I mean what’s to look forward to, the next “cool” or “edgy” derogatory comment about disabled people or how much they hate so and so?

Derogatory labels instead of people. Derogatory stereotypes instead of people. Packing up and bullying including against players who are minors.  Players who get their panties all up in knots when their behavior is criticized here but truly believe that the people they bully and trash talk have no right to feel the same way about their own behavior! When they do it, it’s cool and hip, oh so fun and acceptable to the game.  When people criticize them, they whine and cry and have their syncopates run around accusing people of bullying them, the same folks who sat around and said nothing about their buddies picking on a nine year old girl a couple years ago in Chat or other players who were bullied and trash talked as well. That’s one of those things that you hear about and hope isn’t true but apparently it did happen.

A young girl, what is the matter with these folks? Who can really get joy out of doing something like that and feel it makes them a bigger tougher person? Her parents should have sued over that if it’s allowed to happen and they can sue. It happens quite a bit.  What’s interesting is when players who do things like that are still allowed to behave like that in Chat and the forum with impunity.  Picking on kids, definitely not my scene at all because seriously most adults don’t get off on that.

But then no one holds them accountable. Every time their targets are viewed as the “problem” that just emboldens to keep being the real problem.

It’s too bad for the majority of people who have to “socialize” through PM because a few people are allowed to be so obnoxious they ruin it for them but that’ll never change. It’d take some folks exercising some “tough love” with their friends and they just can’t or won’t do it.

Anyway, if the Chat Rats show up in between bullying sessions, whatever. It’s nice to see some traffic too from the anti-cyber bullying web ring as well.  Much nicer crowd.

Oops live thread just started. 5500 visitors. Holy crap.  No server issues reported so far. But oh wait, Obama just interrupted. 150 people trying to post on one thread… Producer is throwing a fit on twitter.  Tweeted back, get the network to use promo time in the weekend, no big deal.  Men just get too emotional.

Current Season
Race Record: 42 – 13 – 13 – 9
Earnings: $453,650
Conference Rank: 108
Win Percentage: 30.95%
Place Percentage: 83.33%
Breeder Earnings: $0

Injuries: Uh, that information is confidential. 😉

Articles written:  2     It seems that writers are much better liked and appreciated over there than at the old game as well.  That’s always nice. 🙂  At least no one so far has said that writing articles is akin to prostitution.  That charming note was posted about some of us writers by name on the blog that’s allowed to post its link and promote itself on the game forum.  I still don’t “get” that double standard but whatever. It’s always better to know.

Anyway, onto a different forum on a different site.

The server didn’t crash after all those visits to the forum yesterday which was kind of amazing.  It’s holding steady at 1300 visitors and no, it doesn’t appear to be viral in nature, people are actually showing up because it’s only that one subforum and the number of posts actually went way up.  We chatted about it and decided it was good whatever the cause and how pleased we were that most everyone behaved themselves and out of 60 new threads posted in two hours (!) and hundreds of posts, only two threads had to be deleted for minor rules violations.  Today is going to be even more blown out with visits. It’s pretty exciting. Maybe it wouldn’t be if people acted like over entitled assholes but so far it’s been pretty nice.

I’m closing out my stint moderating the Chat I’d been doing though I was asked to try another one though later at night. It’s more or less the way it should be though I might return to do “tuneups” if necessary.  Suspensions went down the last couple weeks, some repeat offenders left (hah, good riddance!) but most importantly, the players who were targeted by said bullies feel comfortable chatting, just the way it should be. No telling them to retreat into their caves while giving a minority group of bullies free rein.

Not here and certainly not on my watch. It’s not easy being “bad cop” all the time but I’ve never been one for winning popularity contests among people who frankly act like internet thugs. The one thing that is proven is that consistent, and unbiased moderation does work to address bullying and other types of nasty behavior in Chats.  But you got to care enough about your customer base to do it.  It’s been an educational experience and a needed one to gain a perspective on how important it’s to do it the right way and not the wrong one.


Catching the story of a man whose car was completely submerged on the 14th street underpass after driving past the barricades closing it off according to Police Lt. Larry who tried to keep a straight face when saying the guy told him he didn’t see them.  Like with most underpasses, the water was hip deep or higher and well, that left him with the option of swimming to the other side. The thing is, most people know if a thunderstorm’s coming you stay away from all the 91 underpasses as they do flood even though that one had been “fixed”.  The school bus was caught in the middle of it but made it through safely.

Fire fighters from Station 1 responded even though the second floor ceiling of their station had collapsed and since the lower floor had flooded, they have to relocate their trucks.

Not so much rain fell (especially compared to the days of trying to sandbag the Arkansas River) but this region and its infrastructure is just so ill equipped to deal with it.  So several inches fall in an hour and the lower half of the city floods. Fortunately, it’s not that frequent.  Less frequent is snow in which a half inch of snow would pretty much shut the city down or least parts of it.

This morning it was 84 at 6 a.m.  with 80% humidity and so it looks like another scorcher today. Summer has finally arrived. Met with the landscaping company which is maxed with storm cleanup to prioritize restoring the downed tree in which the stakes were the only part broken and trim it back so it’s not too thick and clean up a huge mess in a parking area caused by Eucalyptus debris from the 80 foot tree which is coming down anyway. The rest can wait.  Turn off two pool auto fills and be thankful that the storm drain worked and didn’t back up! I got quite a bit of heat for the money spent cleaning out a foot of dried mud that built up over time.

It’s awfully quiet now.

The “burn” area from the 2011 fire doesn’t look like it’s sliding either so it’s all good. 🙂  Some people thought putting up the new firebreak which was a tremendous undertaking would increase erosion but the risk area for that is actually below the ‘break.

RicardoRamosSaved the lives of two kids on Massachusetts Street

Love this photo!


I’m beyond jazzed that our pre-construction meetings with a half dozen city electric people and the contractor went so well to go over the final contract on the capital improvement project. The project to redo the 18 electric vaults on our street will cost over $50,000 but it won’t be our money at least.  Negotiated the contract down to a “no profanity” clause by workers given the number of retired seniors on the street.

I don’t know if they actually make this card or not…but…after following the heavy discussion on FB and other places about the heavy police response to the latest drunken bash thrown by over 200 students  that led to police responding complete with helicopter.  The home owner (not at home at the time) had turned his house in a quiet neighborhood into a gathering spot for partiers which had its own FB page.


So there’s been quite a bit of heat by the neighborhood against the party houses with the city and university finally taking action. A bunch of students including the Academic Senate came to meetings trying to paint the all night partiers as victims of overzealous neighbors but come on, people having sex on your front lawn and peeing in your bushes, it’s going to cause some upset especially at the home owned by a retired priest.  Apparently spraying them with the garden hose which is what I’d do is like committing misdemeanor assault so until the police finally started breaking up such things, I guess you’re just supposed to watch and reseed the grass because urine kills it.

Anyway, the owner of the party house that has its own FB page publicly apologized, saying that hefty police fines and an investigation by the university has helped him see the error of his ways.

We shall see.

One of my nieces is knitting baby clothes and blankets as part of her craft collection. She’s really very good at it and sells them at art and craft conferences.  She’s sold quite a few and hopes to make a business of it some day. She graduated from a pretty solid two year college with an AA and was looking at graphics arts programs.


She’s talented in graphic arts and is a pretty good writer too.  She’s also faced a lot of bullying and offensive jokes in her life.  But she handles it very well.

Too bad this is true but hardly surprising.  MLK, Jr.’s speech in 1963 helped push for the Voting Rights Act several years later and Republican leaders are too busy trying to dismantle it to celebrate it.


Though there were Republicans who attended, just not those who are leaders of the Party or serving in elected office.

Thanks Larry!  It’s a waste of the one life you’re given to try to be what others want you to be than what you choose to be.  Every second spent bullying others is another second wasted unless of course you think it makes your life more worthwhile.


Oh my goodness!  People just need to put a stop to these actions!


Tanya put out another great one!


There was talk about doing this years ago when I was in fast food and went home each night with food on my uniform sometimes from having it thrown at me by customers when they weren’t pleased by their orders. Never happened though.


It’s fajitas day with some friends over.  I love them because they taste great and they’re harder to mess up than some other foods. It’s my place tonight because the original spot won’t get power back in time.

Oh crap, the one I worked for scored #1 in employee dissatisfaction in the entire country.



Going through my old photos and hit some horse ones! I couldn’t find my ones of Jaklin Klugman enjoying retirement.  Found this photo and loved it. I was privileged enough to meet both of them!  I visited Jaklin Klugman a couple times and he looked really nice.  I was a pretty big fan of his as I am with Cal Breds in general which would probably get me shot at the old game and someone hassled me when I admitted that sordid fact once. But I loved Cal Breds.


I love this grandbaby L.B. Starlet out of a daughter of Nostalgia’s Star. Her story’s showed the darker side of horse racing as she was given meth when racing and tested positive for it.   She went on to work with 4-Clubs and had a happier life outside the sport.


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Happy MLK Anniversary and some of the nonsense

Heat index today: 114, very nice.  Oh and a thunderstorm’s blowing in on our forecast of clear and sunny…poor weatherman’s batting zero this week.  

noschooltodayClasses canceled…entire campus flooded up to waist level and flooded all the lower part of campus leading to evacuations.  Tornado clouds spotted but no touchdowns.

I guess all the cars got out in time, looks like Lemon Street!


In other news, 3500 visitors to the forum today  during a four hour period which slowed down page loading and not one single fight or even spat!   Lovely…now time for that wine down that it’s down to 1650!  But with a discussion forum that active, it’s nice to be dealing with grownups.  

#1 Referral Address to this Blog today is Sim Chat, with four visits this morning. I hope the discussion wasn’t too nasty folks but some of you just aren’t capable of anything else.  Remember you still have to chase that other player off the site before January 2014 so you best get busy! Less than six months left and from what I hear, you’re falling behind!

Work called so I couldn’t attend the commemoration downtown of the 50th anniversary of MLK, Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech but people helpfully sent their photos taken of the event attended by over 200 folks.   They all showed up on my FB page along with a recommendation to “friend” some chick named Sarah Horn because we have six friends in common.  Who the hell is Sarah Horn?

(oops, earth just shook. I’ll be back up soon…2.8, really? LOL…)

LOL just kidding. Everyone in town knows who she’s and I met her a while back because she teaches school not far from me.  But she’s not some random warbler in the shower, she’s actually sings professionally, in fact she teaches singing at Cal Baptist.  But still it’s nice to have this region on the news for something that’s not incredibly embarrassing or stupid.

What’s made the day complete is the obligatory ranting carried by Fox Entertainment by some current or ex but clearly not “recovering” Tea Bagger.   As a descendant of an original Boston Tea Party participant,  I think we should all sue the Tea Party Movement for defamation of character.   What an embarrassment.

But it looked like a great event!  Wish I could have been there.


Meanwhile in D.C., is that you Leonard? Yes it is!  I used to work with him a lot when he was on the executive board of the local NAACP.



One of the NAACP founders who was the one most instrumental to challenging the practice of lynching African-Americans.

After all that bravery and hard work, we still get stuck with this kind of crap.


And this WTF moment

 where a Christmas ornament depicting man being lynched is up for sale.  But then I’ve seen just every excuse for telling a lynching joke or using lynching as a joke that probably exists which is why when faced with it as an alibi, let’s just say  1) I’m less gullible than some folks and 2) I don’t hang out with folks that behave this way which probably makes life much easier.

I got so many interesting responses to the “I got my (Christmas) tree” up episode  that someone asked me if I was going to blog or write about it. I haven’t decided but I’m pretty busy. I’m buried in work, mentoring (including two more people!), moderating, HOA stuff, shoulder stuff and want some playtime too.  But yeah it’s one of those head scratching moments for sure until you realize that the targets of those hateful comments and laughter were the lowest denominator of concern in that sorry episode which is completely jacked.

If that weren’t true, they wouldn’t have waited months to address it and would have dealt with it the minute it came to their attention. The only reason to bring it back up as if it were the most important thing ever was because one or the other people involved in joking about killing other players (including one who was already threatened with violence by two other players in Chat and the mods know this is true, while “griefing”) went crying to the mods when I wrote about it here to “fix” it. By the time someone told me that, I wasn’t shocked.   I just wished I’d known sooner and not wasted my time and energy.

The education I’ve received since including screenshots has been very helpful in setting me straight on that and helped make leaving much, much easier and even more of a positive decision.  I’m thankful to have gotten all the information, so thanks to those who provided it.  A lot more makes sense now. 🙂

The thing is most of the time in situations like this you have mods who want to make things better on their own sites but often lack the tools or support to do that. This is the first site I’ve really heard of where they just don’t even want to address it in any meaningful way  which is pretty unusual from what I’ve heard. Most site moderators and owners just know it opens too much civil and potentially criminal liability if they do, or especially if it’s proven (screenshot or otherwise) they’ve done nothing.   I’m taking an online course on Internet Mentoring which is interesting and there’s discussion on all this material.

But no, I’m not inclined at this point to blog about it. You  just have a bunch of fools who’ve got nothing better to do than joke about killing players they don’t like (knowing that they’ll get a pass for that with “certain” players because that’s happened in the pass) and making racist jokes.  That’s pretty pathetic on its own and it only makes you wonder how much fun they must be to hang out with in real life if they bond over the same bullying and nonsense that they do in Chat.

but I often wondered why there are few self-identifying Black players on that game (as the only one was “outed” to back up a racist joke told by another player about “hunting” black men for sport) but then judging by the time “nigga” (no, I don’t think it’s a cute word) has been seen in Chat, I can kind of understand why.   I almost spoke up and objected to the “hunting” joke but then I probably would have been kicked off for hurting that poor little players’ feelings.

The GOP would almost be a cool, hip political party like it was back in the time of Lincoln to oh maybe up to the early 1900s if  they just didn’t run around saying stupid, silly things about women.  Women who get raped can’t conceive because the body “knows” and clamps the cervix shut or…women are too infantile inside a party that stresses individualism and self-reliance (cough, cough unless you’re a CEO of  a corporation) to know how to make decisions about their own bodies.

With this great love they have for the “fairer” gender, what do they do for entertainment? They come up with clever computer games where they just slap them around.  Hillary Clinton’s the latest punching bag for all their frustration that it’s not a man’s world anymore but there were others earlier.


Believe it or not I do have a healthy sense of humor, mine just isn’t built on the premise that it has to come at the expense of other people.  But as far as the GOP goes, I really wish someone would take that party back…at least before Ronald Reagan.  I’m not a Hillary fan but this is just so stupid, but then the Republicans have spent the past 20 years being stupid unfortunately.  I like elements of both them and the Democrats who themselves have prevented the GOP from cornering the market on stupid.

Though hubby Bill has a good point here:


Some day I got to write what it was like to show up for work on Election Day, 2000.  Actually earlier, because all the Democrats knew Florida, Ohio and Orange County were going to happen. I answered a lot the days before it when the Dem leaders started calling the boss about it. They knew Black voters were going to be targeted in key states.  And since most of the Southern states including Florida are several time zones ahead of us, Election Day phone calls stared real early, like six when the first calls about the checkpoints in Florida and several other states came in where they were checking people carpooling voters to the polls including seniors and disabled for “chauffeuring or taxiing” licenses.

It was a long day.  I called the Guardian in London which I’ve always loved because you know that the mainstream media’s not going to cover this kind of stuff and talked to a nice reporter there who said they’d sent people there to write about it.

They did a sensational job particularly with indepth coverage, much better than any newspaper in the United States.  But I don’t need anyone saying all this is crap because no, it’s one thing to see and hear about it up close, another to hear about it on Fox News.  Not all of us live on television and the internet, thank goodness!

Einstein per usual is a good place to go for an explanation but the question begs, did he ever lick the window of his short bus? You see Einstein was believed by some to be “mentally retarded” (the term used in his time) and had a couple children who were mentally disabled.


I think it’s possible he was what’s called an Aspie, or someone with Aspergers Syndrome in part due to his late speech development (as he was four when he started talking) and what was called his lack of tact.  Which I guess to some bigoted and sadly ignorant people means that yes, he would be licking those bus windows and oh aren’t I just so cool and hip for saying that?

Regardless of how a few bigots view disabled folks, Einstein rocked.

Now for the Abs of the Day…


He’s looking fit from all that biking.  🙂

This is so true and like this one a lot.  I use it as a quote when mentoring people and it’s helped people be more free about asking questions. I’ve never really heard a stupid question yet…just people acting stupid about questions they believe are stupid.


Thanks Carmen for the one below…for those of us born before the technological era…I have an Atari game set. 🙂


More firefighter sent to Yosemite

firefighters2The fire’s still burning out of control and has threatened public utilities in cities like San Francisco including both water and electricity.  At one point, they were going to let the fires burn out the old growth but it’s kind of a hard place to do a burn so I’m not sure that’s true.

Too Cute!



RIP Tyler

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